What COD: Advanced Warfare Needs To Do To Bring COD Back To It's Glory Days

What I think this years Call of Duty can should bring to the table for a very fun experience.

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Activemessiah1537d ago

...What glory days? according to most people, nothing much changed since its inception. I've come to understand why CoD is really disliked, It's not the games at all, the games are absolutely fine like they always were, it's the community that make people hate this and when you speak of glory days well that's mainly to do with how most people feel about the players.

hello121537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I think the play style has never changed and that's the problem. We must have had a least 10 Call of Duty games by now? I like to see a third person call of duty just to see if it would work?

GamingTruth1537d ago

but battlefield has no 3rd person its the same crap as in 2000 just better graphics effects and animations

emad-E-three1537d ago

To get an answer for your question play World at War and The first Modern Warfare and Black Ops! These games were focused on the storyline which made CoD an amazing game at that time.

OT for me what they need to do to get me back is Dedicated Servers! Enough being cheap Activision!

Matt6661536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

this is what needs fixing in COD before I buy it again;

1)Lagg (yes that a big problem when online can mean the difference between a kill or death)
2)Very poor hit detection (at times you can hit some one around a corner)
3)Over the top aim-assist (just look at qs etc and see how over the top it is)
4)Quick scoping (ruins the game) (snipers are meant for long range)
5)No-scoping (ruins the game) (snipers are ment for long range)
6)The knife being the most powerful weapon on the game,( I didn't know getting swiped across the foot can kill you)
7)Small boring maps (time for some new maps)
8)6V6 game modes (time for more players in game modes)
9)There needs to be tanks, (they where in WAW so why not anymore),
10)Stupid perks like commando, unlimited sprint etc, (I didn't know you could sprint for a unlimited time or that you could extend you melee attack)
11) 80% of the weapons would of been in previous COD's (time for some new weapons or least more variety),
12) Still not being able to see your body or legs when looking down (you could see your legs in the first Halo) (and what the point of customization if you can't see it)
13) A new game engine (yes it's time for a new engine)
14) reduce the range you can throw c4 (it might as well be classed as a grenade how far you can throw it at the moment)
15) Dynamic destruction (this would bring a whole new way how COD is played and reduce the number of campers etc)
16) Actually ban the cheaters and hackers (I sick and fed up with cheaters ad hackers ruining the game for everyone else because they have no skill of there own)

JimmyHACK1537d ago

Based on the current versions sales I would say it is still in it's "glory days" even with the people that just like to hate on whatever game is on top.

ziggurcat1537d ago

"What COD: Advanced Warfare Needs To Do To Bring COD Back To It's Glory Days"

it needs to go back to WWI / WWII.

Dirtnapstor1537d ago

Let Treyarch handle that era. I really liked WAW & BKops1, and even COD3. I didn't like the back-and-forth of BKops2.
Heard Treyarchs doing a full fledged zombies game with a legit campaign...anyone have info?

USMC_POLICE1537d ago

Its glory days were ww2 with authentic battles. Not this futuristic crap.

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