Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s plot revealed

SG Gaming Info writes: "Following yesterday’s reveal of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Activision has released a short description of the game’s “groundbreaking” plot, which will see you try to rescue humanity from a devastated world."

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cyclindk1511d ago

Didn't you see the trailer? It's about "democracy."

Spore_7771511d ago

*sigh* save humanity from a devastated world... Again. -_-

dazzrazz1511d ago

I know right ? + Murica.... :P

1511d ago
Hazmat131511d ago

funny. i got bored and looked up Kevin spacy on IMDB and it said a PMC that invades ameica for world power..... eh samething.

jordan84451511d ago

The 'plot' is an overcooked piece of convoluted generic garbage.

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