Shark Tank – Video Game Edition (Week 1)

From the latest feature:

"One of my current (healthy) addictions is the insanely popular tv show, Shark Tank. Shark Tank has people pitching their business/invention in front of billionaires in order to secure funding in exchange for partial ownership. Sometimes the businesses are serious and show promise, other times they are a bacon oven/alarm clock combo. My recent TV addiction has brought me to believe it might be fun to pitch my video game concepts to you, the reader, in hopes that I secure your attention and possibly write this goofy feature on a monthly basis. If a publisher decides to tap into one of these revenue powerhouses, then they know where they can find me. Let’s get this show on the road."

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UltimaEnder1536d ago

One of my favorite new series on the website... also who wouldn't want a POGS game!!!

LaurenKB1231536d ago

Love the Michael Bay one... Great piece!