Rockstar rocks into 75,000 sq ft Edinburgh HQ writes:

"Rockstar North, the Scottish video games maker of Grand Theft Auto, is set to replace publisher The Scotsman as the sole occupant of the 75,000 sq ft Barclay House in Edinburgh.
The Scottish Herald revealed at Christmas that the Scotsman group, whose titles include The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and the Evening News, was seeking a new headquarters in the capital as Rockstar finalised terms to take sole occupancy of the landmark building at 108 Holyrood Road."

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Hellsvacancy1388d ago

"108 Holyrood Road" try saying that when your drunk

Tapani1388d ago

one hundreddd and eiiightt holyrrororr... not going to happen.

mafiahajeri1388d ago

the trick is putting on a Scottish accent and then its easy...

1388d ago
gillri1388d ago

How many times can you put Scot into one article!?

GTA was conceived in Scotland but with the Houser brother, it would never be the behemoth it is today, and they are both english

mmj1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Alex Salmond probably wrote the article, it's fair to say that Rockstar are British as they are a mix of English and Scots.

Vip3r1387d ago

Bull, some other company would have funded it. Probably EA.

It was a Scot that actually created the series though.

LightDiego1388d ago

If you are from Scotland, tell us if the place is cool or not.

Lord_Santa1388d ago

I think they're getting too big for their own good.

SouthClaw1388d ago

They make a game and it sells well... yeah too big for their own good they should close their doors before they make anymore money. Dam the capitalism

Lord_Santa1388d ago

Hey I just don't want to see their bubble burst. I've played all of Rockstar's games and loved them, but I can definitely see the GTA formula getting a bit outdated.