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Halo 7 Spotted on Amazon (Satire)

We already know that the Halo saga has begun its hexalogy with the Reclaimer Trilogy. 343 studios confirmed the trilogy some time ago that the series would enjoy a decade of more Master Chief. However, TheKohlrabi’s intern found a Halo 7 leak on Amazon while searching for a light up yo-yo. (Culture, Halo, Xbox One)

THC CELL  +   570d ago
Destiny awaits. Loved halo years ago but I am all for new stuff now.
ats1992  +   570d ago
I can't wait for halo and destiny I'm going to pick up both.
ScareFactor  +   570d ago
Destiny has gotten negative feedback so far. I am going to buy the game, but I am afraid that it could be just a go here and kill a ton of enemies and move on kind of game (Like borderlands). Also the multiplayer rumored to be 3v3 is a huge turn off. I hope Halo goes back to being great, because it is definitely one of my favorite games
GarrusVakarian  +   569d ago
"I am going to buy the game, but I am afraid that it could be just a go here and kill a ton of enemies and move on kind of game "

So pretty like much 99.9% of games?
marlinfan10  +   569d ago
the story mode is up to 3 people not the multiplayer
Skankinruby  +   569d ago
You're afraid its gonna be a generic shooter and yet you praise halo? Oh the irony lol
Godmars290  +   570d ago
Shouldn't there be a leak for Halo 6 first?
Clown_Syndr0me  +   569d ago
What about Halo 6? Or am I missing something?
I guess Halo 5 is already up for preorder...I haven't looked.
Oh and I heard about a Halo 2 Anniversary?
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nope111  +   569d ago
Pffft. Halo 7 is old news. Halo 9 is where it's at!
LeeAnneStupplegan  +   569d ago
N4g gives us update of every days new games,,,,wow
Clown_Syndr0me  +   569d ago
Hold on, does anyone else think this is bull? Look very carefully at the Halo 5 listing. That "7" is just a shape that is on the Halo 5 picture, its just been edited..
Its a lazy edit too, look a the thumbnails on the left. The "7" aren't on those.
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Clown_Syndr0me  +   569d ago
Oh lmao, I didn't realise. So this article is just completely pointless? Why publish crap like this..
No_Limit  +   569d ago
LOL, notice that too. Satire or not, too early to judge, I'll wait for Dualshockers to ask one of their insider like Thuway or Tidux to get the WHOLE truth before marking this as fake. /S
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murafalls  +   569d ago
Satire... hilarious.
user366359   569d ago | Spam
NarooN  +   569d ago
Mfw people don't realize it's satire (even when it's clearly marked as such...)
Kribwalker  +   569d ago
I thought satire was suppose to be funny. That guy had about as much humour as a hipster at a funeral. It seems like they will let anyone write anything these days. Don't even bother clicking on that story, its nothing but a little click bait
xX1NORM1Xx  +   569d ago
Why does satire get posted on here its stupid
SpiralTear  +   569d ago
Ya know, that's the problem with satire on N4G or any place in the games community. Everyone is so dedicated to their console of choice that they'll lash out at anything, believing it to be real, even when it's not.

Then, the author has to put a big fat label of "SATIRE" on any piece they submit, just so people don't go crazy in the comments.

And as any comedy fan knows, any satire that you need to explain is failed satire.

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