Resolution boosted for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One

Digital Foundry: "Perhaps Sledgehammer Games is making a technological statement with the reveal of its first solo Call of Duty title. The recent release of the new trailer - brought forward in the wake of an unexpected leak - is all gameplay, captured from the Xbox One version of the game. This may come as something of a surprise bearing in mind that last year's COD was at the centre of the Resolutiongate debate, running at just 720p on the new Microsoft console, compared to the native 1080p of the PS4 build."

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gameseveryday1606d ago

So Digital Foundry is 'assuming' the resolution from a trailer. Interesting.

ats19921606d ago

Why is Digital Foundry trying to count pixels in the trailer anyway the game was just revealed and it is still in development. Plus they are already assuming what the final resolution is imo this article is retarded.

christocolus1606d ago

I thought the same thing too,imo they should be patient enough to wait for the release of the game before doing a break down. They seem so eager.. One thing is for sure though, that game looks amazing...a big step frm cod ghost.

grassyknoll1606d ago

99% of the time resolution will not change from a reveal. the same 6 months are bug fixes & optimising the frame rate.

Dlacy13g1606d ago

DF is pixel counting a release trailer because it gets you to click on their article. Plain and simple.

Mr Pumblechook1606d ago

At the front of the trailer it says something like "all footage captured on Xbone." This means that Microsoft have put up the money and still have the exclusive DLC for Call of Duty .

I'm all for Activision developer teams improving the quality of the Xbone version but it would be wrong if Microsoft money is being used to change development decisions and make the console the lead platform thus gimping the PlayStation 4 edition. Sadly it seems that Microsoft is returning to their "Pay to Gimp" policies to limit the performance difference of competing versions. :(

Talidan1606d ago

Slow news day, it seems.

CJDUNCAN1606d ago

It's because of the outcry of 1080p on PS4 vs lower resolutions on the X1. Gaming not about the games anymore, it's about the resolutions from what some gamers keep arguing over.

Sevir1606d ago

How Gimped was Ghost on PS4 when The footage they revealed for ghost to be running on XBOX One? Again... The optimisation made on XBOX One carries over to PS4... If they managed to increase the resolution from 720p to 900p with 60fps on XBOX One, then the experience is that much more refined on PS4, which has faster more accessible memory and a better GPU...

So again... A better optimized Xbox One game = a better Game on PS4... If you haven't noticed... Devs haven't been going for parity since this generation started...

If you lead on a weaker system you'll maximize the benefits of said system, but since the PS4 and XBO share a similar CPU and GPU set up, the PS4 will also benefit by virtue of having 50% more overhead in virtually every facet in comparison.

I'm just happy sledgehammer has put some work into making Call of Duty look impressive again visually! I want to see how the game stacks up now in game play... If they still stick to that formula recycled since MW2 where an AI partner who narrates your every move from shooting something to running to the next check point when a setpiece is triggered then I'm ignoring this year's entry just like I have done since MW.

Dlacy13g1606d ago

@MrPumblechook "but it would be wrong if Microsoft money is being used to change development decisions and make the console the lead platform thus gimping the PlayStation 4 edition. Sadly it seems that Microsoft is returning to their "Pay to Gimp" policies to limit the performance difference of competing versions."

Really? Care to share your evidence of this? And if you say the [email protected] parity clause you are just dead wrong as that has nothing to do with quality of game.

FriedGoat1606d ago


Are you stupid? Why did the trailer even have to MENTION what console it was running on? Thats right, it didn't.

The only reason it said "running on Xbox one" is because Micro$oft paid for it to, and most likely paid to make it the lead platform. I'm not sure if your a real M$ gamer if you don't even know their practices.

tuglu_pati1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


So I guess Sony payed Ubisoft too, to make PS the lead platform or does it only apply to MS...

Dlacy13g1606d ago

@FriedGoat Are you somehow not understanding that MS has a deal in place for a long time to get the DLC timed exclusive which also lets them advertise the game with "on Xbox" at the end similar to what Sony did with Destiny?

MS has had that deal in place for many years prior to this gen as well as in place last year with COD Ghosts which, news flash, had better resolution on the PS4. And yet all the ads for the game still had "on Xbox" at the end. Its called a marketing deal...clearly you might want to educate yourself on how they work.

FriedGoat1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

You obviously must be stupid. You just repeated what I said and then said I don't know what I'm talking about? The length of the deal and the DLC are completely irrelevant to this convorsation, hence I didn't mention them.

Upping the resolution does not mean that the PS4 was lead, res can be bumped at a push of a button. I'm just saying, either the Xbone is lead, or they just make some ugly games.

Dlacy13g1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

@FriedGoat you specifically said their was no reason to mention this game is on Xbox One. It mentions it because that footage was on Xbox One and they revealed it using the xbox footage. If the didn't mention it was on Xbox One people like yourself would be running around asking "what version did they show"?

You did say they probably had a marketing deal in place which we both agree (and know) that MS does have a marketing deal in place for timed exclusivity on dlc as well as a marketing tie in. You also however said they probably paid to have it be lead platform. My point to your point was even if the X1 was the lead platform, that didn't stop the game last time from shipping in a higher resolution on PS4 vs X1. Basically lead platform means nothing in this situation given the game is shipping to numerous platforms including last gen.

Also, I love the notion that we can just flip a button to up the resolution and there is nothing else that needs to be done. Someone needs to send a message to all the developers out there that its just that simple to make your game in a higher resolution.

The only "stupid" people on these boards are those that openly name call and attack others who are trying to have discussions about games. If you get so worked up you need to insult people to try and make your point I would suggest that your points are lost in translation. The only thing people see from your posts (atleast in this thread) is the ugly side of N4G.

Abriael1606d ago

I know why. It's Saturday. Slow news day.

ZombieKiller1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

MAYBE they were paid to say so? Not sure but I know Microsoft can be sneaky sometimes. I can see this being a direct result of last years uproar about the PS4 version being higher resolution. Maybe a PR stunt, maybe not. I can never tell with these guys because they spew epic crap sometimes.

I wonder how long this 30 day exclusitivity will last with the PS4 selling the way it is too. I hate the way us Playstation fans are treated by them honestly.

Gamer19821606d ago

With that deal they have with MS if it wasn't boosted I would think MS would be pretty annoyed with Activsion this year around. Whats the point of having all the exclusive timed DLC if the game looks better on your rivals console?

Bigpappy1605d ago

M$ themselves and some developers have said the resolution gap will go away as the toolsets are improved for X1.

You people swear by DF, but they noticed a huge performance gain judging from the trailer. So now some of you and having a shizzy fit and questioning their judgment.

warczar1605d ago


"imo this article is retarded."

How many articles about COD have you read that weren't?

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nicksetzer11606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Hmmm, gameplay in trailer looked very good, who cares what the res is if it still looks great anyway? IDK why small variances in multiplats became so important this gen.

n4gamingm1606d ago

digital foundry has always done this, it shouldn't be surprising at all lol.

AceBlazer131606d ago

They were important last gen and the differences were even smaller. No reason it's gonna change out of the blue.

URNightmare1606d ago

Because it was so important last gen.

nicksetzer11606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

@ace @nightmare last gen the PS3 was 200$ more and had lower res and framerate on multiplats, and % wise, they were actually more noticable than almost anything this gen. Yes the numbers were smaller (ie 640p vs 480p) but with scale in mind, that is a HUGE difference.

@N4gamingm I didn't say why is this article made, I said why is it suddenly 5x more important this gen?

All this aside, I find it ironic, the people who supported the PS3 regardless of resolution are now the same people suddenly claiming it is all that matters. (Especially ironic since it takes minutes of studying a still frame to even realize the differences this gen) Same with PS2 (weakest console of the 3 by far) and PS1.

Just as with last gen, both are similar and have their benefits. I have both, enjoy both, and look forward to the GAMES each will bring, not un-noticable differences. I don't sit and study still frame screenshots all day though, so what do I know.

640p/480p = 1.333
1080p/900p = 1.2
So yes, more noticable, not to mention dx10 helping looks and framerate issues of the cell (skyrim for example)... I agree though, the differences were VERY small last gen, even smaller this gen. (So far) Just like last gen, the differences aren't really enough to completely ignore the other.

imt5581606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Quote :

@ace @nightmare last gen the PS3 was 200$ more and had lower res and framerate on multiplats, and % wise, they were actually more noticable than anything this gen. Yes the numbers were smaller (ie 650p vs 472p) but with scale in mind, that is a HUGE difference.

More noticeable than anything this gen??? :ROLLEYES:

Nice spin dude. 650p and 472p are VERY SMALL DIFFERENCE than 1080p vs. 900p vs. 720p. Btw. resolution difference for COD on X360/PS3 is about 50p.

One of COD comparison :

fr0sty1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

It was important last gen, and the differences are even greater this gen. Last gen, you may have had a game run at 640p on PS3 and 720p on 360 due to 360's unified RAM (though the opposite was true in a few cases as well, when resolution got bottlenecked by 360's 10mb EDRAM). You're talking a couple hundred thousand pixel difference at most per frame.

This gen, you're seeing games release at 720p on XO and 1080p on PS4, which is well over a 1 million pixel difference between the two. You're tossing an extra megapixel into every frame. Some of us have smaller TVs so it won't matter as much, but for those of us who are quality enthusiasts and have large televisions/monitors, the difference is definitely visible.

This difference will grow even more as the consoles expand into VR, where you need 2 960x1080 images rendered per eye at 60fps minimum. Even PS4 will have to cut back to pull that off. That's when the PC master race will get to really flex their muscles with Oculus, which will be outperforming the consoles by a wide margin by then.

imt5581606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


Quote :

640p/480p = 1.333
1080p/900p = 1.2

WTF calculation is this????

640x480 = 307200 pixels ( about 27% less pixels from 576p )
768x576 = 442368 pixels
1280x720 = 921,600 pixels ( 56% less pixels from 1080p )
1600x900 = 1 440 000 pixels ( 30% less pixels from 1080p )

1920x1080 = 2073600 pixels

720p to 1080p is very noticeable.
900p to 1080p is also noticeable.

So, according to this, difference are much smaller last gen than on this gen.

Stop spinning, dude. MGS : GZ @720p vs. 1080p are veeeery noticeable. Xbone, PS3 and X360 version are the same in resolution terms, so i compared PS3 version @720p vs. PS4 version @1080p. Yuck!!!

Why o why1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Sites like DF and LoT made resolution important. Its too late to close the gate now the horse has bolted.

The differences are greater this gen and some people have rightly or wrongly remembered the fuss made over the smaller differences last gen and ask why those same screamers now cry morality.

If we didn't fuel such sites, we wouldn't be so far down this reslution path. If you cared last gen you have to take your medicine this gen. If you didn't care then ignore the banter and bickering but you really shouldn't chastise those who are exposing hypocrites imo.

Jumper091606d ago

Why do we buy new hardware?...

peoples logic sometomes.

aPerson1606d ago

You people take the fun out of gaming.

Enjoy arguing over pixel counts - I'll enjoy owning both consoles and I look forward to playing Quantum Break and The Order: 1986 within the next year.

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TheTwelve1606d ago

Digital Foundry needs something to do.

wicked1606d ago

I have no faith in DF, they couldn't even get KZ correct and they had the game, now they are using YouTube trailers. They should wait

1606d ago
FanboyKilla1606d ago

They are jus trying to stir up a fuss to give them something to talk about for traffic. Let it go only an arse would even think xone wasnt capable of 1080p. It was just the little peoples claim to fame in the begining. What will you guys say now when the resolution gate isnt a issue? Bet you come up with something, i mean (RESOLUTION GATE) lol classic. You are going to pull a muscle with all that reaching. Big ups to sledge, and duty on xone. Home sweet home.

gameDevWannaBe1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

lol 1080p is old as sh#t.

I_am_Batman1606d ago

It's the current standard. Most studies estimate about 75-80% of people have HDTVs (in US and EU). The rest percentage is mostly still on SDTVs.

Future_20151606d ago

If xbox Juan cannot do 1080p on ghosts then it won't to it on this title. There's no secret SLI build on the machine or hidden power from an x86 architecture unless the developer has no idea what they are doing which is rare for big companies, just pc logic

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1606d ago

If they said this was the PS4 version, not a question would be asked why Digital Foundry is counting pixel on a trailer.

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DVS-Zev1606d ago

I was thinking to myself, man, i'll laugh my ass off if this was by Richard leadbetter..

And sure enough.. lol

This guy is reaching sessler levels of closet fanboyism.

porkChop1606d ago

Regardless of resolution, the game looks fantastic. I'll be getting the game on PS4 and if it looks at least as good as the Xbox One version I will be very satisfied.

MightyNoX1606d ago

You implying the PS4 can't output 882p (which is what this game's resolution appears to be?)

porkChop1606d ago

Huh? I'm not talking about resolution. I'm talking about the graphics themselves...

FriedGoat1606d ago

Wait what? Are we looking at the same game? I personally thought it looked like a steaming turd.

Jumper091606d ago

Game will look better on PS4 ;)

Clown_Syndr0me1606d ago

I remember when gaming was about the gameplay.

Revolver_X_1606d ago

So COD is a polished turd now? Meh.

I_am_Batman1606d ago

When was that? I've been gaming for 20 years and whenever a new game came out the first general reaction was: "look at those graphics".

When arguing with friends wether the Mega Drive/Genesis or the SNES was the better console graphics was always a big factor. I'm not saying gameplay wasn't important but I think it's still important as well.

DrJones1606d ago

It wasn't as bad as it is now.

I_am_Batman1606d ago

@DrJones: Just because there was no internet back then. Also gaming have become much more mainstream nowadays. As long as I'm getting great games I don't mind some friendly arguing about the tech.

Baka-akaB1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

It was the same ... people just didnt have the net , and there werent as many gamers as now .

You had people hype superior version of Aladdin on megadrive . Other arguing about the supernes mode 7 wich allowed Starfox , or the size of cartridges .

People were actually sick when they noticed inferior version of multiplatform games .

The main dfference , besides the "internet b*tch*ng" , is that then devs werent afraid of using each console to the fullest , the inferior version be damned . There was no parity "rules" or self restriction like last gen on ps3/360 .

People need to get off their high horse with their "i play games not graphics" antics .That card is oddly only played when a side is "behind" in that race . It's as petty , in most cases , as "who cares about XX being exclusive , i never wanted that game anyway"

For some of us , console graphics and tech are just an interesting field to learn , discuss and debate about . it always was , aand always will be

filchron1606d ago

I remember when buying something less powerful for more money was about stupidity not just blind brand loyalty

Anzil1605d ago

It still is you get the same gameplay on both consoles we are just stating that the ps4 will have higher resolution. Honestly not trying to be a dick man just heard this used so much.......

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Tedakin1606d ago

My god, this is what it's come to? Counting pixels in a montage reveal trailer 6 months before the game's release?