Sony Presidents Andrew House & Adam Boyes spotted on EVE Fanfest

CCP already has one big PS4-title coming up soon: EVE Valkyrie will be released for Sonys' Project Morpheus. Now rumor has it the Icelandic publisher could sign yet another deal. Sony group president Andrew House and SCE president Adam Boyes were both spotted on CCP's EVE fanfest in Reykjavik by german journalists. When asked about the dignitaries by CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson refused to comment on the matter.

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gameDevWannaBe1534d ago

lately it seems ps and pc gamers get the best games.

extermin8or1534d ago

Lately I thought it was always this way bar maybe a year and abit for ps gamers back in 2006/2007 when ps3 launched....:p

HollywoodLA1534d ago

Strange obsession with executives... America, you should do something about that.


WeAreLegion1534d ago

European executives. European website.

HollywoodLA1534d ago

Adam Boyes isn't European.

WeAreLegion1534d ago

Terribly sorry. Only Andrew is European. So, why are you harking on America, instead of both America AND Europe?

HollywoodLA1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I'm specifically harking on America because I live there, and it's not my place to criticize Europe. Although, now that you mention it, Europeans need to get their act together lol...

KwietStorm1534d ago

Well that wasn't off topic at all.

endzeitkind1534d ago

Sony and ccp has a strong partnership. I mean, there is this dust514 for free for the ps3 and now big support fromm ccp for project morpheus.

SaffronCurse1534d ago

Dust514 has been dumped by CCP.

SoapShoes1534d ago

Most companies dump games when they move to new projects, fact is they made a PS3 exclusive which validates his statement

SaffronCurse1534d ago

They made a Ps3 game left with empty promises.

younglj011534d ago

Hopefully Dust 514 comes to PS4. The concept was great but it seems like the PS3 wasn't powerful enough. Hopefully we can get the full experience. Think about spawning in space then having an PC player drop you off on a planet. Then after the round you can either get picked back up or remain on that planet. I think being an solider for an corporation would take a new meaning.

Then think about having battles inside space ships controlled by PC players. If this happen then I think this game could last until PS6. EVE and Dust 514 completely becoming "One" game would be so awesome. Just thinking about this possibility have me hype. This type of interactive in gaming have yet to happen. Eve and Dust514 MMO please Sony and CCP.

forcefullpower1534d ago

I really wish they had made this for the PS4 instead of the PS3 as I found the graphics and pops ins just irritating and the menu system where just not console orientated enough. Also the learning curve was a bit too high. Shame as I thought this had great potential.