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Global Weekly, 19th April 2014

PS4 127,884 (-9%) 7,219,696
3DS 105,421 (+3%) 44,170,209
XOne 92,460 (+1%) 4,355,272
PS3 48,924 (-2%) 81,805,137
PSV 35,492 (-17%) 8,102,345
X360 33,222 (+3%) 80,668,458
WiiU 32,176 (+8%) 6,064,998
PSP 11,512 (-2%) 80,544,689
Wii 10,611 (+5%) 100,616,824 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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stuna1  +   389d ago
It should be interest how he's going to fix his numbers when true numbers finally hit! It's sad that VGChartz are the only numbers people can go to in order to get a ballpark figure worldwide.

Good thing Sony have been pretty consistant when hiting milestones by giving numbers.
Axios2  +   389d ago
TitanFall #1 and #3 world wide

Dat staying power

@ACE, I see P vs Z, Forza 5, Sports Rivals, etc, to say nothing of all the multi plats
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AceBlazer13  +   389d ago
Lol keep the fight up brother.

Nice little thing i noticed as well Axios. Outside of Titanfall i don't see much more if any other Xbone games appearing at all.

So would 'it has nothing else', the line you guys threw at KZSF in November apply to Titanfall now? Or is this another one of those goal post double standard thing?
xHeavYx  +   389d ago
Spam much?
Funny that VGchartz show MS selling almost 4.5M even if MS just announced that they SHIPPED 5M. Not only that, but MS is also slowing X1 production
aceitman  +   389d ago
and titanfall X1 is at 3 because there bundled with the system and it will be up there until they stop bundling titanfall with x1 . as u see its close to the X1 sales .just like knack in japan on ps4
TomShoe  +   389d ago
I don't believe these numbers. PS4 has dropped like a rock, yet Xbox sales remain suspiciously steady...
Eonjay  +   389d ago
Give it a rest.
morganfell  +   389d ago
I'll just leave this here:

georgeenoob  +   389d ago
Wow X1 is available in only 13 countries compared to PS4's 72 and it only sold 30k more?

PS4 is available in WAY more territories in Europe. This pretty much confirms the X1 is outselling PS4 in the territories that both are in.

"So would 'it has nothing else', the line you guys threw at KZSF in November apply to Titanfall now? Or is this another one of those goal post double standard thing?"
Infamous is the only exclusive out for PS4 in the same timeframe and look how poorly It's selling. This is why third parties are comfortable making exclusives on Xbox, it simply sells way more despite the larger install base.

It's funny how people are discrediting VGchartz now that TF is dominating and PS4 is getting smaller leads despite being in 6x more territories. Yet at the beginning of the year no one said anything cause the PS4 was peaking.

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AGaryColemanClone  +   389d ago | Intelligent
"I don't believe these numbers."

Nor should anyone.

Vgchartz is a fake sales site run by a 20 year old hardcore Xbox fanboy.

Back towards the end of the Xbox 360's first year Microsoft was desperate to put out a press release claiming '10 million sold!'. The problem was they had only sold 8 million Xbox 360s. So Microsoft flooded the retail channel with massive numbers of extra Xbox 360s. The stores were overflowing with stacks of unsold Xbox 360s.

A hardcore Xbox fanboy on the neogaf forums by the name of ioi at that time was pretending to have access to retail sales data. The little Xbox fan tried to pretend the massive overshipment numbers coming out from Microsoft were real. He was so dumb about it he got himself permabanned for trying to pass off hilariously fake and inflated Xbox 360 sales numbers.

He ran off and created his fake sales site vgchartz and has been putting out fake sales numbers ever since. No surprise that his fake made up sales numbers are ridiculously above known sales numbers for Microsoft and the opposite for Sony.

Xbox One real sales numbers
3 million sold at the start of 2014
150k+250k+310k=710k sold in the US in 2014
0k sold in Japan
No numbers for all of Europe, but the known real sales numbers have the Xbox One selling only about 40-50k a month in Europe right now.

That brings the Xbox Ones verified global sales data as:

3 million
+ 711k - US in 2014
+ 0k - Japan in 2014
+ 150k - Europe in 2014

Only about 3.86 million Xbox Ones sold

Unless you want to play the vgchartz game of pretending there are 100s of thousands of Xbox One sales in tiny unnamed countries outside of the US,Japand,and Europe.

In other words the PS4 is very close to or already at double the Xbox One's global installed base numbers after only 6 months.
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HaveAsandwich  +   389d ago
theres nothing else lol
Themba76  +   389d ago
dude I got titanfall for 360 that game aint even close to being what it was hyped up to be got bored with it in 3 days feels like cod with parcour and mechs. thank God bf4 is finally fixed because that game easily crushes it now.
ziggurcat  +   389d ago
@ georgeenoob:

"This pretty much confirms the X1 is outselling PS4 in the territories that both are in."



also, no one has ever given VGchartz any credit at any point. no, sorry... only xbox fans have ever given VGchartz credit.
AGaryColemanClone  +   389d ago
""This pretty much confirms the X1 is outselling PS4 in the territories that both are in."


Amazing isn't it?

Six months after launch and there are still major retail stores that are out of stock of PS4s:


And only six months after launch the CFO of Microsoft is warning that they are going to have slow down or outright halt manufacturing of Xbox Ones because demand is so low.

Vgchart is to sales as MisterXMedia is to console hardware for Xbox fans.
sic_chops  +   389d ago
@george ps4 is outselling xbone in every territory that both are in. Check your facts. Just look at Europe. It's over 3 million behind and these 13 territories are Microsofts strongest.
Bigpappy  +   389d ago
PS fans do this every year. When PS is doing well per VGCharz, the use it to slam Xbox. When it shows PS in decline, it is time to ban the site, LOL.
scott182  +   389d ago
Wow, Sony #1 spot, Great job! I keep expecting Nintendo to overtake, it's usually close. I think the big 2 will keep the 1 and 2 spot for a long time, changing between the 2. Nintendo and Sony first party games doing well, good to see.
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SilentNegotiator  +   389d ago
You mean bundle and price cut power?
morganfell  +   389d ago
Well BigPappy you are not talking about me when you say PS fans. How about using a little precision in your comments. I have never trusted, believed in, heeded, valued, or given two ....s about vgchartz. They are the equivalent of the rampant worthless attempts at journalism and just another kind of dishonesty that harms our industry.
avengers1978  +   389d ago
@axious and why do you check the sales data on all the games you mentioned, none did very well at all, as for multiplats, well they all sold better on PS4
@georgeenoob #1 for the XB1 to catch up to PS4, XB1 has to out sell the PS4 if it is behind by 30,000 a week, than that means the PS4 lead grows by about 120,000 units a month. #2 when XB1 releases in the "tier 2" countries and is still losing world wide sales, will you drop the excuses?

If anyone wants proof VgCharts is not accurate look at March, every week they had XB1 selling more in the US than PS4, and then NPD numbers came out and PS4 out sold XB1 in America by almost 60,000 units.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   389d ago
That's three times in three separate VGC articles that you have just buried your head in the sand against the fact that the PS4 is outselling the X1 and mentioned TitanFall instead. You have any idea how denial-ridden that makes you appear? What about PS4's staying power, why don't you mention that? What happens when TF drops off the top spot, what are you going to replace it with?
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modesign  +   388d ago
it just shows that there were no good games to get that week when people resorted to buying titanfall.

ps. cant wait to see the sales of watchdogs, that will be a big seller.
NewMonday  +   388d ago
fake numbers for desperate people

just makes it more fun to see them squirm when the NPD is released next week

I don't know why they keep torturing themselves
GiggMan  +   389d ago | Well said
Lol everything is a (+) except PlayStation products...

I use to not believe the "vgchartz is biased" stuff but come on man...
stuna1  +   389d ago
VGChartz even goes as far as putting negative signs in front of zero growth or gain figures when it comes to PlayStation related hardware. I just wish someone would prove him wrong once and for all and, in the process prevent his site from posting everywhere.
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NatureOfLogic_  +   389d ago
The kid that founded was banned from neogaf where he was known as ioi, because his numbers were bull. Here's a post of him arguing that shipped = sold on neogaf.


The kid is clueless and have even admitted to making up numbers in the past. I wouldn't take any of vgchartz numbers seriously.
AGaryColemanClone  +   389d ago
Some other hilariously pathetic things about the Xbox fan who makes up the fake sales numbers at vgchartz.

Back in the Xbox 360 days he was going so over the top making up absurdly high Xbox 360 fake sales numbers that his Xbox 360 sales numbers were higher than Microsoft's know reported shipment numbers. Yep, he was claiming that more people had bought Xbox 360s than Microsoft had actually manufactured.

After even Xbox fans even started to laugh at how ridiculous the dumb kid was in making up his fake sales numbers, ioi went immediately into damage control mode and magically started to make up PS3 sales numbers that were too high for a brief period of time so that hardcore Xbox fans could cry out 'see he's no 'biased'!'

At one point his fake global sales numbers for the PS2 were 30 million under the known global sales numbers. Pretty obvious just how bitter the PS2 crushing the Xbox must have been for ioi.

You really have to shake your head in disgust that some kid has spent 7 years making up fake sales number every single week in a completely futile attempt to make Microsoft look like they are doing massively better than their real sales are.

All those years of effort by ioi and the Xbox 360 still came in last place.
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T2  +   389d ago
It's always negative percentage, always
.. You would think this is impossible but vgshartz always finds a way... Hilarious
avengers1978  +   389d ago
@stuna NPD numbers prove VGcharts wrong constantly
Zombro  +   389d ago
I don't understand why people are worried we are not making money and guess what there can be more then one successful console if there wasn't competition ps4 would have 4 gigs GDdr 5 just sayin. Who ever dosnt own both is missing out psx4 one for the win
candy_mafia  +   388d ago
I agree, I own both...

I plan on just buying Xbox One exclusives, and I will buy multi-plats/exclusives for PS4.

Just like last gen when everyone who owned both consoles were only buying PS3 exclusives, but fully supporting 360 when it came to multi-plats and it's own exclusives.

I think it's only fair, given that PS4 is now lead :)

Xbox One is at around 4.0M (sold to consumers) and PS4 is at around 7.4M units globally, so VGFartz definitely under tracking PS hardware.
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ITPython  +   388d ago
Last gen it made more sense to own both, as the PS3 had the exclusives and the 360 had the edge for multiplats (for most of the gen anyway) and also was praised for XBL.

This time around the PS4 has the edge in both exclusives and multiplats, and PS+ is also far FAR above XBL.

As of yet the XB1 has no decent exclusives (don't forget, TF is not exclusive), which would be the one and only reason to buy one. And considering it's price-point, weaker hardware and forced kinect hardware bundling, buying an XB1 at this point in time is not the best choice.

Perhaps in 2016, or 2017 it will have accumulated enough exclusives for it to be worth picking up. Plus by then the price will be a lot lower and there's a good chance of getting a kinectless version as well.
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Gamer666  +   389d ago
Their hardware numbers are usually pretty good. Their software numbers... Well... They aren't worth anything.

You look at the PS3, 360, and Wii numbers from last gen on VGC, compare them with announcements from the companies and they aren't off by much. Same with this gen.
dantesparda  +   389d ago
Thats cuz they go back in and correct the numbers after Sony and MS or NPD announce them, otherwise, they are usually really off. The site even admits its nothing more than guess work. Look at March for example, VG had X1 ahead every week in the US and then when the NPD numbers came out (far more credible), BAM!!! the PS4 outsold the X1 by over 60K. VG is fake, alot of guess work, with an agenda
corvusmd  +   389d ago
Nice!!! Nice to see the numbers going towards each other, the best thing for gamers is to have it be competitive. Also side note....where did all those articles about TF dying already and not having the staying power of Infamous go? There was a couple weeks there where those articles were popping up left and right. These numbers suggest otherwise. TRUE, to a degree you have to take these numbers with a grain of salt...they aren't gospel or anything, but they may be the best indication of what is going on that we have.

It looks like PS4 has a big lead, but has plateaued for now (but it'd be stupid to think that it'll stay that way for ever, I'm sure Order/Uncharted etc will give another boost). XB1 is slowly crawling it's way up despite not having any new system seller releases....looks like in the future things can get really interesting. Esp when XB1 finally releases in more Eur countries and Japan....TRUE, those aren't exactly MS territory, but every sale will help close the gap a little more. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if sales in those countries we slow to build momentum from maybe a little resentment for having to wait longer. Either way, competition between these two titan companies is best. China is really MS's best hope for countries it hasn't been released in yet (and maybe South Korea, but they are rather small).
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Angels3785  +   389d ago
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MusicComposer  +   389d ago
Agreed, looking forward to the NPD this month.
mkis007  +   389d ago
Even by going off these numbers, which have no source, ps4's lead got bigger again. By over 30,000 units... this is no gap shrinking. You can only close a gap by outselling the competition. Seriously though...7 million as of the first week of April and you guys think 7.3 is accurate? Meanwhile xbox numbers dont add up either as others have shown with released data.
xavierbigdaddy1972  +   389d ago
It will be a very long time before the xbox catches up to the ps4. But it is ok to dream
SniperControl  +   388d ago

I cant tell if you are being serious or just messing with us.

Do you honestly believe these figures, these figures that have been proved to be wrong everytime they are published.
GameDev1  +   389d ago
This is the third VGChartz report today, Why is it still being used knowing how very unreliable it is?!
Abriael  +   389d ago
maybe people should start reporting them as lame, considering that they've been proven wrong time and time again.

They simply don't have a big enough pool of sources to be accurate, and IMHO they don't even qualify as rumor.
bleedsoe9mm  +   389d ago
neither does NPD and whatever metric sony is using to get a sold to consumer number , the only real number is the ms shipped to retailer .
GribbleGrunger  +   389d ago
Yep, I feel as if VGC has only one more chance to prove themselves worthy of reference. Nobody expects them to be completely accurate but you would expect them to be 'on trend'. They've over-tracked the X1 every month and under-tracked the PS4 every month in America. They now have the X1 beating the PS4 every week in April.

This follows a month in which they were beaten even though they released Titanfall (with a HUGE marketing campaign), bundled it for FREE and reduced the price of the console.

The trends are obvious and unless VGC starts reflecting them, they're going to lose all credibility. The forums over there are already crammed with unanswered questions and when NPD comes in and proves them wrong once again, I can only see a downward spiral for the site.

I will say one thing though: ioi gets a bad rap and there is no doubt that he favours the X1 but, even though the forums there are now constantly questioning his credentials, I've never seen him once delete or ban anyone for speaking their minds. I give him the utmost respect for that.
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AGaryColemanClone  +   389d ago
"Yep, I feel as if VGC has only one more chance to prove themselves worthy of reference."


Vgchartz is just some kid sitting at home at his mom's house making up fake numbers and uploading them to his fake sales website.

The pathetic Xbox fan at vgchartz, ioi, has been desperately putting out massively inflated Xbox hardware and software sales for seven years now.

Let me guess, you also feel that MisterXMedia has 'one more chance to prove himself'...

Retail tracking is an enormous and expensive process that major respected companies like NPD are only able to do once a month for a single country.

And you actually think some dumb little Xbox fan sitting at home is doing GLOBAL RETAIL TRACKING?

Come on...REALLY?
GribbleGrunger  +   389d ago
No, MisterX is a complete idiot. I'm talking about 'one more chance' with it's OWN community. I joined VGC because of the forums there, and the reason is the users tend to get closer to the actual sales figures than the site itself.

I bet you didn't read beyond my first sentence before you wrote that. Be honest.
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plasticidolatry  +   389d ago
VGChartz April 2014 Global:
Week 1: 169,760 to 78,070
Week 2: 140,250 to 91,665
Week 3: 127,884 to 92,460
Week 4:

Week 3 total: 437,894 to 262,195 (1.67:1 ratio)

When Sony announces 8 million PS4s sold to consumers in mid-late May and VGChartz has it at ~7.6 million, people will lose even more confidence in VGChartz predictions. They are undertracking PS4 even further.
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josephayal  +   389d ago
Good news for all, I enjoy my Xbox one and PS4, love it!
GuyManDude  +   389d ago
Why isn't this site banned yet? Their numbers aren't accurate. Period. Full stop. Stop funding their misinformation with clicks and ad revenue. They're banned on NeoGAF for a reason.

Vote the site down. Vote the article down. Bury these snake oil salesmen.
BX81  +   389d ago
Why? Are you making investment decisions based off of this site?
BX81  +   388d ago
The funny thing to me is that they are mad because Sony is under tracked. That's it. Not because they are relying on this info for an important task, but because their favorite brand is being under tracked. I expect only one report to have accurate numbers and it comes directly from Sony and ms.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   388d ago
Because people like yourself can't help but click on it and comment on it. It drives people to N4G and it's all abut the ads, man.

There is a reason it is under rumors. So just ignore it next time. Use your filters.
Father__Merrin  +   389d ago
ps4 undertracked xbox1 over tracked

when official figures come in the site just adjusts and everything that anyone said the 4 weeks prior was all for nothing
KNWS  +   389d ago
Look its silly for any x box fan to argue about this. The PS4 has been bought more than the x box 1, by a very large margin.

What many Sony fans fail to recognise though or will not accept it. Microsoft is only selling to a small number of countries, and while it was their biggest markets for the 360. It crazy for any Sony fan to believe Microsoft would not be able shift more units, selling in those extra 50 to 60 countries. Its lunacy, just think before you say its not going to happen.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   389d ago
No doubt the X1 will sell more when it gets released in more countries, that's just common sense...but what many Xbox fans fail to realise is that the majority of sales for both consoles comes from the US, UK and Europe; areas that both consoles are already available in.

So when MS release the X1 in these tier 2 countries, how much of a difference in sales are they actually expecting? For once, the PS4 is already selling in those countries, and 2, those countries account for a tiny amount of the grand total of PS4's...just like they will for the X1 when it gets released there.

So again, it's silly for PS4 fans to think the X1 won't sell more units in those tier 2 territories, but at the same time, it's silly for X1 fans to believe it's going to be some sort of tide-turner.
KNWS  +   388d ago
United States 25.4 million as of March 31, 2011[33] November 22, 2005

EMEA region
(Europe, Middle East and Africa) 13.7 million as of March 31, 2011[33]
(Includes UK sales) December 2, 2005
United Kingdom 8 million as of February 14, 2013[34]

Japan 1.5 million as of June 17, 2011[35] December 10, 2005

Australia & New Zealand 1 million as of April 19, 2010[36] March 23, 2006
Worldwide 80 million as of October 17, 2013

80 million Worldwide, so if you break down the sales figures, they actually sold lot of units in other countries worldwide too.
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joeorc  +   389d ago
One of which vgchartz cannot track accurate/ world wide for the playstation, xbox or nintendo platforms any way! They really cannot track world wide numbers they use sample size to "project" numbers its a projection site what they think it will be " not what the numbers really are"

The only metric is restock/reorder chain numbers to give any real hard core true to sales data, and that is by the companies themselves. The truth of the matter is this as of Apr 6th Sony stated a sale through of over that is the key word of "over" 7 million!

Microsoft has just shipped a total of 5 million units , but is also telling that they will be slowing down production! Do you not get that?

Microsoft's number of sold through last was 3 million and now ,Microsoft did not say how many since last time really sold through, and you really think that expanding into other regions is going to gather a larger spike when they themselves aka ,"Microsoft" is going to down system machine production cycle right now? Thats the reverse you up production if "demand dictates that you increase production"

In this case Microsoft's telling investors they are going to scale down production.

SONY IS ALREADY SHIPPING TO CHINA they are already there, they are already in korea. Pretty much in all of asia and you think VGchartz can track that region for Microsoft let alone Sony or Nintendo? An do it without a large % of the region not counted on in numbers?

Its ac projection numbers site for a reason, npd with its resources and time its been founded can do North America and people think VGchartz can really project the world wide sales numbers an be close to accurate for not just one but all three companies and at the same time?

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urwifeminder  +   389d ago
Great to see Wii U selling some gear that and Titanfall nice work MS and Nintendo.
marloc_x  +   389d ago
Steady climb for Nintendo; )
MegaDan  +   389d ago
Its well known VGChartz manipulates Micro$oft sales numbers, VGChartz needs to get banned for life.
Gamer666  +   389d ago
Have you visited VGC? What facts do you have to support this theory? They are dominated by Sony and Nintendo fans...

Goto their forum threads... For every two Nintendo or Sony threads there is only one MS thread. Look at their reviews... They almost always review Sony games when it is multi-platform.

Look at the signature blocks of their main staff and when they do have gamertags in their signtaures it is never a XB gamertag.

The numbers of consoles seem to be accurate so far this generation...MS announced 5 million shipped, VGC 4.4 million sold through. It makes sense. Typical inventory for consoles that are plentiful in the marketplace is anywhere from 500k to 750k to be sitting on shelves world wide. I don't see how their hw numbers are skewed...

As for their software numbers they are just plain wrong most of the time for all vendors. I've seen publishers announced 1 million sold and VGC only show 250k... But that applies to all vendors and all software.
joeorc  +   389d ago
Gamer666 let me point it out another way , how is it in a projection site have a - for growth world wide when there is no freaking way they can track such distribution no one company can! That is the point how does the site even account for loss in market growth when they cannot account for the regions in question for instance Sony is - 6% to date but yet they cannot track numbers out of China or Korea! You cannot have it both ways you cannot call "world wide numbers" when you cannot track said numbers, it does not work that way.

Look im on the site myself, I have good friends there myself, but make no mistake it is no world wide sale through tracking site. Its a projection sales site one of which can get close but only for regions it can get some projection data from on source data that they are ok to use. And of course internal data they have themselves.
SpinalRemains138  +   389d ago
Its not mathematically possible for SONY to be outselling MS when every single week on VG their products are (-) while MS's are (+).

The kid has a nice stealth troll technique though. I'll give him that. Hell, he isn't even really trying to hide it anymore. All SONY products are always the only (-) on every one of VG weekly reports. All 3 of them, every week.

Don't believe me? Check. PS3, PSV and PS4 will always have a decline in sales according to this kid.
OttoniBastos   389d ago | Spam
SoulSercher620  +   389d ago
PS4 dominating as usual and the gap will only get bigger. Congrats Sony you derserve it for making the best next gen console out there.
Op_Static  +   389d ago
Not that many people who know how vgcharts came to be would care about this anyway...

Also sorry to certain people here but in most (maybe not all I dont know someone in every country) of the countries Xbox one is not available in, it is still very easy to get...its just a official launch type thing not a no way to get one...trust me if you want one you can get it..
DJustinUNCHAIND   389d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
mkis007  +   389d ago
For may the only baseball sim this year is coming out on ps4...another sect of gamer will be making their purchase.
BX81  +   389d ago
Yeah, the group who like to play boring sports.
mkis007  +   388d ago
Agreed on that we are.
Ggame  +   389d ago
A 3 millions gap between the PS4 and X1. Well done Sony and hope you keep fighting with MS at E3 this year to widen more and more gap. :D
welly300  +   389d ago
Im all sony but come on xbox1 when released in all areas is going to wipe the floor with ps4 and its all down to titanfall and price cuts.
Tedakin  +   388d ago
The thing is, yeah PS4 is killing it, but everyone forgets the fact that Xbone is in like 14 territories while PS4 is in 45 or so. I think PS4 would be winning regardless, but the gap would definitely not be this big if the areas released in were equal. Wait for the end of the year when Xbone launches everywhere.
candy_mafia  +   388d ago
Okay, by your logic and those that share the same opinion, X1 being in just 14 territories should mean a complete sell through for MS, since they don't have to struggle with production?

But, No!

...X1 is readily in stock wherever available, with over 1 million in surplus units, because since the initial launch, consumers aren't in a rush to by them!

This 14 territories VS the 45 (or so) territories you mentioned Sony are in is utterly pointless, tired and frankly ridiculous. PS4 is outselling MS in all 13 of it's own (yes N. America) territories. It would be worse if MS had more!

If anything, PS4 should be the console struggling since it has more than triple the territories to cater to.

Such BS, and I own an Xbox One, so don't come back with your 'Sony fanboy crap' ;/
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Carlito  +   388d ago
Who cares.#xbox nation
LightDiego  +   388d ago
Those numbers are wrong?
Xbox One is the leader then!
Clown_Syndr0me  +   388d ago
I don't get people who say VGChartz is ran buy Xbox fanboys. If that's true then why haven't they made the X1 look better?
Fake or not these statistics make the X1 look really bad, why would an Xbox fanboy do that?
Flawed logic..
BitbyDeath  +   388d ago
The numbers are still completely off. PS4 has likely or is about to pass the 8 million mark if history serves and Xbox is expected to be much closer to 3 million than they are letting on hence why they are to slow/stop production cause of everything that already exists in the channels.

At Christmas the difference of shelf vs customer was 900k and they didn't have to stop or slow production so it would make sense that the difference is larger than that now.
#21.1 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
modesign  +   388d ago
dont cry and moan when i say VGchartz is not flawed with their numbers, they are just REALLY late to the party, its may 4th and they only have april 19ths numbers, it just shows they are late to the party or they are very slow at updating sales.
SpinalRemains138  +   388d ago

Its one dude in his mom's basement.

He has no deadlines or schedules. He merely inserts numerical values which always favor MS products.

Although MS is vastly outsold every generation, VG holds steadfast and props their sales up like a champ.

He is diligent if nothing else.
Jazz4108  +   388d ago
Wow, people spend there weekends arguing over which console sells better. You guys are pathetic. You even have lists ready and links and its almost comical. These comments have to be a joke right? No way we as gamer's care this much about allegiance and hurting your fellow gamer with back and forth trolling comment's then being a gamer or meeting a new friend and sticking together no matter what system we play on? This makes me sick and I am sure I will be the one that gets the wrath of n4g for speaking the truth. Well bring it on, and grow up people. Today, I am very ashamed to be a gamer and admit that I enjoy the Ps4 and the Xboxone and if anybody outside this community came in and saw the way gamers have been treating are brother gamers they would either cringe in disbelief or laugh us out of the building and keep the industry from growing, as that is where all this fanboy nonsense is heading or leading back too. I know passionate gamers have been around along time but now it seems to be getting much worse and the internet will make sure we are heard and this is not how I want others to view our community. You can Hurt one another's feelings all you like on here if that is the type of person you are but in the big picture which NO one is looking at is the damage it does to the image of gaming in general and to the developers who are being hurt and stepped on who are being called lazy, or incompetent just so you can one up another brand and feel better about your purchase. Everyday we live is one day closer to the day we die. Make the most of your time people.
#23 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
candy_mafia  +   388d ago
Yet after that extensive essay, you are in fact yourself, interacting in the very same comments section you claim is 'an argument over who's console is better'??

You show yourself as a hypocrite telling folks how to manage their time, when you're wasting yours in here writing essays (without paragraphs) that preach to people.

If you're really ashamed to be a gamer, you could take up landscape gardening and refrain from the world of N4G ;/
#23.1 (Edited 388d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jazz4108  +   388d ago
That is some very good suggestions. Thanks for listening.
Xavy  +   388d ago
Fakechartz at it again. Just Down-voted this site.
Tedakin  +   388d ago
@candy_mafia So you're saying a console available to hundreds of millions of people won't sell any more units than a console available to no one? Makes sense. The PS4 would be winning no matter what, but yes, if the countries released in were equal the gap would logically be smaller. That's not fanboying, it's common sense.

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