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Sunset Overdrive Will Not Have Co-Op In It's Campaign

There has been a lot of info going around as to whether Insomniacs upcoming game, Sunset Overdrive will have some form of co-op or multiplayer and it seems a tweet from the official twitter account of the game has cleared everything up. (Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One)

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nicksetzer1  +   170d ago
That sucks, I wish more games had coop campaigns, there are far and few between.
ScareFactor  +   170d ago
Exactly. I like playing alone but the most fun I have had in gaming are the great moments I have spent in Coop with my friends
Abash  +   170d ago
I thought with the way they emphasized the cloud usage it would focus a lot online, especially having something like co-op in the campaign. Shame too because I heard this game was going to be open world, that could have been fun going through the story with friends
mcarsehat  +   169d ago
so single player campaign and open world co-op elements that don't involve the story? Still good to me, i can't play a story with friends as I'm the only one that likes watching to the custcenes.
nicksetzer1  +   169d ago
Well, did you know that if it did have a coop campaign, you can still play alone?....
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Julion0715  +   170d ago
This game with the open world like dr3 would have been great
incendy35  +   169d ago
That is fine with me but I do hope there are multiplayer modes that are coop/team based. Can't wait to see what they have done so far.
KNWS  +   169d ago
He only said Campaign, so realistically co-op is there for multiplayer.
Gamer666  +   169d ago
I am excited about the game, but we need to see more! When the trailer showed at E3 last year, this game had a feeling of "something different" in a good way.

But until we know what this game is all about including gameplay it is hard to assess.
Baccra17  +   169d ago
I thought that was the focus from the trailer they showed long ago.
Darkfist  +   169d ago
dont mind single-player as long as its good.
KNWS  +   169d ago
Co-op for multiplayer aint all bad news Its a shooter least you can play doubles with a friend there!
Dinkleberg101  +   169d ago
Omg why not.. coop campaigns are more fun than just playing alone i mean heck. I didnt pay a 1 year sub for offline gaming
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