Destiny: We Look At Bungie's Ambitions, Manifested In Its Story

"Some of the ideas in this game have been percolating for over a decade. That's a lot of time to build a world."

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trywizardo757d ago

so far everything i hear about this game are disappointing , i hope they will show great content a E3 and reveal some of the story ...

joab777756d ago

Like what? That it has 5 locations to begin, each bigger than Halo Reach? Its co-op play, strike missions, insane loot drops and customization? Dynamo c public events? Cool classes? End game content with 5 friends? And...the PvP from the creators of Halo?

It isnt what they have shown and talked about that worries me, its living up to it.

Shadonic756d ago

Expand on this, you say everything you hear is disappointing go into depth about some of these things. I hear the phrase you just use a lot when it comes to destiny and 9/10 the person saying it barely has a grasp on the slightest thing there doing.

SITH756d ago

I am curious. What have you heard or should I say, not heard about this game that makes you disappointed? It sounds utterly amazing based on what I heard. Watch this, this is the best source of destiny specific news I can find on the Internet.

LightDiego756d ago

I'm really excited for Destiny, i can't stop the hype train now.

ichdich756d ago

This game gonna suck, mark my words.

Summons75756d ago

already looks better than titanfall

SITH756d ago

Titanfall is a complete and totally different game. I fail to see why you even bothered to mention it.