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Europe Weekly, 19th April 2014

PS4 46,401 (-11%) 2,601,265
3DS 38,861 (+13%) 12,514,524
PS3 21,113 (-0%) 32,134,652
XOne 20,387 (0%) 1,057,668
X360 10,936 (-3%) 24,719,108
WiiU 9,748 (+17%) 1,300,790
PSV 7,379 (-6%) 2,537,435
PSP 5,555 (-4%) 23,978,089
Wii 4,606 (+5%) 33,532,077 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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jessupj  +   523d ago
Oh look at that. A nice little minus percentage next to the PS4. What a surprise. /s
Axios2  +   523d ago
TitanFall is #1 and #4 with X1 not even in all of Europe, well done, can't wait to see what happens when X1 opens in 28 more Countries this September.

@Eonjay, not sure why you said you're conflicted, totals are almost identical, were expecting 3x for ISS? That game has been trailing TF for weeks.
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The_Infected  +   523d ago
PS4 2,601,265

XOne 1,057,668

Xbox One is nearly 1.6 million behind PS4. Can you get that trough your head? Think about it for a while.
NewMonday  +   523d ago

all numbers are fake

we should always report VGChartz submissions as fake.
HaveAsandwich  +   523d ago
who cares
JMyers  +   523d ago
@Axios... The Xbox in every form has never been popular in Europe. UK yes, but that's a very small market.

The XBONE is the same price as a PS4 now... With TitanFall. MS will not take Europe. Even after releasing to more countries.

Also the so called selling point of Kinect is still not supported in most of the languages, nor the TV input.
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GiggMan  +   523d ago
@Axios "can't wait to see what happens in September" lol

Yeah all of a sudden the Xbox One is going to outsell PS4 in those 28 countries as well as the US and UK... /s

People kill me with that 28 countries argument. It's being outsold in the 13 countries it is available in. How is adding 28 more going to change anything? It's just more countries for the PS4 to outsell the X1 in...
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Eonjay  +   523d ago

This chart can't be right. Even if you want to praise Titanfall on Xbox One (which is still free), I think it sold more than this site is saying. Anyway, look at the software totals. It tells a very interesting story. Did Infamous outsell Titanfall on Xbox One 3:1 in Europe? I'm conflicted and I don't believe it completely.
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Zombro  +   523d ago
Nice I have both and I hate to say it I'm digging my xbox one a little more
morganfell  +   523d ago
Really Axios? And when you get down to the US portion, look at Gamestop, the second largest video game retailer in the US. Before you look try to guess what position the X1 holds.

Amazon isn't the world but it is a pretty good sampler:

Amazon hourly bestsellers UK:


Amazon monthly bestsellers UK April:


Amazon hourly bestsellers Germany:


Amazon monthly bestsellers Germany April:


Amazon hourly bestsellers France:


Amazon monthly bestsellers France April:


Amazon hourly bestsellers Spain:


For good measure,

Amazon hourly bestsellers Canada:


Amazon monthly bestsellers Canada April:


Amazon hourly bestsellers US:


Amazon monthly bestsellers US April:


Gamestop hourly bestsellers US:


Bestbuy hourly bestsellers US:


Walmart hourly bestsellers US:

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SilentNegotiator  +   523d ago
Yeah, just wait until it releases in countries where Xbox has never sold well before. Then Xbone sales will probably leap, like, an entire 2%.

And whoop de doo; a bundled game "selling" well...
marloc_x  +   523d ago
"..and Wii U is coming up on the inside.."
heisenberguk  +   523d ago
Why can't you wait? Do you own shares in MS or something?
5eriously  +   523d ago
@ Axios2

PS3 21,113 (-0%) 32,134,652
XOne 20,387 (0%) 1,057,668

Say no more! Eat your heart out . The eXboxOne found them a nice niche to compete with (wink)
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imt558  +   523d ago

Quote :

TitanFall is #1 and #4 with X1 not even in all of Europe, well done, can't wait to see what happens when X1 opens in 28 more Countries this September.

You don't get it, do ya? Xbone not selling well, that's a FACT. Production slowing down because warehouse are full of Xbone's - FACT. PS4 outselling Xbone in those countries where Xbone are official - FACT. Those countries that will be supported in September ALREADY have Xbone by many retailers and Xbone didn't sell well there anyway. Many retailers get Xbone from official retailers in Xbone supported countries.
ShAkKa  +   523d ago
"can't wait to see what happens when X1 opens in 28 more Countries this September."

I can save you the wait. X1 will be outsold in 28 more Countries this September.

You're welcome.
medman  +   523d ago
Amazing to see ps3 consistently selling xbone, week after week in Europe.
ghostface9  +   523d ago
they actually bumped that number up to 42 countries
stuna1  +   523d ago
What's funny is the PS3 has a minus in front of a zero percentage, but yet the Xbox1 just has a zero percentage. Zero change is still zero change isn't it?
Lukas_Japonicus  +   523d ago
Lol, that's VGC for ya!

I always down-vote this site, regardless of the outcome. Garbage website, pure guesswork.

Story Quality? - WTF?

Like this website? - No
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Darkfist  +   523d ago
stuna1  +   523d ago
@ Lukas

Technically this means that between Japan and the U.S. another 81,000 consoles were sold! Going by the fact since the initial release of the PS4, it has sold at least double the consoles in the U.S then it has in Europe, the estimates would fall somewhere around 85,000 to 90,000 consoles alone for the U.S. Mind you this is already over VGChartz worldwide estimates of 127,000 PS4 sold worldwide! So where does that leave Japan's figures??? In the negative!

I'm saying this to say that anyway VGChartz puts it , the Xbox1 would have had to sell at least 70,000 consoles in the US alone, because they are only in two major markets as of yet.

Long story short! VGChartz own numbers support the claim everyone has about their numbers being unreliable.
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T2  +   523d ago
Agreed always downvote this site... Every single week it's negative percentage for ps proven wrong by reputable sources over and over
medziarz  +   523d ago
PS4 is not in stock at amazon .FR and .DE
3-4-5  +   523d ago
May should be a nice boost for the everybody.

* Mario Golf + Kirby + Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo.

* Watch Dogs releasing on XB1 & PS4

* Borderlands 2 on Vita
greenlantern2814  +   523d ago
This is vg charts they are never accurate.
saint_seya  +   523d ago
Lol its fun to see how every week FakeChartz keep the ps4 with a negative % and x-box one with a positive one or in this case a neutral one..
Does this kid thinks that people didnt realize this by now?
Im still hoping to log one day on N4g and find this site banned for good.
VforVideogames  +   523d ago
Well I kind of believe it , now I see piles of ps4's everywhere and no xboxone's............ go figure.
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LOL Good one lad keep telling yourself that!!
SpitFireAce85  +   523d ago
You need to wake up man ..Its just a dream lol
avengers1978  +   523d ago
Really cause i see piles of XB1s every where, toys r us, walmart, meijer, target, and best buy all have tons of them. PS4 has been spotted also but each store usually has 1-4 PS4s and 10-20 XB1s. I live in NW ohio...
greenlantern2814  +   522d ago
Oh is that why every major retailer everywhere in the world is giving some kind of incentive to people to buy an xb1, or out right dropping the price. While no such incentives exists for ps4, or why ms has stated they are going to slow production of the xb1, and the 360. Because it is selling out , sorry but that's not how it works
solidjun5  +   522d ago
Why would you report what you saw at the Microsoft store? smh.
Xavy  +   523d ago
Did you notice that VGchatz secretly added 0.2M to X1 and PS4 is still at 7.2M even though PS4 i killing X1 in sales, just LOL at this site!
candy_mafia  +   523d ago
VforVideogames is recalling a dream he had....go figure? lulz

Wii U numbers on the up 'n up. PS4 still holding firm ;)

PS3 should not be outselling next gen hardware ;/
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Xavy   523d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
josephayal  +   523d ago
PS4 is selling like crazy
Predaking77  +   523d ago
The PS3 once again outselling the xbone on Europe wow
Applejack  +   523d ago
It honestly doesn't surprise me one bit. The ps3 still offers more than the xbox one and ps4 have so far. Even though I own a ps4, I don't have many games for it that fit my liking.
6DEAD6END6  +   523d ago
Even if your a PS4 owner only or a Xbox One owner only you can't trust these made up numbers from vgchartz.
S2Killinit  +   523d ago
Its always been the better system, they deserve it
urwifeminder  +   523d ago
Well done Titanfall going great, make sure you like the website and article I did a these always make me have a chuckle.
SoulSercher620  +   523d ago
PS4 outselling the XB1 no surprise there. But the PS3 again? Europe realized PS has the better games.
GrandpaSnake  +   523d ago
when the xbox releases in more places and gets outsold, fanboys will be like. ps4 had a year head start... trust me the xbox360 got almost a year and 1/2 over the ps3. If you still defend the xbox as the best gaming console... man you just sound immature.

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