Germany Weekly, 19th April 2014

PS4 7,957 (-11%) 402,383
3DS 4,716 (+11%) 1,851,322
XOne 2,902 (-0%) 176,807
PS3 2,620 (-7%) 4,466,531
WiiU 1,344 (+6%) 225,256
X360 1,213 (-10%) 3,116,235
PSV 854 (-9%) 255,274
Wii 612 (+9%) 5,064,137
PSP 462 (-7%) 1,944,460

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Axios21569d ago

Ah, European numbers starting to roll in, I see TitanFall is still #1 and #2 in the UK

NewMonday1569d ago

off topic, these are numbers for Germany only

candy_mafia1569d ago

Nice to see Wii U numbers up :)

marloc_x1569d ago

"Tortoise and the Hare"

Geekman1569d ago

You expect 14-30 year olds to get that reference without googling it.

Clown_Syndr0me1569d ago

Im really shocked by X1 numbers to be honest. People are missing out. At present it provides much more entertainment for me than my PS4.
as long as everyone's happy that's all that matters.

Xavy1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I have PS4/PC and what i have seen on the X1 is realy nothing for me so I'm not missing out one bit.

If you gona throw Titanfall at me i tried the BETA on PC and well, got bored at the end.

Clown_Syndr0me1569d ago

Fair enough, each to their own. I don't have a good PC so having both consoles is great.
Titanfall? I played that for less than a week and haven't touched it since. Was kinda fun but no lasting appeal at all.

FriedGoat1569d ago

Not about the maps, its about the gameplay. It was boring. PC has much better shooters. However, its probably the best shooter on the Xbone.

bmx_bandit1569d ago

No need to be shocked. Germany is Playstation-Land.
It has been since PSOne and that never changed.

And, (though im absolutely no racist) but all the turkish people living in Germany are buying Playstation. Its for them like their pimped BMWs bought on debt.

candy_mafia1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


You made it a point to state you're not a 'Racist' and maybe so. I don't personally know you.

But after that line about Turkish folks, pimped BMW's and Debt...well, it speaks for itself really. It's offensive and insulting to a huge demographic. I'm far from Turkish, but I can imagine feeling totally offended if I were.

*I'd suggest you leave 'Racially Charged' comments out of video gaming. It has no place here, and I just don't see what one has to do with the other.

Ocsta1569d ago

AT PRESENT. Dont expect that to be the case much longer. unless youre trolling in which case enjoy Quantum Break in "the year 20xx".

Clown_Syndr0me1569d ago

Im not talking just games. I use it alot for other things. My laptop died so I use it as an internet browser, use all the TV apps as I only have freeview, Youtube for my daughter and I love wasting time on Upload.
I play more games on PS4 at the moment, but I was talking general entertainment not gaming.
In terms of gaming PS4 looks better for now, but Im only a casual gamer these days.

S2Killinit1569d ago

Personally i enjoy my PS4 way more. and im seeing more releases on it, although they are both pretty dry in that department still but the PS4 is pumping out at a faster rate. But your opinion is totally legit

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xpressyoself1569d ago

Who cares about Germany's numbers? Why is this on here

Predaking771569d ago

Funny, xbox owners now suddenly care about China but doesn’t care about Germany.

Xavy1569d ago Show
xpressyoself1569d ago

Funny china has a population of a billion people. If it's successful it could be huge for them. Comparing them to Germany makes you look like a huge idiot

Predaking771569d ago

PS4 is dominating the xbone just everywhere. Even the PS3 is doing better than than the x1 on Europe.

At this rate it will be impossible for Microsoft to catch up. They can only hope to make a fight on the US.

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