CoD: Advanced Warfare PS4/XOne Skyrockets to Amazon Top 5 Best Sellers After Official Announcement

Just a day have passed after the announcement of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and the game is already in Amazon Top 10 best selling list for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. At the time of writing, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 version is already in 5th place, whereas Xbox One version is in 3rd place.

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cfc781604d ago

If any games going to sell better on XB1 this would be it in my opinion but with PS4's install base i think this will be very interesting to watch,certainly not as clean cut as last gen.

NewMonday1604d ago

by the time of my click AW is #33 for the PS4 and #48 for the XBone..

cfc781604d ago

I said it would be interesting lol shows how fast things can change.

sam_job1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

check under PS4 and Xbox One category:

and this

nicksetzer11604d ago

Only #1 for the daily chart, global 2014 sales are as follows:

COD not even close.

cfc781604d ago

The other 42 countries that xb1 has yet to be released in will surely count for some sales of COD also.(i know people hate it when the other countries get brought into the conversation but it's true)

Matt6661604d ago

so basically it a lot of blind fanboys continuing supporting the copy and paste effort. The COD developers will never learn if people continue to support there copy and paste effort

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mezati991604d ago

i am having a strong Déjà vu over here guys

mezati991604d ago

you know.... selling...every year..?!

MightyNoX1604d ago

Ah, I thought you were talking about the disparity in console sales. My bad.

incendy351604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I have yet to meet a person who buys physical disks on the Xbox One, but I guess they do exist :D. Digital just works so much better on that platform for multitasking, can't even imagine using a disc. Wish you could pre-order digitally for X1 and PS4, similar to the PC download option. Most times there is no reason to pre-order something that is digital, but the cases where it has a beta code like Destiny etc it would be nice. Especially with the new pre-loading feature on the PS4.

Anyhow, if this game was available digitally.. After that epic trailer I would pre-order :D

TRD4L1fe1604d ago

Hi nice to meet you. I buy physical dics with all my games unless its a digital download only. I find physical disc a whole lot better because once im done with it i can trade it in for another and not have to pay full price. I honestly dont see the benefit to being all digital with games.

incendy351604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

On X1 it just works with multitasking so much better. You can be in the kitchen and say "Xbox Go To 'game'" and it just opens and is ready when you walk in the living room. Same thing when a friend invites you to a game. Say you are playing Child of Light and there is a notification that a friend wants you to play Forza 5. Just hold down the Xbox Button and it loads right up. It is just more convenient. Plus it is backed up to the cloud which in my case is especially useful, because I live between two homes. I don't have to worry about having the disc, my games just follow me. Pretty cool that they are backed up too, no need to worry about damaging them etc.

Dirtnapstor1604d ago

I agree, but I wish I had purchased the digital version of a few games for my PS3 because of the fact I have two PS3s and could then play online with family/friends vs split screen coop (if that option was available to begin with). Disc limits whereas digital gives me two copies. As far as two PS4s and strait up digital, I'm assuming the PSN downloading rules would be the same. Don't have two...yet!

andibandit1604d ago

I think it's mostly a benefit to publishers/developers. When you trade in your game, someone else is going to buy your copy....all that money goes straight to gamestop or whoever youre using, and 0 to the publisher/Developer.

GarrusVakarian1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Owning physical media that's mine to do with as i please >>> Not having to get up off the sofa to switch discs.

I trade my games in towards other games, always have done, so physical is important to me.

UnHoly_One1604d ago

I'm with you incendy.

Nothing against the people that still want to use discs, I understand your reasoning, too.

But for me, there is no reason not to do digital. I don't trade games in, ever. I have 200 Xbox 360 games in my game closet, for instance. lol

So yeah, I love all the benefits and the ability to just swap to whatever I want at any time.

medman1604d ago

Well, I can tell you you can't fit 200 games on that hard drive. And when games are now starting to require 40gb install sizes, going all digital means you'll be paying a pretty penny for hard drives if you want to "keep" your games. I don't see the point to all digital unless digital starts costing 40 bucks instead of 60 for disc. Considering there are no shipping costs, no plastic cartridges or manuals to make, and no disc printing, there is absolutely no reason digital should be the same price as disc. #robbery

marlinfan101604d ago

everyone i know still buys the disk. once they come out with pre download and pre orders for digital ill switch over but until then, I'm going with the physical copies.

BX811604d ago

I should've purchased the physical copy of cod ghosts. Lol. That's 40 damn gigs right there. I mostly buy physical as well.

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dragonopt11604d ago

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of seeing this game every year, same crap every time. We need new IPs...

GamingAngelGabriel1604d ago

This does not look like past CoDs to me. Sledgehammer is actually progressing the series.

iceman061604d ago

No one has ever said before a CoD release...EVER!!!/s

Seriously, this has to be the one franchise that continues to get a pass each and every release from its diehard community. They complain at every release and swear by everything that they won't buy the next CoD. Then, the trailer...then the...reversal. Its like an addict. I'll never do (insert drug here) again....after THIS time! LOL
I have no problem with optimism. I have no problem with people that like CoD.
Personally, I choose discretion as the greater part of valor on this one.

trenso11604d ago

you saw a scripted trailer of a bunch of action sequences from the single player that you know damn well will not be in the same angle or perspective when you play the game. Also they showed no game play at all. but yea they are progressing the series.

TRD4L1fe1604d ago

im sure a lot of people are tired of it, but A LOT more people love seeing it every year

OrangePowerz1604d ago

Don't buy it and don't read news about it? :D

porkChop1604d ago

AW looks nothing like COD. It practically IS a new IP, and it's built specifically for current gen (PS4/XBO/PC).

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Aces171604d ago

After the worst the crap that was CoD Ghost I'm alittle ashamed to be excited for this.

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