Sony Trademarks "Guns Up!" Another Unannounced Game Incoming?

Sony Computer Entertainment just trademarked another possible game title, and this time is a pretty weird one "Guns Up!"

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Crossbones1388d ago

Good Lord Sony, How many games do you have awaiting for us at E3 2014?


Abriael1388d ago

Gotta keep in mind that they have three platforms to serve. So probably many :D

gaffyh1388d ago

This one sounds like some sort of camera-based game

ZodTheRipper1388d ago

Probably a Shoot 'Em Up for PS Move or something Vita related.

Giul_Xainx1388d ago


Isn't this announcing it?

Can't they use "announcing Sony's next game."

Abriael1388d ago

@Giul_Xainx: not really, a trademark filing isn't an announcement.

PSVita1388d ago

It's most likely VR + Move

Saigon1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

It seems to be a long list, that is getting longer:

The Last Guardian, Rhyme, The Order 1886, DriveClub, Shadow of the Beast, Dark Sorcerer, H1Z1, Uncharted 4, Media Molecules next game, Last of Us, Probably Gta V remastered, Deep Down, Everquest Next, Planetside 2, Guerilla`s new IP, Quantic Dream new IP, Santa Monica new IPs, Japan Studio new ip, Evolution Studio new IP, Project Beast and ...

did i miss one

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LOGICWINS1388d ago

Hopefully they announce something with Move support. I want to know more about that new Media Molecule game that uses Move to create 3D games.

imt5581388d ago

Killstrain, Guns UP! WTF???

Crossbones1388d ago

Guns Up sounds like Eight Days to me.

Sevir1388d ago

This sounds like a small scale game for cross buy on vita. And let's not forget, it's not just PS4 they have out. PS3 and vita need love too.

Magicite1388d ago

No way MS can counter all upcoming PS4 exclusives.

S2Killinit1388d ago

Exactly, they've been announcing title after title, im just sittin here wondering what they got at E3 that leaves no time for these

hellzsupernova1388d ago

I agree thats four now right?

This one sounds kind of indie though, I wouldn't expect a title called Guns Up to be AAA, that does not make it bad but im just saying

prodg521388d ago

If Sony makes it, it's not "indie". Have they released any "indie" games?

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SniperControl1388d ago

Sony are gonna blow the competition away at E3, looking forward to all the announcements.

Abriael1388d ago

It'd be fairly nice if all of them blew us all away instead :D

LOGICWINS1388d ago

I want all of them to blow me away. Why would you only want one amazing conference instead of three?

remanutd551388d ago

Even Though i only have a ps4, i want all of them to have a pretty good or amazing E3, I hope Nintendo reveals a new hardware and Microsoft bring the games because when WWWS are ready they will bombard us with exclusive games i have no doubt about it.

LOGICWINS1388d ago

Right. All three doing well is beneficial to the industry as a whole because they all push each other to be better. I doubt I'll ever have all three consoles though. Supporting my PS4 is already super expensive cause the list of awesome titles keeps on growing!

TLOU Remastered
Arkham Knight
The Order
Just Cause 3
MGS: Phantom Pain
Uncharted 4
The Witcher 3
Media Molecules new game
Quantic Dreams new game
Guerilla Games'new game
Far Cry 4

And thats just the stuff we know about. Thats just scary to me.

Talidan1388d ago

Honestly, I like Sony dominating right now. They're trying hard to keep it up and Microsoft is attempting to topple them, which is bringing more interesting games out.

When it was Microsoft on top, they were kind of complacent and while Sony was putting out some great exclusives, they seemed to kind of accept their position.

I want Sony to continue to blow me away and I want Microsoft to be a little beneath so I, the gamer, can reap the benefits.

Applejack1388d ago

I would love that and I don't even own all 3 consoles.

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Sharius1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Beast's souls: gun up!

now everything make sense

Abriael1388d ago

Well, it does seem to have guns...

Haxamin1388d ago

Guns Up sounds like a Morpheus title..
Either way the amount of trademarking from Sony is making me super excited.

Whitey2k1388d ago

A war between ms and sony on games At e3 is gonna be good I think wii u will be left in the dust

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