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Guerrilla Games will unveils new IP for PS4 at E3 2014, "Looks Great, 1080p": Insider

GP: We all know that apart from Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerilla Games were working on a brand new IP for Playstation 4. Today via Twitter, well known Industry insider, Tidux shared some interesting details about it. (Guerilla Games, PS4)

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Lolrus  +   82d ago
Hopefully they hire someone talented for story and gameplay. Guerilla are like crytek, great tech demos and showcases for hardware, but not much else.
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MrSwankSinatra  +   82d ago
Well they did hire the writer of fallout new vegas, so i'm sure the story will be of a high caliber, with gameplay however that's yet to be determined. I've never been a fan of GG, while they make visually impressive games everything else severely lacks imo. Similar to crytek, so i would say that's a fair comparison.
Ultr  +   82d ago
Hmm Killzone2 was extreamly polished and the story was great. Altough there wasn't much, but it really did not need it, the pacing was perfect and the gunplay was fun, the characters were great.
The story in K3 also made perfect sense though the pacing was not even close to K2.
In KZ SF has the same problems as K3.
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TomShoe  +   82d ago
Hooooo boy, this E3 is gonna be fun.
14Feb-R  +   81d ago
I'm with Ultr. Killzone is great but the last one was downgraded in gameplay features , what made the gameplay special is the visuals and it's unique feeling. The story was ok for me but nothing special. It's not as bad as some make it in my opinion. But it's definitely downgraded from previous ones..
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dcj0524  +   81d ago
For me the gameplay and graphics of Guerilla Games are fantastic but the stories they make aren't as fleshed out they need to be.
UltimateMaster  +   81d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall
Now without killing, just a zone to explore.

It felt like the skyrim of shooters.
Vast beautiful graphics and kinda empty but lacking dungeons and enemy.

Killzone was always set in a massive war.
Shadow Fall you play as a secret agent rather than a soldier.
Agents aren't mass murderers, it's not your goal.

The game is great, but it shouldn't have been a killzone game. If this game would have been a new IP, it would have been received much better.

So I can't wait to see what kind of game they have in store for us. It's going to be awesome.
Graphics will be insane.
pedrof93  +   81d ago

Killzone had great story, and also great multi^player, oh and great scores !
AsimLeonheart  +   81d ago
Looks like the people calling PS4 "Indiestation" or claiming that "PS4 has no AAA exclusives" despite the console being release just 6 months ago, will soon be eating crow. We just learned about From Software's exclusive game yesterday and now we are hearing about GG's new IP. Now I only want Sony to announce some JRPGs for PS4! Still waiting for Legend of Dragoon 2!
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papashango  +   81d ago
I'm gonna trade my ps4 for a dx12 Gpu...
porkChop  +   81d ago
Woah, what? Lead writer of New Vegas? Well I think it's safe to assume that the story/writing in future Guerrilla games will be top notch. New Vegas was very well written.
GribbleGrunger  +   82d ago
I know you have a lot of disagrees but I have to agree. I think GG are damned fine developers but fall short when it comes to story, character and plot.
G20WLY  +   82d ago
I reckon the disagrees are because "not much else" implies gameplay is lacking in their games and that simply isn't true.

GG have never rivalled games like TLOU for story, but the gameplay is slick as hell, certainly in KZ:SF. The same can't often be said for Crytek and that's where that comparison falls down.
Conzul  +   82d ago
Yeah that's about right.
Agent2009  +   81d ago
Gameplay-wise Killzone is nothing more than an extremely scripted shooter. Crysis (especially the third one) is less scripted, offering different routes to take on your way to destination + it's actually pretty fine at stealth (on the hardest level).

But hey, PlayStation fanboys will always say only the most positive things about their favourite games, bashing titles that aren't exclusive.
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DOMination-  +   81d ago
ShadowFall is a very poor game. Every FPS cliché is present here. If it was CoD, it would get slated.

Big explosion with slo-mo... check
NPC comes over and picks you up... check
Crappy vehicle sections... check
Moving section where you dodge stuff... check
Obligatory sniper level... check
Obligatory stealth level... check

The story is fairly generic. The ONLY thing the game has going for it is graphics. Some parts of the game look truly fantastic but alas, 70% of the game is set in corridors or inside space stations etc. so you rarely get to see these beautiful graphics.

The points I make are FACT and cannot be denied. I said the other day that GG are one of the most overrated devs around and I stand by it. They've yet to make a great game. BUT, I am interested to see what they can do, especially if it's a different genre.
gillri  +   82d ago
Well said, completely agree they both make bone headed shooters with pretty graphics,
emad-E-three  +   82d ago
Yes the storyline for Killzone Shadow Fall was less than the previous games "weaker" than expected but Don't speak about the gameplay for the franchise in my opinion it has the best controls in any FPS! The weight feeling and the "no aim assistance" makes it far better and more realistic than CoD and BF (i love both and im not hating) but the gameplay for those two make me feel im holding a plastic weapons!

OT E3 will be interesting (I always say this) but damn I can't wait :D
mayberry  +   81d ago
Well said, eman-e-three,
Killzones controls are second to none, imho too. And little to no aim assist gives these shooters that more "adult" feel, gameplay wise. I love other sdhooters as well, but Killzone is about something different. I will always be a fan because of the level of detail GG's puts into the things that matter to me are top-notch.
Bullet/hit response, 7.1 audio, great a.i., Second to none graphics, well thought out maps, innovative online, free dlc, great long term support.... seems people that don't give Killzone games a real chance give up too soon to apreciate them. I expectb the new ip to be as polished.
Gamer1982  +   82d ago
Well Killzone was there quick launch title while they worked on there main title.. Wonder what it will be they are a bit of a one hit wonder.. Would be nice to see them leave there comfort zone and try something new.. But ~I'm thinking possibly a new resistance game since Sony owns that IP..
Sevir  +   82d ago
Gameplay is something GG shines at. Killzone 2 being it's shining example, and While 3 wasnt as Great as 2 it was also enjoyable in the gameplay front. The story and pacing could have improved... Shadow Fall is a beautiful game, that's pretty polished technically and on also in gameplay. The story however was weak.
Too long and that ending wasn't fun at all.

When They have it right GG are amazing, but when they don't, they normally get 2 out of the three right, which is gameplay and graphics.

Crytek on the other hand is graphics only
Eyeco  +   81d ago
I think you're getting gameplay confused with gunplay, The Killzone franchise (2-3 specifically) has hands down the best gunplay in any shooter, the way the weapons handle and feel, the way enemies react to being shot at is unreal.

But the gameplay is typical modern shooter affair, linearity, 4 hour campaign, scripted set pieces, it's essentially an over glorified rail shooter, in the 10 years this franchise has been around, gameplay is not GG best tool.
Sevir  +   81d ago
No Killzone campaign is 4 hours... With Both Shadow Fall and KZ 3 topping in at 10 hours...

The game play while certainly not innovative it has been more enjoyable and is still very solid compared to the arcade feel of Mainstream shooters like COD...

I'm not confusing anything... Like I said above, GG have pretty solid standings when it comes to gameplay and graphics technology, it's their narrative that needs work. And the fact that the New Vegas writer is penning the narrative for their new ip means that this new ip has all the workings for game that will look amazing, Play damn near amazing and have a pretty memorable narrative making the product a must have.
mayberry  +   81d ago
Well said Sevir,
Killzone has always gotten great things that outperform most other shooters Bullet/hit response, true 7.1 didital audio (that was exclusive to the ps3), great a.i., Second to none graphics, well thought out maps, innovative online, free dlc, great long term support. Harder to get kills but are more satisfying when you get them puts a bad taste in most "twitch" shooters mouths, I think. But, that's excatly what I want in a shooter.
dmitrijs88  +   82d ago
I hope there will be a plenty of Playstation exclusives this E3, so hyped!
Baccra17  +   82d ago
They can make a story, a great one too, it's just that they rather leave it on a website instead of actually putting it into a game.

That and shove Rico down our throats.
ginsunuva  +   81d ago
Except guerilla has/had good gameplay with Killzone 2/3.
gameDevWannaBe  +   81d ago
They are over rated.. Shadow fall is nothing special.

But it sold well lol. GG is kinda like sonys crytek. Graphics..

But I am still excited for the reveal! Hope it's an rpg.

If it a shooter then yawn...
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showtimefolks  +   81d ago

Killzone 2 had everything, KZ3 they went after COD crowd and messed up everything. KZ:SF had decent/good story. Crytek on the other hand just suck at everything besides graphics

the gaming worlds they create

on topic:

i wonder if this will be at E3 or revealed before the momentum going into E3, also this has been in development for a while now so expect a release date of sooner rather than later
whoyouwit04  +   81d ago
couldn't said it better myself.
Gotcha5  +   81d ago
When does a game that hasn't been unveiled "Looks Great"... without any photos or trailers and made by Guerilla Games.
sckipt  +   81d ago
Killzone 2 had amazing gameplay and good story
linkenski  +   82d ago
If they stick with tradition, story will suck big time and then I won't care about their game.
Doge  +   82d ago
Hopefully it's something that isn't a shooter.
ZodTheRipper  +   82d ago
So true. Wow.
e-p-ayeaH  +   82d ago
Now you said it.
TheTowelBoy  +   82d ago
There was an article about Sony studios doing every genre around here recently. About how they want to be in every genre. Also I believe there were rumors even before this that it would be an open world RPG. I'll look for links once I get out of bed lmao.
LightDiego  +   82d ago
New IP is always great, i trust Guerrilla, they could create a game that you control Che Guevara.
Brettman2008  +   82d ago
At least it won't be rushed like Killzone Shadowfall presumably was for launch.
chrissx  +   82d ago
A new IP for Ps4? Good news 4 sure
jlo  +   82d ago
Plays jaggy, 30fps
saint_seya  +   82d ago
Fails at trolling, 30 disagrees #i would say 30 bubbles down, but then again that would put this troll at -29 bubbles..
thezeldadoth  +   81d ago
Disagrees on here merely mean a non pro-sony comment and not much else
jjonez18  +   82d ago
Can't wait to see all of these unrevealed exclusives from Playstation. Tired of going off of vague information from insiders.
DarkLord1003  +   82d ago
Personally I hope its a first person RPG. I think there were rumors suggesting it's going to be an RPG.
imt558  +   82d ago
I think is RPG too.
Pintheshadows  +   82d ago
There was talk a long time ago of it being something medieval/fantasy.
Chris092  +   82d ago
Hope it's not so far away from release (2015 latest).
Pintheshadows  +   82d ago
I agree, I think this has been cooking for a while as well.
Chris092  +   82d ago
Yeah and if i remember it right they had been working on a new IP some time even before the PS4 reveal.

They could maybe have enough people to be in two teams.
DefenderOfDoom2  +   82d ago
I think "Guerrilla" makes pretty good FPS campaigns! The gameplay and mechanics works for me ! And they make great graphics for SONY consoles! So i am kinda excited to see, what they are working on!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   82d ago
action adventure game please
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ultralow  +   82d ago
1080p looks great....yeah we get it but what about you know "gameplay" this marketing crap today its 1080p who cares..
BitbyDeath  +   81d ago
Gameplay is subjective, 1080p is not.
antikbaka  +   82d ago
every time they say 1080p and/or 60 fps it appears to be just another indie-like game...
The_BoZZ1991  +   82d ago
Great news! Killzone: Shadow Fall was awesome.
Now a new IP...I'm READY!
Father__Merrin  +   82d ago
i would love a shooter rpg like dues ex using a killzone engine, some places in shadowfall you wish you could explore and do more like quests etc

please make it a rpg
Berenwulf  +   82d ago
A new IP would be great, Killzone had it's best time on PS3. Time for something new! :D
candy_mafia  +   82d ago
Even though I enjoyed Killzone SF tons, please don't let it be another FPS....

Here's hoping GG goes a little left field and less obvious :)
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BlakHavoc  +   82d ago
It was confirmed a while back to be an RPG.
candy_mafia  +   82d ago

I would imagine an RPG set in Space or the distant future. Hope it's real time, I suck at turn based RPG's ;/

Bubz up for being "Helpful" :)
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BlakHavoc  +   82d ago
Excited, it's supposed to be an RPG that's been in development for 2.5 years.
The 10th Rider  +   82d ago
"Guerrilla game will unveils..."? The title needs a fixing, lol.
jjb1981  +   82d ago
I will reads it I guess
Team_Litt  +   82d ago
Real 1080p or ShadowFall 1080p?
Dirtnapstor  +   81d ago
Come on, let it go already. Admit it, the game looks spectacular.
Qrphe  +   81d ago
Shadowfall was 1080p, troll elsewhere b8 m8
Sadist3  +   82d ago
Well hopefully they focus less on 1080p and more on actually making a good game this time. Killzone was crap, I returned that game so fast.
Jazz4108  +   82d ago
This is a rumor so no factual information here other then another insider. I hope its true and I hope its not another shooter so will be watching this with a grain of salt.
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DerekFlint007  +   81d ago
I would have loved a sequel to Shellshock Nam 67, that was a great game, really dark and violent with a cool soundtrack.

Killzone 2 has been my favourite game from Guerrilla and Killzone 3 was my least liked.
Whoever decided to add the health/ammo kits every few sections instantly killed any challenge the game may have had and the campaign was an unstructured mess.

Guerrilla for me, as the others have pointed out seem to lack in the storytelling department. It's a pity that Guerrilla didn't employ the services of Amy Henning who recently left Naughty Dog.

With that said i'm looking forward to seeing what they are up to next.
Dirtnapstor  +   81d ago
Yes Shellshock! Rough around the edges, but I liked it! I've enjoyed all the Killzones despite the hiccups.
Whatever Guerrilla has planned, it'll be good.
Qrphe  +   81d ago
C-12: Final Resistance , the atmosphere in that game was one of the grittiest and best of the PSX era
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   81d ago
I'm a huge Guerrilla fan, I remember getting killzone 1 on my PS2 when I was little. I enjoyed all the Killzones's. And Killzone Shadow Fall was good IMO.

OT: I can't wait to see the new IP they have. Its written by the Fallout New Vegas writer and is supposes to be an RPG. Sony is gonna go HAM at E3.
sprinterboy  +   81d ago
Another insider exclusive /s, I think we all knew GG would be showing there new ip lol. Insider news from me media molecule will be showing there new ip and it looks awesome 1080p ;)
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Imalwaysright  +   81d ago
Already? Does Gerrilla have 2 teams working on different projects like ND?
BitbyDeath  +   81d ago
Relientk77  +   81d ago
Not a shooter please
Rhezin  +   81d ago
I could care less if it IS another shooter OR RPG. I know it's going to be amazing.
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