PS4 Power Pak and Intercooler Up for Pre-Order, Promise 2x Battery Life for the DS4 and a Cooler PS4

Back at GDC Nyko Announced the latest of its Power Pak series, dedicated to the PS4, but didn’t give a release date. Those interested in extending the battery life of their DualShock 4 controller will be happy to know that it’s now available for pre-order, and will be released on May 26th. In addition to that, an intercooler is also now available, to be released on the same day.

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MultiConsoleGamer1606d ago

I will probably check this out, but the pictures make it seem like it's not comfortable to hold.

Abriael1606d ago

I don't know, the way it's shaped it seems to be pretty much where my fingers aren't.

MultiConsoleGamer1606d ago

That's what I'm hoping.

I'm also wondering about the extra weight. The PS4 controller is pretty light, and I like that a lot. I wonder how much weight this will add to the controller?

mp12891605d ago

The intercooler looks promising, turns on and off automatically and can also be used in vertical positions.

GarrusVakarian1606d ago

Agreed, i have pretty long fingers, they would definitely come into contact with that battery pack.

Oh well, im fine with my 3 meter long micro USB cable never being more than an arms reach away.

Jack_Reacher1605d ago

I got to say I agree with you. Lets face it all you do after a session is plug it in to the usb on standby and boom it charges up. I just dont know how anyone can game so long to run it flat.

If you can game over 5 hour stretches then you need to get out more.

I did a 4 hour stretch and it never went flat.

Muzikguy1605d ago

I don't know why people haven't thought of just getting a USB extension. I've got one to use if my battery ever ran dead. Then again, have 2 controllers and problem solved :)

liquidhalos1605d ago

If mine runs flat during gaming I just plug it into the laptop and let it charge while playing. The laptops portable and always charged so It's no big issue

N4Flamers1605d ago

Coolest thing about the ds4 is I can charge it with my phone charger. I use a samsung galaxy s4. I know most android phones use the same charge cable these days.

I also charge my phone on the ps4 if I left my phone charger at work. I love it.

Teddy-Duchamp1605d ago

@n4flamers, Im with you there mate, I have the same phone, it"s bloody convenient my Ds4 fits it too. Like you said, these charging cables seem to be the standard with most android device's now.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Sony should have put a decent battery in the DS4 in the first place or at-least like MS give the option to use AA/replaceable battery packs...

Battery life on that thing is a complete joke, you need 2 of them just to have a half decent session

Flutterby1606d ago

Odd because my son has been playing my ps4 since he got home from school so 5 hours ago now and the controller is still on 2 bars, in other words stop talking complete horse sh1t.

moujahed1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I have absolutely have no problems with the battery life. I set it so it automatically turns of after 10mins and only had to charge it every other 2 days but lately due to me beig able to charge it in sleep mode helps a lot and all of this was before you can dim the light. It's really not that big of a deal, people use to complain about smartphones battery life without realizing that Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and watching videos will drastically kill it. Leave your DS4 on all day without shutting off wtf do you expect

Clown_Syndr0me1606d ago

Alot of disagrees, but Im in the same boat. My DS4 gives me 3 hrs of straight gameplay and that's it. Maybe theyre faulty?

GarrusVakarian1606d ago

@ ClownSyndrome

Wtf, 3 hours?! That's ridiculous, I would send that back right away. 3 hours is not normal.

Predaking771606d ago

As replaceable battery? What a joke, that would have make the DS4 as bulky and ugly as the xbone controller.

The DS4 doesn't have a long battery life but is sure not a critic as some of you are saying.

I have a 5 to 6 constant hours of play out of it some times more.

HugoDrax1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

My DS4 lasts approximately 5-6 hrs, give or take 7hours. My XB1 controller lasts for weeks. Not sure what type of battery is inside the DS4 controllers? But I have Duracell Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries 2400 mAh in my XB1 controllers. I also use the Duracell Ion Speed 4000 Battery Charger which charges 4 batteries at a time.

The link is below for xb1 gamers, trust me these babies last for a extremely long time.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Lol give the option of triple a battrries ? This isn't 1995 boy.

OT: That power pack looks bulky as heck.

CuddlyREDRUM1605d ago

"Sony should have put a decent battery in... "

Then you get mostly disagrees, because Sony shouldn't have put a better battery in?

ScareFactor1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


I don't know about him spread bs. Me and a couple of my friends get about 4 hours out of the battery before it is about to die and needs charge, it averaged 10+ at first but has gotten worse than launch. I called Sony and they told me that is normal, how is that normal? I am going to call again and hope I get someone who is actually willing to help

EDIT: These cooler's never work right. Look at the ones for the 360 that caused RRoD and other heating problems. I don't have a problem with my PS4 getting hot because it really doesn't

killzone6191605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


liar! the battery is whack. you're the one talking horse Sh1t

SSJBen1605d ago

Wait what? You need 2 DS4s to have a half decent session?

A single DS4 lasts from 6-7 hours (assuming they're not faulty). 2 of them gives you a good 12 hours, so what do you mean by half decent sessions?

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ZombieKiller1605d ago

I think I would rather spend $60 on an extra controller for better battery life.
1.) Switching back and forth keeps the batteries excercised thus possibly extending the overall life 2.) 2nd controller for friends/GF
3.) I still won't ever have to charge and play at the same time unless I personally forget to charge the one I'm not using.

To tell you the truth, I don't ever trust these other companies with power regulation. I would rather buy a Sony product for my Sony console.

Muzikguy1605d ago

Damn touchscreen made me disagree so you I have you a well said bubble. I agree, having 2 controllers around is the best solution

Back-to-Back1605d ago

The powerpak is fine, but if you buy an intercooler you're and idiot. Im sure the Sony Engineers understand the basic laws of thermodynamics.

showtimefolks1605d ago


i hope its better quality than those for ps3, because those started making loud noise after few months of use.

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ELpork1606d ago

DO NOT BUY INTERCOOLERS! Worked at Gamestop for 6 years and those things break systems!

MultiConsoleGamer1606d ago

I agree with this entirely. They also draw dust into your system. They're a terrible product.

Abriael1606d ago

How do they draw dust into the system when they pull air out? they don't push air in.

All the intercooler does is pulling the hot air farther away from the console, dropping the ambient temperature around it.

1606d ago
G20WLY1606d ago

Clean your house then! ;P

Abriael1606d ago

@The_Infected it pulls the air away from the console, not into it.

HappyWithOneBubble1606d ago

You right. I used to have a Nyko intercooler for my fat PS3 and that thing pulled dust in and the fans were loud. That was like in 2009 so I don't know how Nyko products are now. This could be a good cooler for PS4. I wouldn't buy it though.

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Abriael1606d ago

The Xbox 360 intercooler used to break systems because it drained power directly from the console, which added more strain to the already strained first edition.

This one shouldn't be a problem because it uses a pass through. Basically it's connected directly to the power cord, and then provides power to the PS4.

ELpork1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Ever buy a new car and think "The people that made this have no idea what they're doing, I'm gonna go buy some crap after market thing to make this better"? Cus that's what people are doing with stuff like that. Intercoolers are unnecessary (on these or the last gen systems) and just add more air flow then was intended to a area that doesn't need it... Because... you know, air goes out, then is replace with more air. Vacuum 101.

Abriael1606d ago

Those people that made it definitely knew what they were doing, but they were also constrained by size requirements.

For instance, the PS4 has a 500W power consumption limit because that's how much you can have without having a 3 pronged power cord, and there wasn't enough space for it in the console's power source. That was explained by the lead engineer himself.

Personally, I'm a PC guy mostly, so the more airflow, the better, as long as it goes the right direction. I have an intercooler on my 60 GB fat PS3 and it's still alive and kicking :D

moujahed1606d ago

It says that it cools the hot air and never said anything about pulling air from the system. Sony already did a great job with its internal fans, I left my system on for 2 days straight and it was warm but not hot. Unless your attaching a vacuum like device to it your not pulling air away at all. The intercooler works like a fan or Air conditioner and just blows more air thus resulting in more dust build up inside. The design is good and doesn't take away from the system but it's useless. It's like buying a helicopter only to purchase a device you attach to the propellers to make it spin faster... Only to realize it's slowly damaging its motor

Sy_Wolf1606d ago

Actually the infamous Nyko intercooler for the 360 used the exact same power pass through. Also, you're DRASTICALLY overestimating how much power fans use and underestimating how much extra wattage the PSU actually has

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Edsword1605d ago

Agreed, I doubt they even test those things to see if they are actually providing any benefit. PS4 cooling was tested and approved by engineers, I doubt you can say that for these intercoolers.

ZombieKiller1605d ago

That's another thing, Sony designed the console to run at the temps it runs at with the fans it was built with. I wonder if these intercoolers change the airflow changing the original fans speed making the console hotter. I could be wrong, but regardless with that thought, I wouldn't buy one.
Keeping them clear of other stuff blocking the vents is a good idea though. Afterall, Sony's console is tested before release

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Sci0n1606d ago

The battery pack might be decent, I wonder how much it weighs. However the PS4 doesn't need a intercooler its already vented really well and those fans inside the console really kick and dispense hot air from the console fast.

Hk85karlsson1606d ago

What about a cooling pad (like the ones used for laptops and such)?
Something to lift the box (PS4) up from the hard floor/media bench and a cooling pad underneath?

GarrusVakarian1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Or you could get some rubber feet. You place them in each corner of any appliance that you are afraid of getting too hot. I have my PS4 and my X1 on an a surface that conducts heat very well, so i bought some of these -

(the X1 doesn't really get too hot, but i thought it's better to be safe than sorry)

WildArmed1605d ago

If you are interested in the battery pack, I'd recommend just picking up an internal battery on Amazon that has a higher.

As long as the battery is 3.7V 1800mAh (or higher mAh), you'll be able to replace it with the current one and get a longer battery life. And it won't look as ugly too!

I used this:

For 5$

XtraTrstrL1606d ago

I'd like them to just release a 2000+ mAh internal battery. It'll be annoying to open the controller, but I did it with the DS3 to put a 1200mAh in there, and you only have to open it once. There were some specifically for PS4 on eBay, I ordered the end of Jan, but they never came, piece of crap. I haven't seen those same ones on Amazon, otherwise I'd have ordered, cuz though it's suppose to work, I rather not use 1800mAh DS3 replacement batteries in the DS4.

sgtGanGreen1606d ago

Useless products. Just third parties trying to make money

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