Xbox One May Software Update Beta Now Available for Download; Improves Kinect and More

The preview beta for the May Xbox One software update has now been made available for download by Microsoft, and it brings quite a few updates, including "several improvements" to Kinect and more.

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Axios21535d ago

Great to see that there are ppl working hard on continuous improvements

CerebralAssassin1535d ago

Your disagrees on your post prove how stupid some n4g users are. Who doesn't want to see improvements? Damn dummies.

ZodTheRipper1535d ago

Well getting a BETA firmware update is not exactly something you should be happy about. Back in my days companies had quality assurance departments to test their firmwares, now it seems like the consumer has that job.

"As usual you should remember that the software update preview is a beta, and it can and probably will include glitches that may or may not hamper your gaming experience (last month’s definitely did)."

Pogmathoin1535d ago

Zod, you do not get it, or your being a fanboy....... QA do catch things, but users use it in ways no one expects, catch much more......

ramiuk11535d ago

u prob find its ps4 owners dude.
i am a ps4 owner but any update/improvement is good.

its nice to see MS doing monthly updates though ,still needs DLNA,usb film support etc just like the ps4.

its a shame that this new gen lacks features last gen had.
I think in regards to improvements i would say MS has listened to consumer more.

kennyg37391535d ago

@zod, I'll probably get banned for this and really don't care but your a idiot.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

well said bubble for you Ken, awesome sax solo btw.

To give some weight to what has already been iterated, I myself am in the preview program and have access to the private beta forums.

The previews have meant that minor niggles have been tackled before full public release's have been made (unlike sony who just brick their consumers consoles with each update!) For me I experienced an issue that meant the optical drive wasn't aware of the fact a disc had been inserted and a hard reset would be required in order to set it right, anyway reported issue, and by the time last months update was released to the public problem was solved... The whole point is to find these issues before the WHOLE community has to face them at once. Some things just cant be properly put to the test in an office space.

Oh and @TwelveBitHero yes that's the idea, an update on a monthly basis, MS are listening to community requests and prioritizing them and working to deliver a better experience month on month, you make it sound like that's a bad thing? I mean, every bloody time I switched on my PS3 I would have to update the damn piece of crap, it put me right off, at-least with XB1 you set it to update over night and job done.

To everyone asking about DLNA, MS have given the go ahead for plex to launch an app that will do the job much better than what we had on last gen consoles.

For the time being, the "Play to" function works great.

LexHazard791535d ago

You better not get banned, worst has been said. Bubble for well said.

sak5001535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


That's why it's called beta program, you're given something to test prior to releasing to general public. Unlike the other console makers, MS FW releases are much more stable and tend less to brick consoles.

Edit: just checked your comment history, nothing new from you in MS article typical butthurt psfanboy. go find some games to play.

SixtyNine1535d ago

Non stop support. An update for every month at this rate.

Clown_Syndr0me1535d ago

X1 has had solid updates so far, none of them have caused any issues yet which suprises me tbh. Don't use all the features but they don't interfere with the ones I do use so alls good!

mrdeli1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I wonder which console between PS4 and bone who will hold out longer on robust DLNA features a la last gen.

xJumpManx1535d ago

Sony will be last. One thing no one can argue about Microsoft is way better with their updates.

MightyNoX1535d ago

Is that why Preloading, Microsoft's much touted feature, has yet to come the Bone and is already on the PS4?

xJumpManx1535d ago

@MightyNoX, no its why Sony has done one update to add features and the rest of been all stability updates. The X1 launched so bare bones you have to be a fool to compare what MS has done updating their console to what litte to nothing Sony has done.

MightyNoX1535d ago

Is that also why Sony has a better video editor and gave you the ability of multiple ways to export your videos?

Or how about the sky go app that's not coming to Xbox One?

Keep 'em coming, Pollyanna. I can do this all day. :)

marlinfan101535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )


xbox people could say the same thing, theres countless things the xbox does that ps4 doesn't

LexHazard791535d ago


Video editing, are you serious? Dont get me wrong if you game and like uploading good for you, but im not buying consoles to edit videos I have a PC for that. I buy console to game...

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incendy351535d ago

X1 already has DLNA although it only works with PlayTo tech, but if you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer or tablet you are all set. I use it quite often. The only issue is it doesn't work with all codecs.

If you aren't sure how to use it. In Windows 8 go to charms, devices, play, xbox. In Windows 7, right click on the file and choose PlayTo or open Windows Media Player. Also on the Xbox One you have to make sure in settings it is set to allow PlayTo Devices.

mrdeli1533d ago

I used PlayTo but I find it always gets my mkv videos out of synch (sound and voice). I have the shark 007 codecs.

I would love it they allowed file browser to Universal Media Server, which is basically flawless on my PS3.

shadyiswin1535d ago

Probably because when Sony does it,its half ass and usually leaks important game info (GTA 5) so Microsoft ddoesn't see this compromise being a risk till it can completely avoided.

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