Xbox boss confirms Microsoft is working on virtual reality

Phil spencer confirms MS R&D team have been working on VR for a while now.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1539d ago

Great just what we need, yet another device for VR. At least the prices will be competitive.

TheLyonKing1539d ago

I think this gen is a good time to test the water of VR, I tried rift and it was very immersive. I could see in years to come VR being essential to gaming and pricing is a bit tricky because you buy the console unlike rift where it is just VR. So really for Sony and MS it's just a perirphal independent of each other competition wise.

Sethry1011539d ago

Interesting now that all parties have jumped in, PC, PS4 and now Xbox will all have VR.

Now devs can start to produce games that will utilize this new tech knowing that it will be on all platforms.

theshonen88991539d ago

The PS4's power as it stands is already going to have an enormous amount of difficulty with VR due to the increased dependency on solid frame rate and fludity (these things are strapped to your eyes after all, anything below 60 fps could very well result in motion sickness). This will most likely be even worse with the Xbox One.

As excited as I am for VR, I'm pretty sure Project Morpheus will have a similar relationship with the PS4 as remote play on Vita had with the PS3. Only a few titles supported it because the hardware wasn't quite ready to handle it. I'll be getting Project Morpheus day 1, but I'm much more excited thinking about it's prospects in the future on a PS5, where almost every game would work on it.

slimeybrainboy1539d ago

I think MS could have the best VR with Kinect. They are the only ones who would be able to body track your arms, legs, and body.

This brings it away from the controller which none of us really want full-time but it could make for some insane VR immersion.

forcefullpower1539d ago


From the user perspective its what in your hands and button controls that will make the big difference.

The only side I can see it being useful is seeing in multiverse where you see other people and their movements which could give that extra gestures.

Mr Pumblechook1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

This is why Sony are leading the home console gaming industry. They pioneer, they innovate they look to the future. Microsoft copy.

Microsoft have so many resources and experienced talent they should have been first to market with the smartphone and tablet and but they stood on their Windows laurels and Apple took that crown. They should have been the best internet search company, but a small start up called Google took that crown. They should have been at the heart of social media but left that to Facebook and Twitter.

Phil Spencer is a good guy but he is reactionary. Now as Xbox head he says things and makes decisions to please the NeoGaf and N4G crowd to win back the old 360 gamers. But he needs to have his own vision push the frontiers of gaming, not just copy what is popular.

HugoDrax1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

"This is why Sony are leading the home console gaming industry. They pioneer, they innovate they look to the future. Microsoft copy."

WHAT? You must be kidding right? I'm not going to discuss MICROSOFTS RESEARCH LABS which have existed since 1991 I believe. Microsoft has always been innovative, but according to your blind fanboy comment, you can't see that.

Microsoft Surface Table 2007:

Microsoft Surface Table 2.0:

let's see who copied who here....

1. Achievements before Trophies
2. Xbox Live (LAN) before PSN only had 56KB Modem
3. Smartglass was on X360 before PS App which just got released for PS4
4. PS Eye before KINECT, yet KINECT is more advanced than PS Eye.
5. Wii remote then comes along PS Move.
6. Game Boy then comes along Vita
7. Virtual Boy, Jauguar VR, Sega Genesis VR, Oculus before Morpheus

Needless to say........"No Ideas original, there's nothing new under the sun, it's not who did it first, but it's how it's done."

Giul_Xainx1539d ago

What abput kinect? I thought kinect was going to incorporate vr as well.....

marlinfan101539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

@mr pumblechook

yeah I'm sure ms just recently started working on VR after sony announced it lol...and didnt oculus announce their VR headset a couple years before sony? i guess sony isn't as innovative as you make it seem

Pogmathoin1539d ago

Either pumplechook is 5 years old or trying to be funny.....

AsimLeonheart1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

What else can you expect from MS. They always have to copy the competitors and release "me too" products.

Ipod is breaking records!? Let us make the Zune!

Google search engine is making billions!? Let us release Bing!

Videogames are on the rise and Playstation, Nintendo and Sega are ruling the market!? Let us release Xbox!

Yahoo mail is making money!? Let us buy Hotmail from an Indian!

The list goes on and on...

Rhythmattic1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


Remember the idea and IP for Kinnect was Aquired.

Also , have a read of this , fully researched so its not just the one page..


Personally, I despise MS's bullying tactics....

Parity Clause Anyone?

TheGreatAndPowerful1539d ago

And yet in March they were saying this

"The company doesn't seem too worried about falling behind by the new VR gold rush, though, with Xbox Group Program Manager David Dennis telling Ars that "we'll see how the VR space evolves."

"But when asked if Microsoft was missing its opportunity to catch that wave of innovation, Dennis' response indicated that he thinks it's still a bit early to assume that VR will be any bigger than the 3D TV "revolution" was a few years ago."

"At this point, everything you're seeing out there is just prototypes and development stuff," Dennis noted regarding projects like Rift and Morpheus. "I think for us, it will be interesting to see how consumers respond and what experiences developers are able to deliver."

talking about AR
"There's always lots of rumors about lots of things," he told Ars. "We patent lots of things. As you know, Microsoft Research does a lot of stuff. You patent stuff to protect the IP in the event you ever want to work on stuff in the future, but it shouldn't be [a] telltale [sign] that anything specific is in development."

ArmrdChaos1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

"Videogames are on the rise and Playstation, Nintendo and Sega are ruling the market!? Let us release Xbox!"

Actually it was Atari then Nintendo vs. Sega vs. Turbo Graphix. So I guess your "me too" comment also applies to Sony. In fact it was Sony that was working with Nintendo to create hardware when they decided to keep it for themselves after the agreement fell apart thus creating the Playstation.

Get your history right before putting your foot in your mouth.

It really is amusing see people spout off when they really are completely clueless about engineering. New tech takes years to develop and produce. You just don't hear about something and then create it a few months later. Do some research people unless you wish to look/sound ignorant.

ShinMaster1539d ago

@ HugoDrax

Who copied who?

- PS2 and even the Dreamcast had LAN adapters. Most online games on PS2 were Broadband only.
It's funny how you tried to take away credit from other consoles and give it to Microsoft. Microsoft didn't invent the concept of online gaming on consoles. It was around before the Xbox was even announced. Oh but I guess it doesn't count because they weren't not LAN by default? LOL what a joke. Talk about bias.

- While Kinect may be more powerful, it's not any more practical for core gameplay than the PS Eye. Besides, didn't Microsoft pay for that?
Again, you're taking away credit and giving to Microsoft just because their camera is supposedly more "ADVANCED"? Now who's being a fanboy? lol

- The technology in the Wii remote has been around before the Wii and Sony has also worked on it in the past, but used LEDs and a camera to get a more accurate 1:1 tracking. It's more "ADVANCED" than the Wiimote. So using the logic you used for Kinect, you'd have to give Sony the credit, right?
BONUS: Nintendo lost the trial with a Sony employee who created the 3D tech used in the 3DS.

- GameBoy then Vita? Got your timeline wrong there. There's several other systems in between.

- Oh right, Morpheus is totally copying the Virtual Boy. It's not like Sony has been working on this tech and HMDs for years... /s

- Nintendo makes Miis. Then Microsoft makes "Avatars". Both cartoony in nature.

- Sony makes PS Plus. Then Microsoft makes "Games with Gold".

- Don't even get me started on Windows.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1539d ago

Although I think VR tech is great I see this being a MASSIVE flop!

GarrusVakarian1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I think price will be the biggest hindrance to VR. I really can't see tech like this being cheap, or even affordable, at least not for a while. I think the tech itself will make people believers as soon as they try it, based off other peoples first hand experiences with Oculus.

Get the price right, market it right (set up demo stations where ever you can, and as many as you can) and i think it stands a good chance.

UltimateMaster1539d ago

In other news.
Micheal Patcher now thinks that VR headset are the future and will revolutionize gaming.
"He hasn't said that!"
...Just wait and see. (Calling it, 2 months)

Mikefizzled1539d ago

Just because Sony announced theres first why does that make Microsoft less entitled to release one?

frankdrebin721539d ago

all those sony ponies that preach about microsoft copying,..get a fucking life!
Do you feel the same for samsung v apple
mcdonalds v burger king
the list goes on and on
microsoft was rumoured to be involved heavily Long before Sony came out with project morpheous...yet did sony not copy oculas rift??

you guys think that Sony are the second coming,..but they are just a buisness in the end and like EVERY OTHER BUISNESS it needs to keep with the times.
I couldnt give a rats arse if project morpheous fails or hits the spot,..what i do care about is the diversity that microsoft,sony,nintendo etc etc give ME the consumer,..i am not blinded by fanboyism..if i like what i see i will purchase said product from any company.

Roll on the good times weather sony manage to stay in the game long enough to get their vr up n running,..and so to microsoft,...wouldnt it be a shocker to all if microsoft bet sony to it ,..and that kinect you guys winge about, required for it.

Gotcha51539d ago

If Nintendo can bring back the Virtual Boy every console will have their own VR.

avengers19781539d ago

MS, and SONY to have there own VR... Does this mean the rift is dead in the water?
To me price point for VR is crucial for its success... Around 200$ ok, around 500$ no way.

3-4-51539d ago

* So instead of focusing on games, they are focusing on Games + Kinect + Virtual Reality + TV

Spreading themselves way too thin.

YodaCracker1539d ago

You can say the exact same for Sony, just replace Kinect with the PlayStation Camera.

YodaCracker1539d ago

You can say the exact same for Sony; just replace Kinect with the PlayStation Camera.

medman1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

You must not realize that Morpheus as it has been shown has an external processor which the headset plugs into to help the ps4 with processing.

forcefullpower1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

No it does not have an external processor it has a breakout box which allows the image to be displayed onto an external monitor so viewer that are not wearing the headset can watch.

All processing is done by the PS4.

medman1539d ago

There is no use having a discussion with someone who is blissfully ignorant of basic facts. Google is your friend. Good luck with that.

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ArbitorChief1539d ago

VR will be a fad on consoles, hopefully they bring their VR device to PC, there are far more features that VR could use on the PC platform compared to consoles.

christocolus1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I read somewhere that Zennimax is claiming that the oculus rift tech was stolen from them by John Carmack and they are now threatening to sue..I wonder how this will affect the facebook buyout? Just glad sony and MS decided not to partner with Oculus.

1539d ago
christocolus1539d ago

@the infected

Oh..I didn't know it had been proven, I just thought carmack was denying the allegations, well for the sake of his reputation i do hope it turns out to be one huge mistake on the part of Zennimax.

papashango1539d ago

"You stole that"

"no I didn't"

"well....because you said you didn't, you're fine"

if only the world were that simple

avengers19781539d ago

I'm sure a bunch of money will change hands and everything will go on as planned.

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BitbyDeath1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Wonder if they'll combine this with Kinect like Sony is doing with the eye or if they'll ditch it and move forward with just VR. Surely would be too costly needing both peripherals.

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Bigpappy1539d ago

There is no extra cost associated with Kinect, it comes as part of X1. You can get X1 without it so there is no way to factor the cost. Sony made the decision to not bundle the Eye with PS4, so if they decide to uses it with VR, they will have to offer a package that softens the blow.

GarrusVakarian1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

What you just said makes no sense whatsoever. Every single component that makes up the X1, or any electronic appliance, impacts the overall cost. If the X1 came without Kinect as standard, then it would definitely be cheaper, so yes, there is extra cost associated with Kinect.

Not having a Kinect-less bundle to compare just means we don't know the *exact* amount that Kinect adds onto the X1's price. Kinect impacting cost to the overall X1 is just common sense. Of course it does. Components cost money to make, you have to charge extra to cover those costs. Do you really think the X1 would still be $500 if it came without Kinect?

Personally, if VR for X1 and PS4 turn out to be as good as i am hoping, i will simply buy a PS camera and buy back a Kinect (i sold mine). Until then i have no interest in either camera. Fingers crossed it is as good as i imagine it in my head, i would love VR to take off.

SoulSercher6201539d ago

Proof I can buy a Kinect-less Xbox One?

Show me where and how much or it's BS.

JustPlay41539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Thats shocking/s Everyone is so why not them?

chrissx1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

The race on VR has begun