Microsoft Will Talk "Lots About E3" in the Coming Weeks: "Fun Stuff" Coming; More Details Next Week

Microsoft seems to be set to have a great E3, and Xbox Live's Major Nelson mentioned that he has lots to talk about it in the coming weeks leading to the event, also promising more details next week.

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christocolus1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

E3 hype is kicking into high gear... I can't remember when last i was this excited for the show. Its just next month about 6more weeks to go. Hope they reveal a lot of new western and japanese ips , show off Halo, QB, gears and maybe a new Banjoe and Aom too.

TheLyonKing1478d ago

Yeah MS seem to be running their mouth more for this E3 build up than I remember while Sony is being dignifiedly quiet compared to what they are used too.

I do love watching both conferences so it will be exciting to see which one wows more, I am sure ms know this but just remember no kids on stage please.

Abriael1478d ago

I may be wrong, but Sony has always been pretty quiet about their E3.

Too bad they're also full of holes, so a lot of their stuff gets leaked anyway :D

Mikey941478d ago

Sony is all talk no show. Like last year, they just trash talked and had absolutely no games to back it up. Microsoft came strong last E3 and im pretty sure there going to go even harder this E3 cause Microsoft knows that this E3 is win or loose same with Sony. So regardless its gonna be one hell of a show. But i have a huge feeling Microsoft will walk away from this years E3 again with a win in the games department.

Whitey2k1478d ago

Ur full of it @ mikey MS showed nothing but weak hardware high priced console and tv tv tv and tv atleast sony showed what people wanted to hear

Golden_Mud1478d ago

@Whitey , looks like u confused between the May reveal and E3 it self , Microsoft shown games the whole time they were at E3

nix1478d ago

MS may have shown games but people just didn't notice because they were still trying to come back after their fiasco presentation and everyone was still pissed with them.

imt5581478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Yeah! Sony didn't show any games @E3 last year. :rolleyes:

Just in case :

Xbone games vs. PS4 games from November to May :

You can add this for PS4 games in May :

Outlast: Whistleblower DLC
Stick it to the Man
Titan Attacks

Well, Xbone fans, where is games for your console? Just shut up already about "PS4 HAS NO GAMES!" and play what you have for your console.

avidgamer11478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )


Actually if I recall correctly, Sony didnt need to show anything to win the E3 showing. They just needed to show two things that won it for them, 8gb GDDR5 and a $399 pricetag. Microsoft on the other hand did everything in its power to ruin its reputation it has built up over the years with fan from its 360 brand with the DRM announcements. Games were an afterthought at that point.

marlinfan101478d ago


so i guess you didnt watch last years e3?

DOMination-1477d ago

The only (non indie) new game sony showed last e3 for PS4 was The Order. Fact. In terms of games at least, the MS conference was much better. Lets hope we see lots from both this year. I think its gonna be the best since 2008/09

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1478d ago

I want...NO, I NEED a Conker reboot in my life!

Automatic791478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

MS E3 Hype is in the air.

Note to MS please bring back Perfect Dark or Conker with a solid team making the game.

christocolus1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Lol..I would kill for a new pd and conker, I'm secretly wishing ms and rare announce an adventure game where you get to play as kameo, conker and banjoe. A game which would bring some of their most beloved ips together.


True, sometimes the hype can get really annoying especially when you know you'll be waiting for a while before actually seeing these games

incendy351478d ago

Haha, I used to get so hyped for this show. I still enjoy it now, but I kind of wish companies would wait to announce their games closer to launch. In the age of the internet companies can make big announcements any day they please. In fact it is probably better to announce games on separate days/times so that they get all the attention instead of being lost in a sea of news.

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LightDiego1478d ago

Announcement of an announcement.

5eriously1478d ago

QUOTE [He also mentioned “community stuff” and “fun stuff”]

Translated: "Kinect shovelware!"

Immorals1478d ago

Something like 1 vs 100 would be nice!