New Android-Powered Handheld Gaming Console Announced; Pre-Orders Begin Today

Team Fusion, a start-up independent gaming and tech firm, publicly unveiled today their first project, a handheld game console powered by the Android operating system.

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MeteorPanda1602d ago

the whole appeal to mobile games is that they're these companies realize this? I'm not putting my ps4 away to play cut the rope on tv...

just make attachable controller case thing that lets you play with physical buttons :<

porkChop1602d ago

Uh... not sure what you mean? You're saying mobile games are supposed to be mobile. I think you missed a key word in the title lol.

MeteorPanda1602d ago

yes...yes l did miss that. checking this on my phone, it was off the screen a bit >.>

if this thing is basicaly open source like the android os on phones are...this thing can be a rom machine! imagine portable n64 games :D

Mystogan1602d ago

Lame... Why would I want this. If I can play the same games on my phone.

porkChop1602d ago

Yeah Android consoles are one thing, but Android handhelds? That seems very redundant.

qu1ckset1602d ago

Actually would be pretty dope for emulators, other then that lame...

lento1602d ago

Have my Xperia z1 bluetoothed to my Ps3 controller for emulators works great

Milesprowers1602d ago

I have a strong dislike for the Android platform.

PeaSFor1602d ago

I have a strong dislike for the iSheeps.

Milesprowers1601d ago

Android as no quality control on its market place
and most games on the Android Market are copies of each other and full of Ads and micro purchasing shit.

PeaSFor1601d ago

and apple is simply over rated and act like a bunch of nazies, "Android Market are copies of each other", kinda ironic since flappy bird was a blatant ripoff of Piou Piou vs. Cactus....

MeteorPanda1602d ago

the phones os does look like a piece of shit...l use windows for the cleaned look. I'd go apple but f that restricted as shit phone

Mystogan1602d ago

Same here... Windows4life!

Sy_Wolf1602d ago

Right, because it sold so well with Ouya and nVidia Shield.

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The story is too old to be commented.