Connecticut Lawmaker Calls For Taxes, Warning Labels On M-Rated Games

Connecticut State Representative DebraLee Hovey says "countless studies" have proven that violent video games provoke aggressive and violent behavior, particularly among children and teenagers.

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Majin-vegeta1601d ago

*Yawn*What else is new?Games already have warnings on the cases.This will just got tossed out the window like last time.These morons should really stop wasting their time on a lost cause.

cl19831600d ago

The special taxes she wants.

Sethry1011600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Because games don't cost a lot already? What about violent/sexual movies? What about even the news its just as bad. These people are just idiots who look to use the gaming industry as scape goats for their own agendas.

SirBradders1600d ago

@Sethry exactly mate bit is what is failed to be mentioned is what about all the failed parents and mentally ill children do we start labelling them also.

ShaunCameron1600d ago

@ Sethry101

Hasn't that always been the case with feminists, (bleeding heart) liberals and social conservatives?

3-4-51600d ago

* These type of people are the bullies that take on the "easy" targets.

Or so they think.

They need to Tax Mature TV & Movies then too, as well as Mature Commercials, mature TV talk shows & Mature reality shows.

NegativeCreep4271600d ago

Does she even know what the "M Rating" on videogame cases actually is and what it means?

Just like all the panty-waist political gun reformers that think a gun magazine is an actual bullet, she probably just dove head first into this without knowing a damn thing about what she's talking about.

solid_snake36561600d ago

What they should be doing is attacking big pharma. Most mass murderers have been have been on massive amounts of meds. A lot of these meds aren't even tested properly, and they're pushed out on market.

ifistbrowni1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

after what happened in Newtown, im sure this State's Bills/Laws/Legislation are always looking at video-games, music, television and whatever other entertainment they can point their finger at for violence.

Canadians, Europeans and Americans listen/watch/play the same entertainment. Yet, only Americans kill each other on a regular basis. I blame the news. News is different in other countries. Here in America, the PM news is always like: "break-ins around your neighborhood, shooting in the streets and kidnapping in your backyard." It's ONLY news like this that gets reported on local stations. It makes people paranoid, and everyone feels like they need a gun to protect themselves.

Anyways, this wouldn't effect me since im from Pennsylvania. But, if the tax proves affective, then i can imagine other states would adopt it. So, therefore, i hope this bill is DOA (dead on arrival).

EDIT: Reading through the comments, why are you people asking for more taxes? "If they tax games, they need to tax everything else." They need to not add any extra tax to entertainment, PERIOD. My god, it's not a negotiation. Stand up for your rights. I'm sure the American government would like to add a tax to just about anything, so seeing people "invite" it is kinda an insane thing to see. As if they dont take enough money off of us through taxes already.

Pogmathoin1600d ago

Common sense without a cent of taxpayers money has proved that all these politicians are in the pockets of corporations, or speak christian values while banging the mistress, or are just plain old evil people..... Nasty vermin.....

Seraphim1600d ago

you mean these morons should learn to understand something before slapping a baseless new tax or law on something. As if we don't have enough taxes. The most ridiculous thing is this relating to children and teenagers. Ok why are they playing "M" games and having this aggressive behavior issues? The ESRB does it's job. God FORBID PARENTS actually do their job and parent their children. We're such a pathetic nation and society nowadays it's sickening.

Back-to-Back1600d ago

"DebraLee Hovey says "countless studies" have proven that violent video games provoke aggressive and violent behavior, particularly among children and teenagers."

And yet they never once mention where the studies can be found. The reality is our US Representatives a scumbags who take hand out from lobbyists. IMO it should be open hunting season on all of them.

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TenSteps1600d ago

Technically the M-rating should be warning enough but hey let's put a warning sign on the warning signs so you can be warned while being warned.

Heisenburger1600d ago

Yo dawg...

lol This kind of stuff is so silly to people like us. It's almost simplistic.

Would you let your four year old watch Scarface?

Okay. Now would you let them be in a situation where they are actually making the conscious decision to pull the trigger? Where they press 'x' to slap the taste out of your sisters mouth, who you found about to have sex with a guy in a bathroom stall? The answer(s) should be a thunderous NO!

Stfu and pay attention to your children.

Abromb1600d ago

Should tax the idiot parents who buy grand theft auto for their ten year old.

solid_snake36561600d ago

I played gta at a young age, it didn't make me violent or aggressive.

Abromb1600d ago

I agree with you... Hence one of those agrees is from me! I don't think any game should be taxed based on maturity of content. I remember playing the first grand theft auto on psx at around twelve year old and I haven't gone on any killing sprees as well. I just think it's funny that the people complaining are most likely guilty of buying mature games for kids.

SeraphimBlade1600d ago

There already is a warning label. It's the big M in the corner of the box.

jc485731600d ago

why do people even go to law schools when they can't even do things right?

iceman061600d ago

Because you can get thousands and thousands of dollars of retainers for silly and frivolous lawsuits. Oh...and they like the law.

kingPoS1600d ago

They thrive on peoples lack of common sense & decency. If everyone paid attention, to they'd have to rely more heavily on seemly innocuous details to snare payday.

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