Washington State Files First-Ever Lawsuit Over Failed Kickstarter

The state of Washington has filed the first-ever lawsuit against a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded but failed to deliver the promised goods to backers.

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Beetey1601d ago

*Grabs popcorn* This could get interesting.

porkChop1601d ago

The project was successfully funded and they didn't provide what was promised. So yeah, I don't see a problem with this lawsuit.

805Junior8051601d ago

If they ran off and didn't work on anything, they're screwed. If they can put something together fast, they might have a chance.

Beetey1600d ago ShowReplies(1)
nerdman671600d ago

As long as they put effort into making the product, they didnt do anything wrong. It isnt illegal to be incompetent.
Look at Microsoft.
Haha, i kid, i kid. They are okay

AnEwGuY1600d ago

I really hope you're not that ignorant. If you paid a contractor to build a house, and were funding the entire project as he worked on it, but he suddenly disappears, and never finishes the think that's O.K. ? is not O.K., legally OR morally.