Skylanders Trap Team – Wii U/Wii comparisons

Check out some screenshots showing the graphical improvements of Skylanders Trap Team on Wii U vs. the Wii version.

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R00bot1453d ago

Wait, this is coming to the Wii? I thought we'd seen the last of new Wii games.

lilbroRx1451d ago

Honestly, this game could look better on both systems, but a nice job none the less.

Darkfist1451d ago

the wii u appears to be the same as ps3/360

3-4-51451d ago

Pretty noticeable difference

Dunban671451d ago

With the exception of the last shot, I could barely tell the difference- Re shots 1-3 I could find parts of both versions that were better tan the other

Shot 4 was not close enough to the same shot

Shot 5 clearly illustrated the difference but it was the only shot that was not an action shot