Gaming Press Hypocrisy : Nintendo E3 Plans Vs. Gaming Press

When Nintendo announced their E3 plans, gamers everywhere seemed to take interest in the unique approach to the standard E3 stage show. However, the press hasn't been as enthusiastic towards Nintendo's announcement. Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast takes a look at why this is in the latest edition of Nintendo Rants.

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3-4-51537d ago

Everybody is getting their Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony news via online/the internet unless you are attending E3 in person.

How don't people realize this ?

Vegamyster1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I like E3 to see peoples reactions but other then that it doesn't bug me, that being said Nintendo is still at E3 so they'll still get press there also they'll get it from their own digital event as well. I'm happy that they're bringing game demos for Smash and i assume other games to Best Buys across NA, great idea.

Sly-Lupin1537d ago

The problem (that most people seem to ignore) is that the "media" and the "Internet" are not single, monolithic entities.

Gamers get their gaming news from disparate arrays of disparate media outlets. Most big outlets will have "E3 coverage," and people who visit those sites will be exposed (whether they want to or not) to (at least the biggest) news re: platforms/games they're not personally interested in.

But only a fraction of media outlets do in-depth Nintendo coverage, and they tend to focus ONLY on Nintendo--and that focus means they're unlikely to attract attention from non-Nintendo gamers. This means that by ignoring E3 and staging their own events instead, Nintendo is effectively narrowing their potential audience my a MASSIVE margin.

There's a reason why gamers who play mostly PC/PS/XB usually have a pretty big idea of what's going on with the other platforms, but very little idea of what Nintendo is doing, and vice versa.

The biggest problem is that, by limiting the reach of their news media only to existing customers, Nintendo is effectively failing to try reaching out to potential NEW customers--which is what big media shows like E3 are all about.

Furthermore, by scheduling their own media at the same time as E3, they're also forcing gamers who are on the fence to choose which outlet to focus on--and you should never give your audience the the option to ignore what you're saying, with any medium.

marloc_x1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

err..pretty subjective statement. Guess what percentage of media outlets will NOT have an interest in what they are up to.Only Gold members of Club Ninty can see what Treehouse has to share live? The Nokia theater will be a closed event? Members only at the Best Buy Wii U kiosks? Nintendo is certainly not ignoring the Electronic Entertainment Expo, they are DEFINING IT.

wonderfulmonkeyman1537d ago

That "Fraction" is still a pretty significant number, especially considering that not only will it include Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch streaming this year[which will ABSOLUTELY cover the "non-gamer" demographic much better than coverage of E3's press conferences would, since non-gamers don't tune into E3 often if at all but go onto their social sites daily and will SEE Nintendo's E3 stuff trending], they will ALSO be inviting the press to the Smash Tournament, and their Treehouse will be going on all E3 long.
You can't seriously think that the most major of the media outlets won't have enough people at these events to cover them.
It'd be stupid of them not to do so, so it's not going to happen that way.
Nintendo will get enough coverage this E3, due in major part to their own forward strides compared to last year.

They're not reaching out solely to their own fans this E3.

bobacdigital1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Nintendo limits their reach by the style of games they develop. Has nothing to do with how they present thier media coverage.

The media follows the most popular platform because that is what drives their websites. Most big time websites have a soft spot for Nintendo and most don't care because Nintendo doesn't give them special attention. This is why Nintendo does directs they control the message and the coverage.

Just because there is no stage show doesnt limit their reach. Those sites will simply host or link to the video and let that do the talking.

The president holds press conferences from the oval office without media there.. You think CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC won't host the feed because he didn't invite them to attend in person?

deafdani1536d ago

The problem with your argument is that gaming websites will still report about Nintendo's antics with their digital events, just the same as they would have reported about them if they did a press conference. So, in terms of coverage, there's absolutely no loss for Nintendo here.

Your argument is flawed.

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MNGamer-N1537d ago

I agree with you. I love Nintendo's E3 plans. Bringing the new games directly to people across the entire country at Best buy is the best thing that has ever happened. Never before have fans everywhere be able to take part in the show. You can actually say that Nintendo is making the E3 even bigger and better than ever. I just don't understand people who hate. I think it's great.

colonel1791537d ago

"Journalists" are the ones hating because no longer can they feel exclusive regarding Nintendo announcements at E3. With this new format, people get the information at the same time, and "journalists" can no longer brag that they tried a game, because now everyone can go to a best buy and try them for themselves.

weekev151537d ago

This is spot on. So Nintendo are trying to cater to the gamers which I think is awesome but ultkmately may harm them due to the fluffy flock mentality of the "hardcore gamer" who seem to do whatever the gaming press tell them to.

ModernSamuraiJay1537d ago

@weekev15 the flock will wake up eventually once they realize they're walking in a new direction.

wonderfulmonkeyman1537d ago


I can just imagine what it would look like if they kept following the media regardless...

"Hey, why's everyone screaming up there?
Is that a cliff up ahead? I can't tell, there's too many other sheep in front of me. Hey, someone ask the Shepherd!
What? It's not a cliff? Whew! Okay, I now feel safe walking this WAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy ..........."

I feel sorry for the ones that never question the media/headlines unless it's insulting something they like...

ritsuka6661537d ago

I agree totally dude.

Gaming Journalism = GARBAGE.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1537d ago

Another "Excellent" and "Yes" for Sean Long of Nintendo Rant.

Madock1537d ago

Agreed with every word,
The press just want to control what comes out of E3 and hype who they want to hype & downplay who they want to downplay,
They'll hype those who pay them directly or indirectly & ignore those who don't, that's what's happening & getting worse, thank God Nintendo is smart enough to end this & release content st8 to us without buying others to do so like microsoft & sadly Sony do

Realplaya1537d ago

I find it funny how people get so worked up over Nintendo going to E3. Top reasons why people get mad at Nintendo directs versus E3.

1. They are only catering to the Nintendo crowds with there Nintendo directs. They need to show it where everyone can see it.

Go to, go to there Facebook page or their youtube channel.

Everyone views E3 online the best part is I don't have to go to a site and look at pop up adds in order to get my Nintendo game fix.
Also I get to see games that are not glitchy or buggy and without all the big stage hoopla There will be more time dedicated to games and demos.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1536d ago

But what about Usher?

And all the cool celebrity guest?


I agree.
It's not like the press doesn't cover every Nintendo Directs.

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