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Invisible Gamer's Gabe Gurwin writes: "Daylight might contain all of the elements of a successful modern horror game, but it has no idea how to tie any of them together. I’m genuinely curious how a script this horrid made final cut, and I see the experience as a warning to developers to not piggyback off of the latest and greatest trends. There’s a reason why it worked for Outlast: that game was well designed. The same can’t be said for Daylight."

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HRoach6161451d ago

I beat this game in about an hour and a half first day of release. The atmosphere was really good. But it wasn't scary or hard at all. I was expecting outlast level of scary. Such a shame because it was interesting.

GamingAngelGabriel1451d ago

You're right, it wasn't scary. There was only one type of enemy and they gave away that they were behind you very easily.

HRoach6161451d ago

Yeah I know right lol as soon as I knew they were behind me I just ran away until they weren't there anymore. Unless I was in a dead end, then I just used one of my many flares and ran past her. Such a shame. Good game, but it wasn't worth the price. And I got it for 9.99 with my ps+. I'd say it should have been 5 bucks.