Europe Loved Tokyo Jungle, But America Didn’t, Says Director

Siliconera recently spoke with Yohei Kataoka, director of Tokyo Jungle and producer on Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day. During our conversation, Robert Ward asked Kataoka how he felt about Tokyo Jungle’s reception outside Japan, and his answer was interesting, to say the least.

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Snookies121360d ago

I'm in America and loved it... :[

Inception1360d ago

Well mate, welcome to the minority club :)

OT. It's not a secret why FPS games always selling like hot cakes in america, even the majority of those games doesn't offer anything new or have bad quality.

No wonder japanese devs are having a hard times when trying to sell their games, from JRPG to niche games like Tokyo Jungle. And this is one of the reason why some japanese devs trying to westernize their franchise too. If it doesn't have guns, lots of eksplosions, or steroid space marines than it doesn't sell as great as FPS.

AntoineDcoolette1359d ago

FPS games are just as popular in Europe and the rest of the anglo-sphere, ya know

But yeah, I'm an american and loving the game. Though to be honest I only bought it because of the 99 cent flash sale = /

yewles11360d ago

I'm american, I loved it.

KentBlake1360d ago

I'd love a PS4 port of this game. It's so replayable!

AntoineDcoolette1359d ago

I personally find the replay value tends to come from unlocking new animals to play as.

But game sure does have a lot of content and unlockables; should have had a plat trophy imo