ToeJam & Earl: What Did the Critics Say in 1991?

ToeJam & Earl is the perfect example of why many love Sega. This funky action game doesn't play by the usual conventions and isn't afraid to take a few chances. Since its release, this 23 year old Genesis cartridge managed to win over a loyal cult following and lead to two very different sequels. But what did critics think of this Sega classic back in 1991? We turn to Electronic Gaming Monthly, Sega Force, Sega Pro, Mega Play, Mean Machines and other classic magazines for the answer.

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zeee1565d ago

I Solomon miss Sega! I'm Such a huge Sega console fanboy!

Kurisu1565d ago

Toejam and Earl was amazing, great fun in two player!

Sega Megadrive was good. Sonic, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Bubsy...ah, good times!

zeee1565d ago

I soooooo*

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DivineAssault 1565d ago

i looooooved this game back in the day.. Even bought part 2 which wasnt nearly as good