Street Fighter IV: Fei Long, Dan & New Boss Seth

Fei Long and Dan will be added as bonus characters to the console versions of Street Fighter IV.

The new boss of the game will be Seth "the Puppet Master".
Seth is the CEO of Shadowloo's weapons division S.I.N.
Seth has reconstructed his body (with cyborg parts?) to max out his fighting potentials.


Seth takes data from many different styles of martial arts and makes it his own, utilizing his own physical abilities to maximize and perfect those moves.

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turbogeekx3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Everyone looks like they take steroids and Seth looks like Dhalsim. :(

Kami3225d ago

no, no. seth looks more like Urien and is that Dan? in the same page as fei long?

Rock Bottom3225d ago

yeah, Seth looks like Urien. which is awesome...

But Dan!!! I mean come one, that sucks.

predator3225d ago

hopefully there will be more characters

somelikeithot3225d ago

Just hope he not as hard as shin akuma on capcom vs snk 2, he is an absolute a-hole and pretty cheap as well where as he takes half your energy with one combo and you need at least 2 or 3 to equal the same damage.

Skerj3225d ago

Alpha 3 Bison man, cheapest SF fights ever. Unless you fight Gill in 3rd Strike with max damage up and you somehow miss hitting him before he does Seraphic Wing. Instant death no matter where you are on the screen.

crimsonfox3225d ago

JEEZ the overexcited bruce lee looks cool though

Presentist3225d ago

Yeah I'm starting to worry. Akuma is easily the coolest SF not include him would really really suck.

predator3225d ago

i have seen pictures with him in it but just cant remember where

Dir_en_grey3225d ago

Are you sure you are not thinking of the SFII HD Akuma? =)

Skerj3225d ago

Seth looks like a bald Urien with cyborg parts. I'm glad to see that Bison isn't the boss, but that still doesn't explain why he's alive.

Dir_en_grey3225d ago

I'm guessing Seth dies in this one, and his cell was used to clone Urien, but Seth's will of wanting even more hair was so strong that his soul resurrected as Gill... you know with a full head of Fabio hair.

Just my guess =)

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The story is too old to be commented.