Will Microsoft Have A More Aggressive Xbox One Strategy At E3?

Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Xbox One has sold five million units worldwide, but that hasn't been enough to keep up with its chief competitor.

Will this force Microsoft to adjust its strategy in promoting Xbox One at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo?

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pwnsause_returns1205d ago

it didnt just sell 5 Million, it sold 5 million to retailers. most of that stock still sits there.

Sony sold 7 Million to consumers.

pwnsause_returns1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

no matter how you ugh it, thats the truth. it all about how to get consumer interest back so they can sell those off the shelf.

whelp, my bubbles are gone, hate away guys.

alexkoepp1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Its funny that these fanboys think retailers are just purposefully stockpiling x1 units lol. Maybe you have never worked in retail guys, but you order what you can sell. If you aren't selling you don't order more. A shipped number is within a week or two of being a sold number, this is how people in a retail business work. If you keep buying things you don't sell you aren't a successful business.

and Sony hasn't sold 7 million units to consumers buddy, Sony sells to retailers for the most part. Only a fraction of those users bought directly from sony

MysticStrummer1205d ago

@alex - Yet MS is slowing production.

georgeenoob1205d ago


How does that change the fact retailers still bought 5 mil consoles?

Wh15ky1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

"and Sony hasn't sold 7 million units to consumers buddy, Sony sells to retailers for the most part. Only a fraction of those users bought directly from sony"

LOL! Do you honestly think that's what people mean when they say "Sony sold 7 Million to consumers".


It could mean retailers are not ordering the amounts they were possibly because they are still trying to shift existing stock.

GameNameFame1205d ago

Desperategeorge and Alex.

MS slowing production is ultimate admission that they know it is not selling. Shelve units are not 2 weeks from being sold. That is just desperate.

They wouldnt have the discount sales and free game package sales if it was selling.

Even those price cuts didn't sell Xbox and now they have to slow production.

Biggest1204d ago

Slowed production and retailer price cuts mean that the 5 million sold to retailers were mistakenly stockpiled. The retailers THOUGHT they would be selling them quickly. The retailers made the same mistake that the Xbox division made. Oops!

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MultiConsoleGamer1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Combined PS3/PS4 numbers not seperated out in their recent financial report.

72 markets > 13 markets.

Ittoryu1205d ago

Ugh 72 markets of which only 14 are responsible for the major of games sales and historically where the xbox brand does the most business.That means the xbone is in the markets that count jesus let it go. They need to do something.

MultiConsoleGamer1205d ago

Show us the data that backs your claims. Name the 14 markets and show us the sales for each region.

Go on, we'll wait.

biggame9011205d ago

He's right. XB1 has been released in North America, and most of the major European markets (UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy) and Oceania. These major account for the mass majority of console sales, and going by the XBOX 360, those markets accounted for nearly 90% of Xbox sales. So the 72 vs 13 argument is essentially null and void.

I'm disappointed in you. I figured you had more sense than to use such a played out argument, knowing what you know.

MultiConsoleGamer1205d ago

So no data then? Not surprising.

72 vs 13 a "null" argument? Ha ha ha ha!

Biggest1204d ago

The combined numbers were seperated. 7 million PS4s sold to consumer. They didn't say 7 million Playstation consoles. They said 7 million PS4s. Don't hide your head in the sand. You know the truth.

Every tracked country and region shows the PS4 selling more than the Xbox One. Every. Single. Market. All of the markets. All 13. All 72. All 1000978987987. Doesn't matter. Every single market where a PS4 and Xbox One are available for purchase shows the same thing. PS4 is leading in sales to consumer. Enjoy the sand helmet.

MultiConsoleGamer1204d ago

Another scared fanboy desperately grasping at straws with no facts or numbers to back his claims

You stink of fear

Wh15ky1204d ago

You're the one that sounds like a scared desparate fanboy.

Are you suggesting what he is saying is untrue? If so, where are your facts and numbers?

All the facts and numbers I have seen to this point back up Biggests claims, however, I have no desire to hunt through the thousands of articles in an attempt to prove anything to you, just as I'm sure nobody else has.

"You stink of fear"

You're psychological projection is transparent.

I really don't believe you are a "multiconsoleowner".

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SaffronCurse1205d ago

Ugh...This is why I'm on Gaf more..

DLConspiracy1205d ago

Yet everyone treats it as though they have stock options with Sony. It's probably safe to say most people don't even have shares in anything in these comments.

shadyiswin1205d ago

pretty sure you'd be a fool to buy sony's stock at this point lol,i do own shares in microsoft,home depot,walmart,proctor and gamble and jp morgan tho

HappyWithOneBubble1205d ago

Dude come on it don't matter. Sold to customers or retailers is still sold no matter how you look at it.

edwick1205d ago

no, it's not. sold-through is sold to consumers, sold-in is sold to retailers. sony's sold-through is 7 million. xbox one's sold-in is 5 million. nobody can say for a fact what microsofts sold-through number is, because they haven't released that number. but it's less than 5 million. maybe 4.5?

air11205d ago

Sony says thank you for making that clear...

nucky641205d ago

why are so many disagreeing?
i don't care about sales for any system but i read about what's going on.
here's an article from 2 weeks ago:

lelo1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


Seriously dude, just stop trolling and grow up!

As for E3, Microsoft need exclusives and they need to be big exclusives that sell consoles. They also need something that counters Sony's PSN+ offerings ... and a cheaper Kinect-less X1. That's my opinion, but what the hell do I know.

TheXgamerLive1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Man you trolls just cant stay away from Xbox articles can you. Sold 5 million give or take and currently only in 13 markets sooo technically its a hell of a lot better than sonys share. September adds 49 more markets and Xbox will jump past sonys ps4. Regardless of that both systems are doing great and should be respected and instead we should all focus on games that are coming to us.
Comment yes Troll no.

Underworld1204d ago

Sold 5 million to retailers not consumers, there's a difference.

"September adds 49 more markets and Xbox will jump past sonys ps4."

Lol, that made me chuckle. No it won't. X1 is already out in the biggest and it's strongest markets and it's being beat in each of them.

Gunstar751205d ago

Yes. My local GAME has only sold 0.5 xbox ones since launch and they have had to rent an aircraft hanger to store their unsold stock.

I also heard that Larry Hryb has told the diggers in New Mexico not to fill in the hole where the E.T games were exhumed as Microsoft might need to bury "some stuff" themselves.

In total, only 27 xbox ones have been sold, globally and those are real statistics!!!

mhunterjr1205d ago

You're right, MS sold 5mil to retailers... Which means they sold 5 mill. Not nearly as impressive as Sony's 7mil sell through, but the phrase 'MS sold 5 mil xbox ones' is accurate.

Azzanation1205d ago

Xbox sell 1.2 million X1s a month. Soon it will ship 6-7 million. Look at it in any way you want. X1 is selling and stores will continue to supply when they sell though.

X1 - 13 countries - sold 4.4 million
PS4 - 72 countries - sold 7 million

You do the math.

FlameBaitGod1204d ago

They will lie in E3 like they ALWAYS DO

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Axios21205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Aggressive new strategy = opening in 42 more Countries


So according to pwnsause_returns, less than 2.5m X1 have resulted in TitanFall on X1 outselling ISS in Europe and North America, lol

@ Kayant, not saying you are wrong, but the article states that 26 were previously confirmed and now it's 28.

@ Lukas, still coming into a conversation without reading the previous comments, the troll suggested that 2.5m X1 were on shelves, just wondering how 2.5m X1 outsold 7m PS4, according to the troll.

@ Lukas

COD in North America

Poor Lukas, he asked for an apples to apples comparison and then balked when he got it

Kayant1205d ago

*40 in total.

26 new + 13 launch + china. It's actually 40