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It’s amazing that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn managed to turn a generally detested game into a great one, but the game is proof it's possible.

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BaltimoreNovak1485d ago

I purchased the original abomination of a version they canned early and was given the relaunched game free and I have not enjoyed an MMO like this since vanilla Wow. I cannot believe they turned it around like this.

GuruMeditation1485d ago

Totally agree. This new version is more entertaining than any MMO in recent memory. Top stuff.

ShowGun9011485d ago

Agreed! this version is awesome, im playing through with my wife right now, im a lvl 18 thaumaturge, shes a lvl 17 gladiator... i really like how the general gameplay between our classes is completely different. just started up my archer class and cant wait to try it out more. Square did a hell of a job on this game, now to convince more people that a sub isn't the end of the world.

a great game is worth paying for!

BABY-JEDI1485d ago

I was planning on getting this, but no stores near me have the on-line credit & you cannot purchase the subscription through PS store. So to cut a long story short. No purchase. Resolve this Squaresoft you umpties.

dcj05241485d ago

Buy the 2 months card for 30 bucks or go through the official website.

BABY-JEDI1485d ago

I really don't want to use any plastic on the internet.
: (
So far no game stores or stores have the on-line credit cards available. If on PSN store then problem solved. Which I can get credit cards easily available.

Amphion1485d ago

This is some of the most fun I've ever had playing a game. Really amazing stuff.