What We Want In: Nintendo’s E3 2014 Presentation

"E3 2014 is on the way. Nintendo last year for the first time hosted an online Nintendo Direct presentation over the traditional press conference to mixed results. To this point of writing, what we do know is that regardless of how they present their news within their 2014 Nintendo Direct Presentation, Nintendo really needs to string a few wins together. The 3DS is coming off an incredible 2013, and despite Super Smash Bros coming, 2014 doesn’t appear to have as rich of a lineup for the handheld; the second half of the year appears quite barren, so we expect that to be fleshed out considerably. The Wii U has struggled ever since its launch in late 2012, with sales that are yet to kick off despite some impressive releases like Super Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3. Even the newly released PS4 has overtaken the system in raw console sales. Nintendo need to make some massive plays to ensure the Wii U is relevant. So what can Nintendo do for both systems? We discuss what we want from Nintendo during their 2014 E3 presentation."

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Gocatters17021484d ago

pretty sure they mean "We" as in the writers at the site, not as in they speak on behalf of ALL gamers

1482d ago
HavokPants1483d ago

yeah but these kind of things are misleading for me

wonderfulmonkeyman1483d ago

The best thing Nintendo could possibly do, IMO, is entirely re-think how they've approached their advertisements for the system.
They need a more aggressive style, with some catch-phrases that will stick in the minds of gamers, and commercials that showcase clips of intense moments from action-oriented games like Smash and Bayonetta 2.
A new tag-line for the system would help a lot, too.
"Come Get U Some!" comes to mind...

bass4g1482d ago

Agreed, but "come get U some"? I almost want that to be the catchphrase now. At least it would be noteworthy. :p

bayonetta1482d ago

For me Bayonetta 2 and new Legend of zelda xD

SoulSercher6201482d ago

New Zelda
New Metroid
New Starfox

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1482d ago

Uh Zelda has been in development for years why are you asking for it

SoulSercher6201482d ago

Don't you think I know that already? I'm still asking because its needed? Plain and simple.