Is This Goodbye to 3D Gaming?

he presence of fully-featured 3D in our entertainment circle is long and established. There’s an extensive library of 3D films in the cinema and 3D TVs are becoming more of a mainstay in homes.

It’s a multi-million dollar business for films, with the IMAX environment becoming a more popular way to see Spider-Man swinging between buildings and supernatural entities submerging from oceans to tear a city asunder.

So it would seem a logical assumption that 3D as we know it can work for games, right? It’s a natural fit, surely. The weird and wacky worlds we’re exposed to, the high-budget set-pieces, the action and adventure. It all makes sense. Except time has proven the complete opposite and 3D within gaming continues to fail dramatically. Even Nintendo who released a self-sustaining, 3D-capable handheld device have resorted to releasing a non-3D version of said handheld in order to help shift more units. The build-up to that saw them make less and less of the 3D component in their games, spending more time focusing on other 3DS features.

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