That looks familiar — Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s riffs from other games and movies

Judging by today's reveal, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes inspiration from Metal Gear Solid, "Mission: Impossible," and a few other games and movies.

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deantak1537d ago

Of course, Activision has the resources to make these things look better.

cleft51537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I don't get why people are giving Activision so much grief over Advance Warfare. Well, thats not true, I do get it. It's CoD, so people feel the need to stand around and point out how unoriginal it is.

Meanwhile, the movies and games that this CoD game is supposed to be ripping off are hardly the progenitor of those ideas. I liked Elysium, but it wasn't original in the least. Power suits and the storyline of that movie have been done before a ton of other times. Metal Gear Solid, while very good, is not an original idea in the least. Finding an original idea in today's society is exceptionally hard, if not close to impossible.

It's not really about original ideas anyways, so much as doing something unique and good with ideas that have been implemented before.

The_Sneauxman1537d ago

Have you even played MGS? genome soldiers, clones of a perfect soldier, faux historical events that coincide with real events.Boss, Big Boss that storyline and how you learn that she was the first to exit our atmosphere and was exposed to radiation.

I could go on.

ironfist921537d ago

The suit reminds me more of Edge of Tomorrow than Dead Space.

ColManischewitz1537d ago

I'm surprised that this this suit looks so much like Dead Space.

Swiggins1537d ago

It shouldn't...Sledgehammer Games CREATED Dead Space.

Swiggins1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

So they did, guess my memory isn't what it used to be.

The guys who founded Sledgehammer were the heads of the Dead Space project however. Sledgehammer was founded in 2009 so they probably split right after Dead Space 1.

darkronin2291537d ago

Those look cool in screenshots, but I wonder how that'll actually translate to gameplay. Like, we'll we be able to ride those hover bikes?

n4gusername1537d ago

Thank goodness no one ever copied anything from CoD.

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