Coming Soon: New Audio Controls and Opt-In Setting to Help Improve Voice Recognition

Major Nelson has revealed a few of the features that will be present in the May system update for Xbox One.

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corvusmd1607d ago

Sweet!!! This was the ONLY legit complaint about the UI that I had....adjusting snap and main volume independently. Really glad this is coming.

incendy351607d ago

Me too. I use Snap TV so often, but the overlapping audio is definitely not ideal. So happy they are fixing it.

Naga1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Definitely a smart move on making the speech recognition data-gathering a completely optional, "opt-in" feature. Hopefully, that will avoid raising the hackles of those in the tinfoil hat brigade.

WhyHate1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I second that emotion!


Now my wife can watch TV while I down Titans with my headphones on!!

Galletto31607d ago

So does this mean that i can control Netflix volume when I play games at the same time?

It said apps but everyone is just mentioning Tv so I am a little confused

B1uBurneR1607d ago

You can't Game and watch Netflix I've tried with no luck. For the overlapping I just turn down the in game volume in the game options. This too is welcome/should of been standard.

Mikey941607d ago

I just tested the feature and its really nice. You can have them even or you can do main app has more sound then snapped app or you can do all sound to main app and none to snapped app. Same for snapped you can do all sound to snapped app and none to main. I tested it with battlefield 4 using netflix and it works really well.

scotmacb1607d ago

Xbox one is a much better console with all these updates keep them coming

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