The Witcher 3 now has over a dozen quest designers

The Witcher 3 now has over a dozen quest designers to build engaging missions

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ab5olut10n1601d ago

never got to play the first two but always heard about how good they are. VERY excited for this.

hellzsupernova1601d ago

yeah same here missed out cause i only had a ps3. going to catch up on the first two on pc now before playing this

christrules00411600d ago

I had a ps3 as well. After getting the ps4 I saw the benefit of having more powerful hardware so I built my own pc. =) I'm gonna be playing through the first 2 Witcher games, the mass effect triology and the Dragon Age games. =) Then add Wolfenstein the new order and watch dogs to that list. Gee I'm also playing through the amazing spider man 2. I haven't seen my ps4 friends in a while. Lol

hellzsupernova1600d ago


You are going to be busy. I was thinking of replaying through Mass Effect but I played through 2 twice and I really did not connect with Mass Effect 3 all that much so I don;t think i could.

Although I have just bought the Star Wars pack on sale on Steam right now and that should absorb at least 100 hours out of me, Battlefront 2 still has online and it is oh so much fun

styferion1601d ago

the first game is fine, not bad but not goty either.
but the second game is super awesome even an rpg hater would like it.

oIITSBIIo1600d ago

Yes but the story in TW1 was amazing .

Mariusmssj1599d ago

Gameplay wise witcher 1 is not the best but atmosphere and story is amazing.

nidhogg1601d ago

to be honest, I actually was surprised and amazed with the first game as I bought it day one when it released. And then part 2 came out and I gotta say it was epic. I have high expectations for the final part as I have quite followed the series since the beginning. I suggest you play parts 1 and 2 before this game. Try not to get out of your house for a week. hehe kiddin'.

ab5olut10n1600d ago

i would but i have neither an x360 nor a pc

nidhogg1601d ago

ooohhhh yeeeaaaaahhhh.. bring on those yummy quests!