Titanfall on Xbox 360: Playable, But Not Optimal

Titanfall on the Xbox 360 is an acceptable version of the game, but it doesn't hold a candle to the Xbox One and PC.

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supercpu1297d ago

Try telling the fanatics that :)

LAWSON721297d ago

Haven't played it on 360 but if it is 30 fps then more than likely it is true.

Allsystemgamer1297d ago

And it's not worth buying an x1 for. Most modern pcs can play it. So if you really want to play Titanfall you can just use can I run it.

ger23961297d ago

I'm playing it on the 360 right now. I'm sure the graphics are better on Xbox one and pc. Its an ok game, not worth getting an Xbox one for it though.

bohemian 231296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Perfectly stated, I'm playing the 360 version as well.