The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review | TPReview

We've played this game so you don't have to. Read on as TPReview explains how Beenox have turned an attempt to recapture the glory of Spiderman 2 into what can only be described as a poor man's Goat Simulator.

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Allsystemgamer1657d ago

It's not THAT bad. It's about 6-7. It's enjoyable for spidey fans.

Dudebro901657d ago

Another garbage click bate review.

TPSou1657d ago

If we wanted 'click bait' we'd give something like Dark Souls 2 or TESO a really low mark. I'm not sure if you've actually played Spiderman but when a game based on an agile hero can't get movement right, has a constantly irritating sidemission requirement and pretty terrible writing, yes it's that bad.

Very irritating for reviewers that people complain if everything gets between 6-9 but then you get people accusing you of click bait or being biased when you give a game lower than that. Believe it or not many of us do care about integrity and our reputation.