War Thunder North America PS4 Release Now Possible, News Hopefully Next Week

MP1st - After being delayed for months, PS4 gamers in Norther America may finally be able to get their hands on War Thunder.

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theXtReMe11510d ago

It makes no sense, that this game runs just fine using a European account on an American PS4. Yet they couldn't release it in the states, due to patching issues? I don't get it.

In any case, I've been playing this game since it released and it is a blast. I wish that it would support any of the PC flight sticks. It would make it even better... But those who didn't create a European account and play it yet, are in for a real treat. Especially if you love flight combat games as much as I do.

3-4-51510d ago

Great game for PC, I expect it to play fine on PS4 as well.

Much easier to aim/shoot with a mouse & keyboard though, but kind of easier to maneuver with a controller. Trade off.

Nekroo911510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

well you can also use the mouse and keyboard with the ps4 version

3-4-51510d ago

I did not know this. That is awesome.

ddgaming8201510d ago

Can't wait to play this on my PS4.

hellzsupernova1510d ago

it is a fantastic game. 160 hours in myself

MysticStrummer1510d ago

I didn't know it might not release in NA. Glad there's a chance now because I've been looking forward to it.

WeAreLegion1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Just download it on an EU account.

XtraTrstrL1510d ago

I made a UK account months ago and downloaded this game. I haven't played it much though.

XtraTrstrL1510d ago

Speaking of that, I was thinking of making a FR account or whatever region it is that has Stick It To The Man. I've seen people playing it on Playstation Live, and I think it was French. It comes out in a few days anyways though.

nealane1510d ago

its free on the uk ps plus/store i don't know about the rest of the eu

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