Is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Doomed Before Release

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has now been revealed but should we be surprised?

The answer to that is a definite NO!

But is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Doomed Before Release?

Consumers are demanding more from this set of games. They are fed up of being served from the same old storylines, and after watching the trailer for this one you can see they are stretching the genre to the max.

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Axios21570d ago

Doomed to sell 20m copies, just like previous versions

christocolus1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I dont know how or why but that traier got me really pumped up for another cod game even after i had vowed never to pick up another cod game after cod ghost.


With titanfall doing great with critics and gamers alike i dont think activision will yet again stick to the tried and true formula which they have used for so many years... they need to innovate and bring in new ideas. If i was activision i would have a dedicated team fully in charge of the multiplayer aspect of the cod games. While the single player games could be released annually and alternated between the three devs there would be just one large dedicated team for multiplayer alone and their primary job function would be to constantly build and innovate the multiplayer aspects of every cod game released. The other teams(iw,sledgehammer etc) will then be able to focus fully on the single player experience.

xX1NORM1Xx1570d ago

i too didnt want to buy cod any more after ghosts but spiderman wall climbing and Kevin spacey convinced me to at least play the story if these things are in mp and its harder to die ill probs keep it thou

redwin1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Hands down the best trailer I've seen in at lest 5 years. Can anyone remember a better one ? I'm definitely getting this one. So far, I rather play this than Destiny. This one has got Call of Duty, Halo and Titan Fall features.

CJDUNCAN1569d ago

It looks promising honestly, they took the technology of Ghost Recon, the maneuverability of Titanfall, Exoskeletons of Halo and merged it with a cool theme of a story.

But it's COD..we know how this will play out already.

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xboxpete1570d ago

Of course it will sell millions of copies but will it be played as much as previous titles and how quickly will fans get annoyed with 3 different companies switching styles with their favourite pastime?

hellzsupernova1570d ago

But the fans will hopefully come to realise who makes what CoD and only buy the one they like, when that developers CoD rolls out 3 years later instead of buying yearly :)

prodg521570d ago

I haven't purchased a COD since COD4 Modern Warfare. The trailer for this game looks interesting. This might be a COD I'll buy.

HugoDrax1569d ago

I agree the trailer does look interesting, but that exoskeleton armor reminds me of ELYSIUM. As soon as the trailer begins you see the exoskeleton hahaha.

ELYSIUM Trailer.

ShowGun9011570d ago

just like every other game on this site, dont listen to the fanboys (or worse yet, hipsters), make your own decision!

Im psyched for this one, it looks pretty good! good luck sledgehammer games!

jnemesh1570d ago

what about the hipster fanboys? :)

Dlacy13g1570d ago

I skipped Ghosts but this one ...just may get my money. The game is helped immensely by the presence of Spacey as a main character as he just delivers lines so smoothly.

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The story is too old to be commented.