PS Store Flash Sale: $5 Games this Weekend

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s already May? That’s the fifth month of 2014, for those of you counting. Monday is also Cinco de Mayo, so to get ready for 5/5 we’re putting some great games on sale for just $4.99 — each on PlayStation Store as part of our Flash Sale, starting right now.

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ValKilmer1604d ago

And you all told me I was crazy to wait four years to play Red Dead Redemption. WELL I JUST GOT IT FOR FIVE DOLLARS. Now who's crazy?

GarrusVakarian1604d ago

You'd have to be crazy to play the PS3 version.

I kid, i kid.

It was pretty bad though.

XiNarutoUzumaki1604d ago

What do you mean? I never had a problem with it on my PS3.

curtis921604d ago

@xinaruto, he means the ps3 suffered with some framerate issues and was sub-HD. Probably not noticeable to most people but for those of us like me who are cursed with attention to detail (and also who had played it on 360) it's noticeable.

TRGMatt1604d ago

Hmm...currently playing it on PS3 and haven't had a problem with it yet in about 8hrs of play.

Nekroo911604d ago

i played almost 90h and i never had a problem with that

BattleTorn1604d ago

The PS3 version lacks a lot of the flora / grass

waltyftm1604d ago

It is the only version i have played, and it is a bloody great game, love it to bits.

VlllAxelLea1604d ago

I got the goty edition and it works with no problems.

GarrusVakarian1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

@all above

I played Red Dead on the 360 for what must have been close to a hundred hours, but my friend had it on the PS3. I saw it running on PS3 and it was pretty bad compared to the 360 version. It looked lower res, the framerate was horrible and it lacked texture details.

I guess you only notice the difference if you see both versions though.

I was only kidding when i said you would have to be crazy to play it on PS3. Don't crucify me guys XD.

DemonChicken1604d ago

lol I remember that it was red dead redemption that killed my fat PS3 =( YLOD

Other than that great game, one of R* finest, completed it on my slim then. The zombie one was kind of meh, hopefully a proper remake is in the works!

egidem1604d ago

I also remember the PS3 version having a lower resolution and suffering a bit of framerate issues. I can't confirm though, since I played it on Xbox 360, but I believe this was later patched?

Lonnie181604d ago

No it wasn't, it was great and I even got the platinum, it was a awesome game on the ps3 you just trolling lol.

GarrusVakarian1604d ago


Lol, im one of the biggest PlayStation fans on this site. I'm not trolling, i was kidding around...or is that now allowed any more?

And it was pretty bad when compared to the 360 version. That's just fact.

intellegent1604d ago

I don't know about that, i platinumed RDR and i never had a problem.

elninels1603d ago

Worse than mass effect 2 on ps3?

iceman061603d ago

Wouldn't call it "pretty bad" even in comparison to the 360 version. However, it did have a lesser resolution and less foliage. Other than that, I had NO framerate issues whatsoever. Great game for a stellar price!

KingDon1603d ago

I got the platinum for this on the ps3. Ran great on the ps3.

Magicite1603d ago

I completed PS3 version and had no issues there, meanwhile in GTA4...

Chevalier1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Something about changing goalpost and it doesn't matter on Xbox One about low frame rates or sub HD, but, things like this on PS3 meant the end of the world?

ifistbrowni1603d ago

I platinum'd the ps3 version no problem (then continued on to 100% the DLC trophies). I honestly dont know wtf you're talking about.

The game was great on both consoles (which is why i decided to get 100% trophies and achievements).

bigrob9041603d ago

it was the version i played, and i loved every minute of it. didn't run into any real glitches or frame rate issue, and the online worked just fine. so whatever problems it was said to have was blown way out of proportion.

iistuii1603d ago

The PS3 version WAS slightly inferior but unless you had them together you wouldn't know it & the playstation owners were more than happy with it.. But now all of a sudden this gen when an X1 version if a game is slightly inferior it's big news even though as before the Xbox owners are more than happy.

heisenberguk1603d ago

Why because it had a few less blades of grass?

TheTowelBoy1603d ago

Oh no Lukas I think you hit a fanboy nerve :P best of luck hahaha

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Kennytaur1604d ago

I went to check if it was available in Europe, turns out I already got it for free with Plus.

Lord_Sloth1604d ago

I got Max Payne 3 since I've either played our still own the others on the list.

killnotic1603d ago

It's fine on the PS3. In some ways it's even better than the X-Box 360 version, if for no other reason than my saved games haven't been corrupted. 80 hours of game play on the 360 version down the drain. I also haven't experienced the quick travel carriage glitch on the PS3 version either. I will admit the 360 version is somewhat prettier-clearer and better lit, especially during night time game play.

MysticStrummer1603d ago

Steal of the century. RDR is a classic.

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Buzz7S1603d ago

The online is shutting down in less than a month.....

Delsin_Rowe1603d ago

Sony want to make me go broke, good deals for good games. Imagine every week, a flash sale like steam well then I be living in the streets.

jessupj1603d ago

I just checked and there's no flash sale for the Australian store.

Sorry fellow aussies. looks like we could screwed again. They want to keep charging us bloated prices.

Why can't they include all countries? Makes me so fking mad.


eh nothing too enticing here

Kassanova071603d ago

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, oh wait....

Lionsguard1603d ago

Are people still playing RDR online? Those were great times.

thelwebb1001603d ago

Lol. Yeah you waited 4 years to play this amazing game, I'd say that's pretty crazy.

TheSaint1603d ago

You, for not playing it sooner!

XxExacutionerxX1603d ago

After 4 four years, Red Dead Redemption still looks better than 95 percent of the current games on the market including few next gen

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Majin-vegeta1604d ago

Hot diggity damn might just pick up a few of these games.

Take it all Sony.

MightyNoX1603d ago

Damn it, Sony. Have mercy on my wallet! I was just done with your previous flash sale and the golden week sale!

AceBlazer131604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

My luck to be broke right now.

Even Spec Ops, wanted that game forever.

VlllAxelLea1604d ago

I got spec ops for free on ps+. such a great game. got the Platinum for it too

ZodTheRipper1604d ago

I got about half of those games with PS+ :D
And I definately would've paid 5 bucks for most of them.

Skate-AK1604d ago

I got the plat too. Amazing game.

Gremdude1603d ago

Congrats on that! That game was really hard even on normal difficulty. I died about 15 times in that part with the two bunkers and the guys with the rocket launcher. Loved the game though! Otherwise I would have quit when it got frustrating.

CerealKiller1604d ago

Spec Ops is a great game, however I felt the story was a bit overrated.

Gremdude1603d ago

No It wasn't! The story was amazing! If you got through that campaign without feeling awful, there is something wrong with you! Ugh, just thinking about that ending makes me feel horrible. Gonna go consider the meaning of life now...

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Lionalliance1604d ago

Red Dead Redemption 5 bucks?! that's a steal! get it for those who don't have it!! it's a fantastic game!

Gremdude1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Who the hell is disagreeing??? Some people think 5 bucks for RDR is not a good deal!