Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Needs More Than Kevin Spacey to Get Non-Fans Interested

8CN: When I first saw that a new trailer had dropped for this year's Call of Duty, all I could think to myself was "here we go again." I'm going to put this out in the open: I'm not a fan of Call of Duty. I've played it before, I even own Modern Warfare 2 for some reason, and I'm not opposed to jumping into a game with a friend or two if it's available. But I'm not eagerly awaiting each new installment in the franchise, and this new trailer didn't really change that for me. So what would?

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thehollaway1570d ago

I agree, but I don't know man. Kevin Spacey did a pretty good job of at least getting my attention. lol

styferion1569d ago

The trailer looks great because of Kevin Spacey, true. But then again the campaign of CoD only lasts 4-5 hours and it's not exactly a narrative game like TLoU, meaning the majority of those hours you'll spend shooting at things and not watching him acting, makes me wonder how exactly is he gonna be a major part of this game.

Immorals1569d ago

Yes it has Kevin Spacey, but the facial animation is pretty bad.

And on another note, isn't it only 1% of cod players that actually finish the SP?

4Sh0w1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

lol, what "Non- Fans"? You mean the "Non-Fans" that even without them COD AW will no doubt still be the best selling game of the year? You mean the people that just hate COD because its popular and they want their favorite game to be more popular? You mean like one of my "Non-Fan" co-worker who swears "COD is garbage" and every year buys it anyway? -Uhm those kind will always *publicly hate on COD or follow all things COD while trying to convince other gamers that we should fall in line and follow their elitist attitude and ironically actually become the sheep they speak of.

I mean forget about the fact that a large segment of gamers just want to play a newer version of the COD franchise just as last year version replay value starts to fade. NO, NO, NO who cares if they think COD is MORE FUN than other shooters, we all know what's more important is KZ SF's pixel count, or Halo's legendary universe, or BF's physics engine, or Gears in your face brutal gameplay or blah, blah, blah.

nah, I'm all for devs improving their games and I love to see when franchises take a huge step forward but I also don't think that making significant changes to a games core gameplay just to make it different, but with no clear vision WHY those changes make it BETTER is fruitless, point is change just for change is not worthwhile, a new engine because they actually have some ground breaking new gameplay and graphics to add is welcomed but a new engine with no significant upgrade to the gameplay or worst sacrificing locked 60fps is just a cosmetic touch ups, nothing that really screams "Wow".

btw, I like all the above mentioned games (haven't played KZ SF) I just think people overlook COD's 60fps smooth, twitch reaction gameplay, diverse weapons, customization, along with interesting perks and abilities that have made it many gamers favorite for so long. Hell its not even my favorite shooter but the hate some people spew while still obsessively following COD is just silly.

lol, personally I just hate all the DLC milking.

vickers5001569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

"You mean the people that just hate COD because its popular"

People don't hate cod JUST because it's popular, that's a secondary reason. People hate cod mainly because it's a terrible franchise that has been ruined, a franchise which was once one of the greatest multiplayer shooters out there (cod 2, cod 4, and to some extent, MW2 and WaW). Then comes the secondary reason, it's popular. The people who hate it for being popular don't simply hate it because they like to hate on popular things, they hate it because it never gets any better and they hate that cod fans are okay with that.

"You mean like one of my "Non-Fan" co-worker who swears "COD is garbage" and every year buys it anyway?"

Maybe he buys it because it's more of a fun social experience for him, because his friends ONLY play cod, so he buys it every year to have fun with them. Doesn't mean he likes it. It's kind of like going to a party, just because you hate one or two people there, doesn't mean you're going to stay home by yourself and not go to the party.

"NO, NO, NO who cares if they think COD is MORE FUN than other shooters"

See, that's the thing, they can't think cod is more fun than other shooters because a HUGE chunk of them (I'm betting the vast majority of them) of cod fans haven't played anything BUT cod. You can't claim something is better than else if you haven't tried the other thing. A huge chunk of the people who buy cod are the kind of people who think popularity = quality, so they only buy the most popular thing, and pass on anything that isn't popular.

"nah, I'm all for devs improving their games and I love to see when franchises take a huge step forward but I also don't think that making significant changes to a games core gameplay"

One thing a dev can do to improve their game and make it feel new and fresh is to use a new engine (heavily modified source engine does not count). Start from scratch, but keep all the core elements in place. But a new engine pretty much just gives any game a unique feel. Look at the halo games. Fundamentally, halo 3 and halo reach are basically the same game, but they feel really different because they run on different engines.

CoD is in desperate need of a new engine. They also need to slow down the releases a bit. Make one MAJOR title every 2 or 3 years, with huge DLC packs in between (kind of like how Battlefield currently does it, at least for now, I don't know if battlefield being annualized has been confirmed or not).

4Sh0w1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

vickers500 that was a very intelligent breakdown of my thoughts, however I still fundamentally disagree with you about COD games. They do change and some are better, and sometimes the next installment isn't quite as good as the previous but that's a matter of preference like all sequels in a franchise.

Either way like I said COD is not my favorite shooter, I enjoy Halo and Gears franchise more but I still enjoy COD for what it is, I and millions still always enjoy each and every COD and its not because we haven't played anything else, sure a portion of COD fans don't play anything else just like hardcore fans of BF or whatever but again that's a choice they've conciously made but the bottom line is FUN IS FUN. So why do some make it their business to pretend they know what's best for other people to enjoy. No the better choice is to go enjoy those better shooters and IGNORE COD YOURSELF.

I've known some to try BF then gravitate back to COD because it's more accessible, I know it's unpopular thinking here at n4g but the truth is many folks don't care about tech specs to the point of pixel counting or a new engine with all the bells and whistles yet the game doesnt run as smooth as COD games, No they ultimately just want a FUN shooter. Say what you will but that's the power of COD it's essentially a easy pick up n play twitch shooter that's easy to understand but has plenty enough depth that it takes time to master and can be very addictive online + friends or strangers.

Oh btw YES alot of people do hate it just because it's popular but my point about that is COD is so popular it doesn't matter what "non-fans" think.

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Matt6661569d ago

I wonder how many sheep and fanboys will continue to support the copy and paste effort

OrangePowerz1569d ago

If they enjoy the game what's the problem?

I buy them since the second game. Some or better and others are not that good. It might look like they are all the same for you, but if you play them all online you would know that each one is different from each other.

vallencer1569d ago

Why use the terms sheep and fanboy? Why does it bother you so much that people like COD? In all fairness since you're hating on the game doesn't that make you a sheep as well since A LOT of people hate COD? But really it shouldn't bother you so much if people like this game.

porkChop1569d ago

As opposed to being a sheep that blindly follows the COD hate bandwagon?

There is nothing copy/paste about this game as nearly NONE of the stuff in the trailer has been in previous COD games.

Matt6661569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It just looks like BO2 so yes it is a copy and paste effort and also I haven't brought a COD since WAW after that one it just started becoming a copy and paste effort.

you know COD going to have the same issues as any of the other CODS and the developers won't fix them issues if everyone keeps supporting the copy and paste effort

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Summons751569d ago

I'm willing to bet they put all his best lines in that one trailer. The people who write the story don't even know basic story outlining. All their character have the same personality and all the plots have been recycled to death with no depth to them at all, lasting shorter than a 90 minute movie.

maniacmayhem1570d ago

I haven't been a fan of CoD since Modern Warfare 2 and I can honestly say that the trailer for this new one really got me excited and a big reason was Kevin Spacey.

Excellent delivery and fantastic edit job.

Matt6661569d ago

that not a good enough reason to get excited about it

maniacmayhem1568d ago

Good enough for me, which is my personal reason.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1570d ago

I'm not a fan... I'm interested.

For the first time since COD4 I'm actually optimistic about the franchise. We'll see how it goes.

GameDev11569d ago

Scarlett Johanssen might have done the trick

JonahNL1569d ago

Does the collector's edition come with nudies?

Dlacy13g1569d ago

I skipped Ghosts and had no real interest in the "next" COD but watching the reveal trailer and specifically hearing Kevin Spacey has me genuinely interested and probably willing to buy this iteration unless I hear something horribly bad about it from now and release.

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