Dreampainters founder talks White Heaven, Oculus, Morpheus and two unannounced horror projects

A few years ago Italian based Indie developer Dreampainters released a horror game called Anna. In my opinion one of the best Indie horror games of the last few years. A very intriguing, claustrophobic setting, an intimate story and some of the best tension building I’ve seen in a long time. At this moment developer Dreampainters is working on a new horror project for Oculus called White Heaven. We already saw a teaser trailer but it just begs to find out more. Since Dreampainters doesn’t throw truckloads of info at the press constantly it’s time to start asking the developers some questions to get some answers.

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AgentSmithPS41533d ago

It all sounded good until I watched the trailer and heard the annoying voice actor. It would be nice in a survival horror game to actually want to make them survive.