Evolve Looks So Good Even An Employee Fired For BS Reasons Still Supports It

Josh Olin was fired from his job at Turtle Rock for calling ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling a victim of sensationalized media coverage. And then he still praised the game.

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MeteorPanda1607d ago is that an insult in the slightest? what the actual f? I'm so on the fence with this game.

if this game is just a multiplayer l'm going to be's a primal carnage lookalike with one monster with variables...that will probably charge full price..

if it's not the same price as a AAA with just multiplayer, l'll get this for sure.

HaveAsandwich1607d ago

doesn't look like anything i would pay for.

elninels1607d ago

If I recall correctly there will be more than one monster.

Salooh1606d ago

They said that it's as big as Left for dead if not bigger. If you liked the length of LFD then this game is a must buy.

AgentSmithPS41606d ago

I'll happily buy a MP only game if it's as complete as it should be (not like bf4). MP gives you so much more bang for your buck IF it's done right, and you can create shared memories with friends.

I'm on the fence with most games lately because of my recent experiences, with a few exceptions based on past performances.

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TomShoe1607d ago

Of course he supports it. In business, you always want to leave on good terms. You never want to burn bridges you may have to cross later.

MNGamer-N1607d ago

But he got fired for supporting a racist. Bridge already burned.

hiptanaka1607d ago

He called him a bigot. Hardly supporting.

Bimkoblerutso1607d ago

I took it more as support of free speech...but Americans have gone crazy with public crucifixion power these days, so who gives a shit about context anyway, amirite?

Jayjayff1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

The thing I love about the "free speech bcuz MERICA" supporters is that they completely forget about the basic and simple "right" to fire whoever the **** you want.

You can't expect to be part of the mainstream media with those views because they're not mainstream, but actually quite extreme. It's not a freedom of speech issue, rather, a we don't like the stupidity you're spouting so you're out. No one is stopping him from continuing with his bigotted ways, they just don't want to be associated with him. And if freedom of speech means being forced to have ties with ridiculous people, then it needs to be fixed. (It doesn't, it's just that most people don't understand how freedom of speech works)

DFogz1606d ago

All he said was the Sterling has the right to be a racist in his own home, whether we like it or not.

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jcnba281607d ago

I agree with his tweet and it's ridiculous that they fired him. You really do have to be careful what you say online especially on twitter.

DROOF231607d ago

this guy is 100% right but i think he should have just not said anything about this.

in no way he deserves to have to leave. same idea with ceo of mozilla. our world is so corrupt its disgusting.

McScroggz1607d ago

I'm not sure you know what you are talking about. Donald Sterling is a terrible human being. He was sued for not renting to minorities. He was sued for sexual harassment. He sued basketball coaches he fired so he wouldn't have to pay them money he contractually owed them. He was an embarrassment to the NBA and shouldn't have been able to continue to own the Clippers as long as he did. It's not like the audio that was leaked by his "girlfriend" was the only reason he was fired - it was a lifetime achievement award be being a jerk.

I think that's a little more than media sensationalism.

hellothere19771607d ago

Well, he sounds pretty disgusting as a human being, but can't really agree with 'forcing' him to give up his private property for comments he made in private.

It's better for the foundations of America to have him lose his fortune by people refusing to give him money for things he owns (not supporting the clippers monetarily). No matter how you spin it, lifetime ban from basketball and relinquishing ownership of his property against his will is as UN American in principle as you can get.

If, by some miracle, this is upheld in the Supreme court, the precedent it will set for the lower income people will be amusing.

Yes, for the lowly people too, wait until your exes put secret tapes they have been saving of your private comments out during those bitter imagine those recordings somehow finding themselves on twitter. Yep, this is gonna be quite interesting.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Wow that's actually BS.

Look I'm black and certainly don't agree with Sterling's remarks.. but the guy was right. You actually do have the right to believe and say what you want in your own home. Bigoted and racist as it may be. To get fired for saying that is bullcrap. Act like racism is something new.

I'm as much Christian as I am black and I think Bill Nye saying teaching kids the bible is child abuse was more offensive...

iceman061607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I agree to an extent. Firstly, freedom of speech is protected...but NOT freedom of consequence. Sure, he has the right to say and act however he wants in his home. However, no matter how the information is leaked, a corporation also has the right to react to the released information. It's probably part of a "morality clause" in the agreement to be an NBA owner. As for Mr. Olin, well, there have been FAR too many examples of this type of thing in this year alone. He HAD to know that when he was tweeting this, it would be scrutinized. It's the power of the information age...and with great power comes great responsibility.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1607d ago

I agree. I think he should've been fired. I don't think he should've been fined though.

McScroggz1607d ago

You're wrong, sorry. First, this isn't the only mistake he has made. He's been sued for housing discrimination (and I think had the largest settlement in US history). He was sued for sexual harassment. He would sue coaches he fired to try and get out of paying him what he contractually owed. He is a terrible human being. If he had a clean track record, maybe just fine him; but his track record is littered with proof of his lack of character.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Cool story...

That actually has nothing to do with this article though...


What Sterling said was out of line and he should've been fired yes. He shouldn't have been fined because he said it in his own home and was being recorded without him knowing.

What Olin said was perfectly in line because it was the truth. Not an opinion.. the truth. If you can't handle the truth then you need some tougher skin. His firing was out of line.

Your comment was out of line because it had nothing to do with the topic at hand. Therefore you should be fired XD.

McScroggz1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I was responding directly to what you said. I'm not sure what the confusion is. The punishment for Donald Sterling is perfectly justified. So what Olin said was out of line and is why he was fired - and understandably.

I don't see a defense for either of them.

McScroggz1607d ago

" He shouldn't have been fined because he said it in his own home and was being recorded without him knowing."

So he deserved to be fired, but not fined? I don't understand that logic.

"What Olin said was perfectly in line because it was the truth. Not an opinion.. the truth. If you can't handle the truth then you need some tougher skin. His firing was out of line."

Here's the issue: Sterling has a history of acting on his ignorant and bigoted beliefs. It's not JUST that he said something insensitive in his home and it got out. There is more to it.

People have the right to say and believe what they want. But if you say and believe hurtful things and it gets out, even if it was in the privacy of your own home, it's hard for me to feel bad for the consequences that befall you. His "girlfriend" is a piece of work as well, and she deserves punishment as well.

Olin calling Sterling a victim is his right, but he represents the company he works for. Obviously they disagreed and fired him. Olin has every right to say and believe what he wants, but he also has to be responsible for his views.

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OrangePowerz1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

As a community manager with a lot of people following him he should have known better what he should talk about on his Twitter page. Just like Sterling both have freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean they won't have to deal with the consequences.

Rule number one of companies is to not talk publicly about stuff like politics or religion especially if you have several thousand people following you.

Everything he says will be scrutinised and if anything can be seen as negative even remotely the one who will get crap for it and will have to answer questions is the company. Apparently the community wasn't a big fan of him already and in that way he would be a liability.

Visiblemarc1607d ago

Yep, you nailed it.

As a public person he had to know that what he said might have consequences. He said it anyway, and here we are.

The odd thing is he was tweeting about people's right to say what they want in their own home...yet he was doing the opposite.

I admit, I'm not wild about people being fearful to express even opinions I despise, yet if I were his employer I'd have interpreted his tweet as a big middle finger to me. Less forgiving bosses smack down hard, that's what happened.

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