What is 'Project Beast'? Real or Rumor? Some Thoughts

A huge rumor has emerged that From Software and Sony Japan are working on a new game for PS4 called 'Project Beast'. Could it be real or another hoax? And if it is real, what could it be about?

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Chris0921607d ago

The game really gives Demon/Dark souls Vibe. But who knows what the game could be. Still looks awesome! :D

nicksetzer11607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Doubt it's for PS4, at least not with the low level polish the screenshots have. Fromsoft is a great dev and a PS4 game from them would not look that bad. (Even if it's alpha footage)

GameDev11606d ago

Or you don't just want it to be a PS4 game

Sony hardly give anything away, insiders give out more Sony game info than Sony themselves.

TomShoe1606d ago

If Sony Japan is working on it, then it's most likely an exclusive.

Those are also highly compressed screenshots.

morganfell1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Sony employee and insider DemonNite started hinting at this game last fall at Gaf and it was at that time impossible to make the connection. When you look back on just a few of his comments you can now see the trend.

colonel1791606d ago

This has to be real!.

Just hopefully is not a game that was cancelled or a project that was just intended for something else.

nicksetzer11606d ago

Why would I "not want it to be a PS4 game? I do have a PS4, so not wanting games on it would be pretty stupid.... I am sorry my opinion hurt your feelings, I thought comment sections were for discussions, not blindly agreeing with what you like to hear most. If it comes to PS4 great....

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NovusTerminus1606d ago

I have been playing From Software's games since the PS1, and at no point in their career have they shown graphical prowess. They have great games, with amazing art direction but their graphics have always been below average.

Brazz1606d ago

well... Demon souls/Armored core aren't the best games in graphics but Dark Souls have very god graphics! hell Dark souls II graphics, to me, are better than skyrim graphics!

EverydayGuy1606d ago

Agree like Final Fantasy only the FMV were about graphics, everything else was gameplay. I hope that type of story telling returns, because I usually use that as motivation to further the story.

Melankolis1606d ago

Why all those disagrees?, is there anything wrong if the game is for PS3 or even Vita...?

Qrphe1606d ago

On the contrary, many of the comments on 4chan Ive seen call them bullshots (where this leak comes from). It definitely has hetter lighting than DaS2's scrapped lightning system.

sinspirit1606d ago

Most alpha gameplay doesn't even look that good. The only reason there are a few games with fantastic graphics in alpha stage right now is because of the rise of early access titles that rush graphical progress in the beginning because it's easy and then the promise of new gameplay mechanics and refinements in following updates. But, for the most part alpha stage games still look worse. Considering these screenshots are not full resolution shots, are very blurry, filled with artifacts, etcetera, you have nothing to speak these claims for.

dale_denton1606d ago

aww you butthurt xbone cant get these amazing titles? poor bot.

medman1606d ago

Jealousy will get you nowhere in life.

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DialgaMarine1607d ago

This could be Deomon's Souls 2 finally being revealed. PS4 exclusive from the sound of it. :)

Tony-Red-Grave1606d ago

You a banned from getting my hopes up perma banned if not demons souls2 xD

Meep1606d ago

I hope Miyazaki directs this title. If he does I will definitely get a PS4 for this. Especially since I was disappointed with Dark Souls 2.

Meep1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

DS2 is a good game on its own, but compared to its predecessors, it does not match up. The level design (hell non-existent) is worse, enemy/boss design is worse. The games lore isn't as good and in Dark Souls 2 I feel like the publishers/developer played the "prepare to die" card too hard. There are quite a bit of cheap deaths and dumb hard bosses.

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