Retro Studios Seeks Programmer With Focus On Enemies, Bosses

Austin, Texas-based development company Retro Studios has today posted a job listing, in hopes of seeking a qualified candidate to fill a full-time position as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineer.

The preferred candidate needs to have a specific focus on AI programming for “enemies & bosses,” among a host of other interesting duties as outlined in the job description.

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jcnba281483d ago

I would love another Prime style game, just think of the possibilities with the Wii U's power. Prime 1 and 2 still look gorgeous today.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31483d ago

Is that a Prime game or Other M? I shamefully haven't played Other M yet and I don't remember that from the Prime series.

@Concertoine: "Employees ≥95 (as of February 2014)[2]"

swice1483d ago

That doesn't look like Metroid Prime. The visor is wrong

deafdani1483d ago

Yeah, that's not a Metroid Prime screen, lol. Just a fan art.

Yes, the Prime games all look astoundingly good for their hardware, but no Gamecube nor Wii game can look like that.


-Foxtrot1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


One of those bosses better be some form.

randomass1711483d ago

Ridley was in every Prime game. I'm sure they'll bring him back again. Retro loves (killing) Ridley! :P

mohuzas1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

^He wasn't in Prime 2 and Prime Hunters :P

randomass1711483d ago

Oh crap you're right! I totally forgot about his omission in 2. Didn't really think anyone counted Hunters though. Not that it's a bad thing or anything.

Concertoine1483d ago

Anyone know how many people work at retro? It seems like theyre always hiring.

randomass1711483d ago

I remember reading a story that Nintendo moved Retro into a bigger building because their team is over double what it used to be.

bass4g1483d ago

That'd be enough for them to have double the amount of teams. hmmmm.....

thehobbyist1482d ago

That's a successful studio for you.

porkChop1483d ago

So basically the game could be anything.

mikel10151483d ago

Oh Retro Studios, why do you always make me happy? I'm glad they are hiring new people to add to their team. It's a good counter-balance for all the firing going on lately

thehobbyist1482d ago

It's not just them, all of the Big N is expanding.

LightDiego1483d ago

A new Metroid? How i wish a new Banjo from Retro Studios, right Microsoft?

SpiralTear1483d ago

Well, Retro Studios is pretty much filling Rareware's shoes now. Multiple genres of expertise, amazing quality games, recognizable's Rareware if Rareware was still good and was still with Nintendo.

deafdani1483d ago

Multiple genres? The only games I know from Retro are Donkey Kong Country for Wii and Wii U (both awesome games), and the Prime series for Cube and Wii (awesome games, too).

That's 2 genres, although admittedly VERY different from each other. Have the guys at Retro Studios made anything else?

Don't get me wrong, I think their games so far have been top-notch. But that's the thing... they are still fairly new with not so many games under their belt, so I can't compare them fairly with Rareware, which made so many games in their history with Nintendo.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Retro can eventually match Rare (and maybe even surpass them), if they work on enough varied titles and are given enough time to build up their game catalog.


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