Social network-styled menu system delayed Driveclub on PS4

Joystiq: "A social network-styled dynamic menu system is to blame for Driveclub's months-long delay on the PlayStation 4,"

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porkChop1484d ago

"months-long delay"

You mean YEAR long delay. And for a stupid menu system? Are you kidding me?

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GarrusVakarian1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )


You're acting as if they spent a year just putting a UI into the game, lol. They would've had to make each and every function of the menu work in-game, smoothly. The menu is just the thing that displays the functions, the actual functions themselves is what would have caused the delay.

porkChop1484d ago

I get that it's not as simple as just a UI. My point is that I think it's ridiculous to delay a launch title for an entire year because of a menu or social features.

GarrusVakarian1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )


Yeah, i understand the frustration, i felt it too. But hey, if they felt the social aspect was an important part of their vision of the game, then i don't blame them. If it didn't have that then maybe it would have just become 'another racing game'.

TheTowelBoy1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Bubs fer staying classy. EDIT: San Diego

Xsilver1484d ago

the Social aspect of DriveClub is what supposed to separate it from other racers, so yes they had to make sure It worked well so players can have a seamless experience.

stavrami-mk21484d ago

i keep hearing this but need for speed on the vita/ps3 had it couple of years ago. ok, it wasn't clubs but pretty much the same thing,hopefully its upgraded and much better than that though as the game does look awesome

JoGam1484d ago

Im glad they delayed it for that reason. Honestly they talked about all the social features during interviews but watching videos it never made sense. The social features is very important. I'll as important as game play.

Rickgrimes951484d ago

I'm sure that was the main concern but they without a doubt worked on other things as well such as graphics, gameplay, map detail etc.


Especially when they talked about 60fps as one of the reason's of the "Almost year long" delay...

I don't see why you are getting disagrees when it's true? I swear, God forbid someone talk negative about a Sony product in here!

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Bundi1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Literally lol. No way. It wasn't facebook enough so they set it back 11 months? I call bogus.

GameDev11483d ago

Social gaming community is very different from typical facebook and its getting bigger as technology improves

I mean the game is called DriveCLUB, the club part shows you the game is not only racing but its meant to bring a group of gaming drivers together

incendy351484d ago

Sony sure likes the Social scene this generation. Pretty much forcing Facebook on us, delaying games for Social menus..

I am sure they have a good reason, but personally I am not really very social :D

heisenberguk1484d ago

I game to get a break from people!!

Destrania1484d ago

I don't care why it was delayed, just extremely happy to know when to expect it! Stoked!

monkeyDzoro1484d ago

It always wonders me when people who have ABSOLUTELY no clue on how game development works, on what are the bottlenecks/issues devs face and how they deal with them, like to spit nonsense.
It's not because you press a button and UI features pop up that it's simple to make a good and intuitive one. Especially for a game who wants to be a social racing game.

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