Top 5 Gaming Consoles Currently on the Market

The next generation of gaming is upon us. Not only is the competition fierce, but some consumers are unsure about the key differences between the top gaming consoles that are available. To make the decision less hectic, here is a list of the Top 5 Gaming Consoles.

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erictaylorkid1448d ago

Good article, but I disagree with your order of the 360 and PS3. I feel that those should be switched. The PS3, in my opinion, has the better exclusives. Combine that with free online and a blu-ray player, and you have a superior console. Just my two cents.

osprey191448d ago

I understand ur view. But I think the 360 was better, it might not have been as technologically better, but it was more accessible. Easier to develop for and a lot cheaper. The ps3 did have really good exclusives I will give u that. But when the 360 came out and the ps3 wasn't gonna come for another full year, nope. And the £600 price tag was a bit steep.

Yodagamer1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

From a system level i loved alot of the features like the ability to play most if not all games with my music, cross game chat, being able to sign in on each controller with most games, among others made it my favorite console to play multiplats and it had a good list of exclusives. The exclusives on xbox died pretty quick though where the Ps3 had alot of amazing exclusives that i absolutely loved.

mezati991448d ago

if you actually get 360 rather than ps3 this year you are crazy

zeuanimals1448d ago

This article is talking about their current situations, like if you didn't own either console last-gen but wanted to pick them up right now. The PS3 definitely wins right now since the only slight against it was the online community, but online is dead on last-gen consoles.

If you wanted to experience online for last-gen, you should've picked up a last-gen console when it was still full of life because people have moved on to new consoles. If you're picking up the 360, you're left with very few exclusives that are almost all MP focused and not much of an online community to play with, and it costs you money to play with the online community.

If you're picking up a PS3, you're left with tons of exclusives, many of which are single player focused, an equally weak online community, but it won't cost you a thing to play with them, and the only subscription for the system gives it tons of value.

mikeslemonade1448d ago

as someone said above me the keyword is right now. Although 360 was the better system to own for most of the generation right now the PS3 is the system to own.

erictaylorkid1448d ago

In terms of ease of development - absolutely. You're right about that. They were so even that it really comes down to what game series' you enjoyed the most.

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Ravenheartzero1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Agree if you have never owned a ps3 now would be a great time to get one, such a great catalogue of games, pretty cheap now too.

GameBlinx1447d ago

Great points! Thanks for the input.

LightDiego1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I thought it would be PS4, XONE, WiiU, Ouya and Amazon the five of the article.
How cute i am.
Edit: i agree with @eriktaylorjr, i think PS3 has a bright future, because of Persona 5, Tales of Xiila 2 and Drakengard 3.

LAWSON721448d ago

Why PS4? It has a small library and the year ahead does not look that amazing as far as exclusives go. This idea that it is the second coming or something just makes no sense to me.

Wii U
PS4 and Xbone tie (both really don't have a big library)

This list is based on my preference on exclusive software.

guyman1448d ago

The Ps3 simply has far more and far better games of wide variety than the 360,after all, that is the fundamental reason why we purchase a console(s): games, not features or services.

LAWSON721448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

PS3 is just an amazing SP console IMO for the more niche/ wide variety type of gamer. The array of games is just insane and at this point it has pretty much most of the big PS2. If it was not for nostalgia I would rank it higher than PS2 on my list, however I feel the lack of online features can handicap the MP experience, which was a big deal last gen so it is a huge con throughout the last gen. However now that the new gen has arrived MP games will be far from a huge deal on last gen machines

Xbox 360 and Live delivered such an amazing experience that it made online gaming pretty much a social experience where friends would just hang out. The exclusives were online focused and now that is kind of a problem because they need a community that hardly exists so IMO at this point the 360 is kind of pointless unless you want 3 good exclusive JRPGs Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Tales of Vesperia and perhaps want to play Halo Reach or 4 and maybe want some fun Gears coop

level 3601448d ago

PS3 technologically ahead ( HDMI, Blu Ray, 3D-enable ), has loads of a very good variety of game titles, user/gamer friendly.

deafdani1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I couldn't disagree more with this article, to be honest. Even considering new-gen consoles is absurd, especially the PS4 and Xbox One, which have been out barely for 5 months and don't really have much to play. Putting any of these in the number one spot is absolutely laughable. The Wii U has a much stronger gaming library than both of them, but that's to be expected because it's been out for a longer time, and even then, its library pales in comparison to that of the Xbox 360, and especially the PS3.

Actually, making a "Top 5" is a bit ridiculous because of that. To start with, there aren't that many game consoles out in the market, are there? A top 2, or a top 3 would suffice.

Although I'm quite a big Nintendo fan, if you asked me right now, I would put it like this:

1. PS3
2. Xbox 360
3. Wii

Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One can wait for a while before being worthy of consideration. None of these consoles can hold a candle in terms of price or game libraries to the three I described above, simply because they are way too new in the market to compare them properly with consoles that have been out for 7-8 years and already have superb game libraries. It's really unfair.


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