Everything old is new, as Sony seeks to reinvent the past

Wandering around Sony's indie game showcase earlier this week, it was impossible to avoid being struck by the simplicity of the games on offer, how much they harked back to a more innocent time.

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miyamoto1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Reinventing the past my arse!
What is there to reinvent?

FYI Polygamous Polygon many great developers from Japan and America like Naughty Dog started out as garage developers often consisting of one, or two or three members. That has always been the start for many game makers from the 1980s up to even today in 2014 many talented game makers are starting out as a handful.

Polygon, do game makers need to be part of this "big corporate establishment" in order to make a good game???? Is that how things are supposed to be?!

Then screw you Polygon!

Why are you Xboxers at Polygon belittling the indie games on PS4 & PS4's support of indie developers implying that small indie games are irrelevant, waste of the PS4's immense power?

Indie Games are the saviours of traditional gaming.

Today's Indie Developers are the AAA developers of tomorrow!

Console gaming would be a kill box of many developers if only big AAA developers and giant publishers ever make money & profit!!!

Indie Games success story on mobile gaming SAVED the traditional console gaming industry from the "only-the-wealthiest-deve loper-survives", "go-big-or-go-home" and the multi-million dollar developer money hatting habit that M$ notoriously corrupted many Western & Japanese game makers with.

Indie games on Android & iOS stopped M$ rampage.

Sony and Nintendo did not have a prayer when it came to lavish expenditures from M$. M$ exploited the economic crisis of 2008 to BUY its way into many developers & publishers' business.
M$ pays them victims to do their job

Many core gamers who are obsessed with huge, multi-million dollar AAA games may hate mobile games like Angry Birds, Minecraft, Cut the Rope, Temple Run, but if it weren't for these small indie games, who has proven that there is money to be made in simple, small sized games, traditional console gaming would have went into another video game crash.

Indie games brought balance to the games industry and PS4 championed them in E3 2013.

AAA and small budget indie games can coexist progressively numb nuts!

Indie Games are the savior of traditional gaming.
They are the "Nirvana" of game developers.
In other words the indie game success gave traditional a wake up ass kicking it badly needed last generation.

TRy harder next time Polygon!

Tsar4ever011565d ago

Well said miyamoto, PREACH!!!