Sunset Overdrive: Memes Not The Focus of the Game, Social Commentary and Consumerism Is

One of the NeoGAF users expressed their scepticism for the upcoming title, also reflecting on their past Resistance titles. Aside talking about them, he brought up the subject of Insomniac not knowing their audience because of their recent claim that they’ll have updates to support social commentary and internet memes. Stevenson quickly explained.

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kaiserfranz1572d ago

This game looked very interesting during the original trailer, let's hope the gameplay is on par with that.

cleft51571d ago

I want to believe that this game will be good, but I actually played through all of FUSE. After beating FUSE I saw potential, but I also saw a really flawed game.

kaiserfranz1571d ago

I didn't play that, but I loved Resistance 1 & 2. I want to hope that Insomniac can still make a great game

blue_cheese1572d ago

"Memes Not The Focus of the Game, Social Commentary and Consumerism Is"...Insomniac proceeds to offer pre-order bonus and season pass after revealing the game.

micx1572d ago

Lol, that's spot on. :)

SixtyNine1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I'm not sure about the game, probably 'cause I don't know anything about it.

They'll reveal more. . . in a week! Show me now!

Baka-akaB1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

What i've seen does not interest me yet , but i'm curious . The faster they go away from generic and boring stuff like Fuse , the better

micx1572d ago

The last few titles (not counting R&C: Nexus) from Insomniac disappointed me, but I'm eager to learn more about SO.

MegaRay1571d ago

R&C Nexus was great game imo, short but great.
It made me forgot all the disappointment i had since R&C ToD

spicelicka1571d ago

I really like the resistance games, and resistance 3 was pretty underrated to me. So i'm excited for this game!

micx1571d ago

I loved Resistance games (but 2 to a smaller extent). The first one is still my favourite, but the third is so close to it.

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