DX 12 Will Make Porting Easier, 'Definitely' Possible Xbox One Gets Performance Boost: RedLynx

"Microsoft recently revealed DirectX 12, the next iteration of its graphical API, and there been an on-going discussion in the public domain about it. Can it really increase the Xbox One's performance as proclaimed by some developers?"

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ats19921206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

The armchair developers on this website will still claim that DirectX 12 won't do anything for xbox one.

FITgamer1206d ago

...And the usual suspects will take this as absolute truth because it's positive news, even though it's from a "no name dev" as some them like to refer to indie devs when they have negative things to say about Microsoft.

christocolus1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

You do realise Amd, Nvidia and Intel have been a lot more vocal about DX12s benefits than MS. Most of the articles stating the benefits of the api have been from game devs, middle ware devs and the co developers of the api i.e nvidia and amd.

E3 is around the corner and i know we will get to see a lot more, i for one am so eager to see what this new api can do. I just saw the new trailer for cod advanced warfighter and according to activision it was running on the xbox one hardware after seeing that i can only imagine how good gears and halo5 will look like on xbx one.

People keep downplaying the api andits benefits to console but isnt it funny that the guys who reated the xbx one are the sameguys creatin people actually believe it wont add any benefits to the xbox one hardware..MS has been working on it for the past 5years (according to Nvidia), so its not too hard to believe that MS would have made some dx12 considerations while planning the xbox one architecture. If turn 10 could very easily port an existing xbx one game to pc then it means same could be done from pc to xbx one and it also means the api is already in some developers hands.


I did not realize redlynx was a... No name?

FITgamer1206d ago

@DJustinUNCHAIND I'm not saying they are a no name dev. My point is there are people on this site who discredit opinions of indie devs anytime they have something negative to say about Microsoft/Xbox one, but when they have positive insight it's fact.

TheRealHeisenberg1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

@ FITgamer

Dang dude, and it doesn't go both ways?

system221206d ago

i work with some pretty big name studios/devs (especially this time of year while they prep for e3) first hand and we all shoot the shit. they are pretty convinced this is going to be a nice boost on the x1. i think i would trust them/

Pogmathoin1206d ago

@Fitgamer, so when a developer says something negative about X1, its fact, and something positive, then it must BS, because it is good? Your theory works both ways you know, depending on which side of the fence you like to sit on.... FacT!

Belasco1206d ago

I see very few Xbox fans taking this as "absolute truth", maybe georgenoob and a few others. If anything I see mainly cautious optimism, there is a difference.

QuantumWake1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I would just like to point out that the programmer Sebastian Aaltonen is actually a very GREAT programmer who has done two other tech interviews with Digital Foundry before:

He is also a member of the Beyond3D forums and goes by the name of sebbbi. He provides amazing insight to other members about graphics and rendering. I haven't paid too much attention to this DX12 stuff but I'd definitely take sebbbi's word for it if he believes DX12 might be helpful to the XB1 in the future.

system221206d ago

its the usual suspects that take this as absolute BS as well... namely people who coincidentally have ps4's or develop for them exclusively. don't be ridiculous. at worst, this will result in a modest boost, at best it will significantly boost performance. either way its a win. either way if you have no interest in the xbox one you shouldn't really care. it doesn't invalidate your own personal preferences.

Saigon1206d ago

There is a misinterpretation. I myself have stated that DX12 will improve the XBO but not to the point that some think it would. From everything I read about DX12 it seems it will improve the functionality of the XBOs API usage as well as its throughput. This is very well known mainly because the tool currently in use, DX11, is not providing the results it should; meaning its not letting the XBO perform to how it was design.

Though I state that DX12 will offer improvements for the XBO, I also stated that the PS4 already uses this method with OpenGL. So in other words DX12 allows better functionality of the API similar to what is currently being done with OpenGL.

Some Xfan's do not want to hear the fact I stated above and just write it off. Most Sony fans know this fact, and if they do not they need to catch up with the times.

Though I make this statement that DX12 will provide similar functionality as OpenGL, the separation of the two systems still exist. There is still some things that the PS4 has that the XBO does not and no software can change that. That last statement is why most Sony fans believe that software does not upgrade hardware.

mikeslemonade1206d ago


That's just a fact X1 will improve and PS4 will improve. However X1 won't catch up to PS4 and the upgrade will be marginal and gradual.

The fact that you think COD Advance looks great just shows you don't have eye for a game. This is how Ghosts should have looked liked. It looks like an average current gen game. Sure it looks better than certain games like Destiny but it barely looks better than BF4 and Ghosts. For a modern FPS shooter we expect better. Also this is single player visuals. Expect downgrades as usual for the multiplayer.

dantesparda1206d ago

"We are eagerly waiting to get our hands dirty with DirectX 12. It’s definitely possible that Xbox One will also get a performance boost from a new low-level API.”

I know that all you MS fanboys (and there sure are alot of youse here) will vote me down/disagree. But dont any of you realize that he is only saying that he "thinks" its going to make a difference. He doesnt actually know for a fact though. But whatever, f-the facts and instead just thumb me down. But the truth is, he's not saying anything definitive, he's just saying what he thinks it will do. Im not trying to troll, but rather point out the fact.

bababrooks1206d ago

Dante i remember you from ps3 v 360 goes on and as it stands ps4 is a beast for now but open your eyes time and tech changes new scrypt for gaming has opened it's doors. Dont kid yourself new methods will be hitting your screen soon...RAGE on and enjoy. Its the transfer of information and the clarity not the speed as thats when you loose the message!!!!! PS bring back joy and the rest of the debators....

THEDON82z11206d ago Show
corvusmd1206d ago

Maybe some of us just like to be optimists about gaming news no matter what system it is on. Esp when those close to it and the few demos they have done all seem to be going in the direction of saying that this could be the real deal. There has been no tests on DX12 that came out and said anything bad about it, and any comment by a dev that is pessimistic about it is usually a low level dev and they admit they have no experience. I don't expect DX12 to change the world, but it looks like it will help the gaming community a could that not be good news?

donman11206d ago

Hmmm... that sounds like a $100 bet that they will.

Kingthrash3601205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

dear god, a year and a half of this argument. smmfh.
i do wish they would stop hyping this update until next years e3 or something.
i dont know nor does anyone else know exactly what it will do for the x1. this is something that should be on the 'wait and see' list.
hows bout some games. hows bout some new features...why are gamers so hype for a update that is there for devs to work with in the first place?
will it magically switch the esram or make tha bottle necking problem go away? add shaders? add games?
no? dx12 what will you do for x1? because right now some gamers will take anything....
in order to win my purchase i need to see great new games. not hype for updates..i need hype for games. new exclusive ip's. halo is great but its been out there since xbox/ps2 days. i want NEW titles..along with the greats smh.
since this dx12 news started sony has dropped so many game announcements hek looking they dropped a new exclusive just yesterday..smh as a gamer id rather have that than this recycled update bs.

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AngelicIceDiamond1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

@ats Exactly.

People here are just hoping and wishing it won't do anything for X1 for some reason. Therefor they spin downplay, troll, convince themselves its not real, its an illusion, lies, lies, all lies whatever it is to dismiss it so they can feel better about themselves.

I know its sad but funny to.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying its gonna give it 100x more power nothing like that.

But I think its reasonable to say it will give the X1 a much needed efficiency. Which means the specs will RUN better and smoother way better than before.

rdgneoz31206d ago

It will do something for the xbone, but it won't make it the 10x more powerful. Software can be updated and refined throughout the length of the console. However, the one thing that can't change for consoles is the hardware (which is in favor of the PS4).

And while DX12 will be coming out in about a year and a half, the competition will be working on fine tuning it's software as well. A company would have to be an idiot to sit on their hands while the competition improves their product.

Josh1011206d ago

The thing is. With the power deficit between the PS4 and XboxOne being touted, debated and analyzed for over a year now. You would think that if DX12 was going to make a substantial difference in XboxOne's ability, they would have been shouting from the highest mountains during this past year. It has not. That's why it's such a debate.

JeffGUNZ1206d ago

@ rdgneoz3

No one said it would be 10x more powerful. It's will boost it, yet some people on this site are getting angry for some reason.

Silly Mammo1206d ago

rdgneoz3- of course DX12 isn't going to make the Xbox One 10x more powerful...only the Cloud can do that!

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gameDevWannaBe1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Since ps4 wont use dx12 I hope they mean makes it easier to port from xbox to pc. I want that remedy game on pc!

nicksetzer11206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Glad to see so many devs looking forward to DX12, at least we know it does improve upon the current XB1 API. Can't wait to see the results.

@ATS Yup as well as 500 "I'll believe it when I see it" comments, only to later not believe it when they see it. (As proven with the cloud demo)

@fitgamer since when is redlynx a "no name" "indie dev" ... ???

Magicite1206d ago

by the time x1 gets dx12, ps4 will get enough software updates to still stay far ahead.

jnemesh1206d ago

No magic software is going to compensate for the fact that it has 768 shader processors vs. the PS4's 1152. Sorry, but that's not how things work. Will it make the Xbox better? Probably. Will it be significant? Probably not. Remember that Sony has their own software engineers refining their own tools, and many of the things that DX12 brings to the table, they are already doing with Sony's equivalent. As MS improves their software, Sony will be improving theirs as well. You are just hoping that somehow this will make your preferred console more competitive.

ats19921206d ago

No I'm pointing out that armchair developers like yourself don't know what DirectX 12 will do but you morons will still claim you know everything about it.

turkish411206d ago

dude why you ruin some people dreams?

jnemesh1206d ago

You assume too much. Here, read this article:

Scroll down to the part where they are talking about low level APIs and getting "closer to the metal". The PS4 is ALREADY doing most of what they are trying to do with DirectX 12!

It's very dangerous to go around assuming you are smarter than everyone else out there. Eventually, you get called on such arrogance.

ats19921206d ago

Okay so do you work for microsoft and you currently are working with DirectX 12? Can you give me the details about everything it will do because you seem to think you know everything about it.

jnemesh1201d ago

@ats1992 I know more than you do about the subject.